BK3 Stage Guides

Below There are two options for finding the guide you want. you can choose to jump by heading to find the specific stage and part you want to listen to or read. You can also use the combo box to load the parts for a specific stage.

All text guides are from the text guide Blind Ninja wrote.

Stage 1: School of Insanity

Stage 2: mysterious phenomenon

Stage 3: Building Search

Stage 4: tragedy

Stage 5: The adventure begins

Stage 6: takeoff

Stage 7: Come...give...crystal

Stage 8: The Hook To Reach the Skies

Stage 9: The Battle for soulmates

Stage 10: Unending Battle

Stage 11: Carla'sHome and Heart

Stage 12: Battle in the Inferno

Stage 13: A mission I am Fit for

Stage 14: The Brink of Hell

Stage 15: Battle for Crystal City

Stage 16: Battle for Crystal City Two

Stage 17: Operation Energy Blast

Stage 18: to the Analysis Maniac's house

Stage 19: The Ominous cave

Stage 20: A Mission to Search

Stage 21: Stronghold of the Peace Society

Stage 22: Stronghold of the Peace Society: Second floor

Stage 23: Stronghold of the Peace Society: Third floor

Stage 24: Stronghold of the Peace Society: Fourth floor

Stage 25: Stronghold of the Peace Society: Final floor