Our Home For Everything BK3

This is the main landing page for everything related to bk3. 98% of all text guides in this section were originally written by Blind Ninja. He has agreed to allow his original text guide to be published on BSG, and because of this there's now a BK3 section. Just realize that essentially every single word of text in this section was written by him and all credit goes to him. All I did ws add in the HTML tags.

BK3 Overview

This is pretty self explanitory. This will list the download links for the game along with some basic information.

BK3 Basics

Here you will find a guide written by Blind Ninja. This includes key commands along with some other basic game information to help you when getting started.

BK3 Stage & Part Guides

In this section you will have both text and audio guides for every stage and part of BK3. The audio guides are recorded and played by Smoke while the text guides were written by Blind Ninja. The text and audio may not link up perfectly. This will allow for you to choose which guide you wish to follow depending on your specific play style.

Patreon .zip archive of all audio guides

You will always be able to stream or download the files individually for free. In addition to that if you sign up to support BSG on Patreon you can download a .zip of all the audio gides at once. The smallest tier you can sign up for is only $1 per month.

BK3 Enemy Profiles

This is another amazing guide written by Blind Ninja. He lists every enemy you will find in the game. This includes their attacks, hp, and other information to help you defeat them.

BK3 Complete Weapon Listing

Another really useful guide written by Blind Ninja. This lists all the weapons in BK3 along with all their stats. He also puts in notes on his experiences using them and how useful they actually are.

BK3 Secrets and Bonus Content

Blind Ninja did everyone a big favor here. This lists all the secrets in the game along with detailed steps on how to complete each one. This will allow you to get that nice weapon or secret item you wouldn't know about any other way.

The Dial

This is a guide Blind Ninja wrote about the Dial That Does All which you can find in one of the stages. Turning the dial makes things happen at other points in the game. This is very useful for crafting and for finding some secret items.