Blind Ninja's Enemy Profiles

In this section I will attempt to document every enemy in the game, as well as their attack patterns. However, exact values will not be given at this time, unless someone wishes to do the calculations and contribute. This also includes bosses.


First appearance: stage 1

These things appear throughout the game in multiple forms, they gain more health, higher damage and two new forms of attack. Attacks trigger randomly, or if they stand on the same tile as you

Insect's Attacks
Needle shot:
A single needle, easy to jump over.
triple needle:
The name says it all, they fire 3 with the same consistent gap between them, slightly harder to avoid but not difficult.
Needle barrage:
A machine gun style spray of needles that ignore defense and pass through other enemies, stay away from these especially on higher difficulties, they can and will destroy you if you aren't careful.

Green slime

First appearance: stage 1

On their own these aren't very dangerous, ever.

Green Slime's Attacks
Just a standard melee attack, not an issue if you can kill them before they get to you.
Technically not an attack, but they do do this.

Flying lamps

First appearance: stage 1

The first of the contact damage enemies, they fly through the map in mid air, if they make contact with you they zap you.

Powerful bear

First appearance: stage 1, as a boss

Slow, can jump. Show up as regular enemies starting in stage 11.

Powerful Bear's Attacks
Rock throw:
Ranged attack, very, very telegraphed and slow.
Megaton punch:
Much faster, but can be anticipated due to the fact they only do this if you stand on the same tile as them.

Large desk

First appearance: stage 2

Large Desk's Attacks
Desk leg:
quick attack with a bit of range, can hurt quite a bit when you first encounter them but not too bad afterwards.


First appearance: stage 2

The second charging enemy you'll meet, they roll along the ground


First appearance: stage 2, as a boss

These things spawn other enemies, pause for a few seconds, start floating upward, begin flying in a random direction for a small amount of time before descending again, and the cycle repeats. Quite often found later in groups in boss levels.

Laser launcher

First appearance: stage 3

These guns face one direction and do not track, fire lasers in that direction with the same time interval between each one.

Computer, stage 3 boss

Spawns enemies, and has an annoying teleport move but nothing else.

Security cart

First appearance: stage 3

Multiple forms throughout the game, silver and gold only appear in stealth stages and are much more tanky than normal.

Security Cart's Attacks
They only use this if they stop on the same square as you, however it has some range
Lime ball:
Like the ones you can buy yourself, small stun. Telegraphed launch.
silver and gold only, Two different types depending on if they've caught up to you or are just chasing you.
Silver and gold only, similar to the extinguisher's however only used if they are in melee range.
Big lime ball:
Move fast, long range, long stun. Very dangerous to be caught by. Appear in stage 25 only, as far as I know.
Machine gun spray:
Exact same as the stage 15 helicopter. Only appears in stage 25.

Mud fighter, stage 4 boss

Very tanky, hits hard for it's level. Can fly, summons insects and drops stone fragments.

Mud Fighter's Attacks
Rock throw:
Same as the bear's pretty much but faster.
debris punch:
Long range for a melee attack.

Mini demon

First appearance: stage 5

Move along, randomly attacking.

Mini Demon's Attacks
happen at random, can do decently high damage.
Running bite:
Exactly what it sounds like, however only one particular demon has this, or enraged ones in stage 10.

Spirit tree

First appearance: stage 5

Similar to demons, but more health, weaker but faster attacks. Drop 3 coins sometimes on defeat.

Only Attack: branch smack

Blue slime

First appearance: stage 5

High defense, but low health. Same as greens in every other way.

Crazy horse

First appearance: stage 5

Another running enemy, very delicate but seem to do random amounts of damage, ranging from very little to dangerously high.


First appearance: stage 7

These guys all carry guns, bullets ignore your defense. Become stronger later.

Soldier's Attacks
5 shot burst:
Light damage, easy to hear coming.
9 shot burst:
Further range, can't be avoided only by jumping.
shotgun blast:
Fast, higher damage, but short range.

Female soldier

First appearance: stage 7 boss

Well, not an enemy for long... wait, spoilers.

Female Soldier's Attacks
Machine gun spray:
Same as the regular soldiers from the stage, but much faster and longer.
Gun whip:
Melee attack, quite painful.

Security Jet

First appearance: stage 8

Travel on the ground until damaged, begin flying for a while before landing again. Appear in flight levels as well.

Security Jet's Attacks
A single missile, can be jumped. Becomes a double missile shot when below 50 percent health
Missile madness:
Late game jets have this, and so far as I've found unless the jet is above you, it is impossible to dodge every single one, so you're gonna be covering up for at least a few of them.
Bomb drop:
Again, late game jets. Will do this while in the air.

Giant bee

First appearance: stage 9

Flying enemies, easy to kill. Drop honey, which is very useful.

Bomber pod

First appearance: stage 9

Float across the level, dropping bombs as they go.

First appearance: stage 12

Move across the stage, damage on contact, explode when hit for burst damage if you're too close. Guns are preferable.

Fire stone

First appearance: stage 12

Release fireball when hit or at random. Late game stones release fireball waves, not just one.

Burner, stage 12 boss

Timing and minding distance are everything.

Burner's Attacks
Fire stone barrage:
Almost always launches more than 1 at a time
Laser sweep:
When damaged, flies in the air, sweeps a very damaging laser/plasma beam type attack in the general direction of where the attack came from as it goes before landing again. Increases in movement speed and firing rate at low health. Will not track.
Example: If you hit it from the left but then ran right as it flew up, it will still fly left.

Battleship, stage 13 boss

Fires lasers and machine guns.

Devil guardian

Puts up a force field after being hit, completely invinsible while on. Distinct sound, glowing red in object info menu.

Attacks: machine gun, missile barrage, laser

Slime creep

First appearance: stage 15

Split apart into 10 smaller slimes at random, give more coins after splitting. Late game slime creeps will drop 10 coins if killed, but if split resulting slimes leave behind time bombs.

Helicopter, stage 15 boss

Stationary target

Helicopter's Attacks
Machine gun:
Telegraphed, 20 step range.
Laser rain:
Does this after being hit, flies across the stage while doing so. Turns around if it reaches the edge.

Small robot

First appearance: stage 16

Annoying, fire long bullet sprays from far away. Sometimes drop mini shooters.

Enemy container

First appearance: stage 16

Will release other monsters once close, destroying them stops that from happening.

Huge extinguisher, stage 16 boss

Puts up an electrical force field after being hit, if hit while on you will take huge damage if too close.

Huge extinguisher's Attacks
Electrical bolts:
launches multiples every time, will turn to face you if you get behind it
rapid fire, melee range.

Extra large battleship, stage 18/20 boss

Fires cruise missiles which track you and explode.

Cave dog

stage 19 and 20

Jumping, fast.

Only Attack: Leaping claw swipe, will go behind you, leap across and strike again, harder to pin down if they start.


stage 19

Will sometimes bite if they pass you in the air, kill them for experience.

Undead hate, stage 19 boss

Yay, zombie! Destroying it's armor triggers a transformation

Undead hate's Attacks
fast, heavy damage
short range
Megaton punch:
slow, but hard

Large insect, stage 21 boss

Flies away when hit, summons small insects with defense piercing needles before landing.

Large Insect's Attacks
Triple needle Trio:
fires 3 groups of 3 needles
Horn attack:
Body fluid:

Moving mud

The last rolling enemy, quite fast, great experience.

Mud killer, stage 22 boss

Super mud fighter, with new attacks.

Mud Killer's Attacks
Debris punch:
Longer range, seems to be some vertical as well.
Rock throw:
Same as before, hits harder.
Stone drop:
Flying attack, sandwiches you between 2 rock walls before dropping a huge stone that does massive damage, destroy one side of the walls to get away.
Rock rain:
Drops smaller rocks as it passes by, becomes deadly on higher difficulties but has no splash damage.

Stamina killer

Teleport away if they stay on the same tile as you, or sometimes at random. Can teleport near you as well.

Attack: syringe shot, 100 damage and cuts your stamina in half.

Combat helicopter, stage 23 boss

Helicopter 2.0, and actually moves this time! yay! Or not...

Combat helicopter's Attacks
Machine gun triple burst:
Self explanatory.
Drops a rolling container which proceeds to move toward you. If it catches you, moves back toward the helicopter. If you can't break it before it reaches the helicopter, you are carried all the way up to the top of the map before being let go, which of course is fatal.
Bomb rain:
Triggers when hit or if it reaches you while moving, can be avoided by staying still, unless it turns around.

Death desk

First appearance: stage 24

Will do stomp damage if you get close enough to you when they move, can be very dangerous depending on difficulty level and defense.

Attack: Leg barrage: launches flying desk legs, sometimes if legs hit other enemies another leg is generated and continues moving.

Launcher system/energy crystal, stage 24 bosses

Launcher system generates launchers and fires energy beams, energy crystal will heal the launcher system if it goes below 50 percent health but teleports away if hit, must move to the launcher system first before it can heal.

Lord dragon, stage 25 only

Flies away if hit

Lord Dragon's Attacks
Air fire burst:
launches a massive amount of fireballs that travel through the air, safe on the ground.
Ice blast:
freezes you if it hits
Rains down bolts in front of it coordinate by coordinate, possible to run through with timing and hit the dragon. Frozen while executing.
Horn attack:

Bio control system

Oh boy... too many attacks. Drops a recovery ring on defeat, has multiple phases. Short range warp if too close, randomly teleports across the map after a certain amount of time.

I classify a phase change as music changing, but some of these may be inaccurate due to the random factor, and I may have missed a couple things.

Bio control system's Attacks

Phase 1

Electrical bolts:
Like the Extinguisher, however fires once per second and alternates ground and air shots, but does not fire the other way if you get behind it. Air bolts are higher pitched. Fires 6 times per attack.
Energy beam:
Like the launcher system's move slowly, pass through other objects that aren't you.
Lime ball barrage:
Fires I believe 14, but I could be wrong.
Bio ripper:
Short range blade attack.

Phase 2

  • Gains lord dragon's fire burst.
  • Gains Lord Dragon's ice blast attack
  • launcher system's launcher launch.

Phase 3: no new attacks, just music change?

Phase 4

  • Gains extinguisher force field.
  • Targetted lightning:Lightning strikes your current coordinate approximately once a second, tracks you and stuns on hit.
  • Charge: Similar to undead hate's attack.

Final phase

Stone orb:
Summons said orb, which makes the same sound as a flying energy ball and flies at height 5 or so. Can be destroyed for big experience. If it reaches you, does an attack that is mechanically the exact same as the Mud Killer's stone drop.
Blade machine summon:
summons a blade machine which generates cutting blades around it, can be destroyed.
Warps you to a random spot on the map.
recovers some HP, long startup, can be interrupted by hitting it
Satelite missile:
Fast, high damaging projectile.

Unknown energy, end boss

Similar to the energy crystal from 24-4, heals other enemies. Starts the level circling a randomly selected platform.

Life Burner, end boss

Same as the regular burner, plus.

Life Burner's Attacks
Fire wall:
projectile, decent damage, fast recovery.
Clear burn:
Level affecting bursts of fire from the ground, only safe at the top of the high platforms. Telegraphed by added ambience.
Seems to do this at random.

Massacred Souls, end boss

Less dangerous than some of the others in this level, but still can get you killed. Teleports around at random like other bosses, can fly up if you're on the high platforms.

Massacred Souls's Attacks
Telekinetic wave:
Projectile, warps you to a random spot on the map, very dangerous depending on where it moves you.
Backup summon:
teleports other end bosses near it's current location, can be interrupted.
Melee attack, either half your health or all of your stamina.

Bloody extinguisher, end boss

Same as the first extinguisher, plus

Bloody extinguisher's Attacks
Double spark:
Only at close range, can either be avoided by staying still, climbing up or getting out of range fast.
Hammer voltage:
Melee hit, short stun.
Rapid lightning:
Sometimes follows hammer voltage, will keep you stunned until it decides to stop.
Only strikes once, but seems to affect several coordinates around it.
Electrical bolts:
Like the bio control system's, have been enhanced with both ground and air versions which alternate. Air bolts range from height 1-5.

Master Battery, end boss

A flying gun turret, can teleport, will follow you up on platforms.

Master Battery's Attacks
Machine gun:
Short range, but decently large damage.
Giant bomb:
Strongest falling projectile in the game, will do this quite often prior to teleporting away.
Satelite missile:
Like the bio control system's, very damaging, fast projectile.
Short-range teleport:
Mega bio ripper:
Like the bio control system's.
Like the massacred souls telekinesis.