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Stream 206: All The Fucking Issues Again, PGA 2K21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:21:34

Streamed on: April 15, 2023

The evil pc demon faries make another appearance and mess this stream all up. Every time we play this game shit goes wrong, and this is no exception. In good news Hannibal breaks a record for the highest score in one of our golf games. In bad news it is golf and the point of the game is to get the lowest score. He also found every body of water on the course multiple times…but it is all Smoke’s fault.

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Stream 205: Way Too Hung Over, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 56:34

Streamed on: April 8, 2023

The day before this stream smoke made very bad life decisions. As a result he was very hung over and nearly dead for the stream. we get through it somehow though...

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Stream 204: An Aggressive Amount of Toast, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:10:55

Streamed on: April 1, 2023

we play mist world and learn some things, like what an aggressive amount of toast is. How not to do pvp on a priest. We sing a lot of akuma matada. The elf king then bends us over and has his way with us, and we cry some.

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Stream 203: Chess Boxing Companion (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:07:31

Streamed on: March 25, 2023

It is mother fucking Chess Boxing!

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Stream 202: I got Sweaty Thumbs Bro, PGA 2K21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:22:24

Streamed on: March 18, 2023

WE do golf, we drink a lot, and yes it is still cursed.

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Stream 201: How Not To Kill Pinocchio, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:14:27

Streamed on: March 11, 2023

The plan is to kill bosses on mist world. We end up sitting and waiting for cat king carter to spawn forever. he comes eventually and we ruin his day. The chat cheers all together way too much and we get way too drunk. We then kill a toy boy…allegedly, but do it in all the wrong ways and almost everyone dies.

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Stream 200: My Cat Is Dying, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:37:03

Streamed on: March 4, 2023

We do the bull dungeon on mist world and Hannibal absorbs all the bulls for us. Then we do the pvp and murder some people aggressivly.

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Stream 199: A Horrible Idea, Drinking Stream (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:10:06

Streamed on: Febuary 25, 2023

We drink and chat, no gaming just a social stream where it all goes wrong. Smoke may have passed out on his dog at the end of this stream. This was a horrible idea.

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Stream 198: Hannibal Said We Have To, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:01:12

Streamed on: Febuary 18, 2023

It is more god damn Crazy Party. someone beats us, they get money, blah blah...

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Stream 197: Bitch Ass Worm, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:16:12

Streamed on: Febuary 11, 2023

Blurry joins us for mist world. We drink a lot, and this is becoming a problem. we kill the demonic death worm, and it is pretty sad. we then go try to kill the demonic wolf, and that is sad for a whole different reason. We maybe do some PVP after that, but we get really drunk so we don't actually remember what happens at the end of this stream. You'll have to figure it out on your own.

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Stream 196: We Really Do Suck, PGA 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:00:46

Streamed on: Febuary 4, 2023

We play a fun course on PGA 2k21 called par 3 small greens. It is a lot of fun, but we still suck cock at the game. We drink a lot and we are amazing at that part of the stream. overall it evens out to being pretty good.

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Stream 195: The Art Of The Back Charge, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:12:27

Streamed on: January 27-21, 2023

we get so very drunk and decide we can kill the ice queen. This was an incorrect decision, even with leos carrying us. We do learn all about the back charge though, and it works great for some, not for others who don’t get how words work. the past two streams did not get archived due to a new pc and OBS issues.

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Stream 193-194: stream archive lost (Patreon only)

Runtime: 0:00:00

Streamed on: January 14-21, 2023

due to a recording issue with Smoke's new PC we lost these archives for stream 193 and 194.

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Stream 192: Mistworlding it hard and way too drunk, Mist World (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:39:32

Streamed on: January 7, 2023

Smoke's pc blew up, so hannibal takes the pilot seat in this mist world stream. We have all the fun and die as expected. we think we can kill map bosses, which we cannot, but we are great at making it look like we are trying really hard.

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Stream 191: No Interesting Title, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:16:31

Streamed on: December 17, 2022

We play Crazy Party and get drunk. If you are reading this description instead of listening to the stream archive what are you even doing with your life...

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Stream 190: More Chess Boxing (Patreon only)

Runtime: 4:29:16

Streamed on: December 11, 2022

This is day two of the greatest of all sports. They do more boxing and they do more chessing. This is one hell of an event and we enjoyed it so very much.

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Stream 189: Chess Boxing Companion (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:20:36

Streamed on: December 10, 2022

They box and they do chess. This is the greatest sport on earth, and that's why we stream it while drinking some beers. don't hesitate any longer, get yourself watching some chess boxing.

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Stream 188: The 2022 Game Awards Co-Stream (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:30:07

Streamed on: December 8, 2022

We watch the game awards together and drink some drinks. We hope for MK news but we get exactly zero of that...

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Stream 187: The 3rd BSG Singing Competition (permanently public)

Runtime: 7:23:12

Streamed on: December 3, 2022

This stream was set up to be great with a total of 63 entries, and it somehow managed to surpass our expectations. We listened to every one of them for the first time in our longest stream ever, and by the end of it we gave away over $400 in prizes. Thank you to all the participants, the chat, and to our sponsors LeonianUniverse, A. T. Guys, and Elegant Insights.

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Stream 186: Hannibal's Snack Stream (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:29:54

Streamed on: November 30, 2022

Hannibal eats all the snacks, and most of them are not good. This makes smoke very happy, but Hannibal's mouth is sad. If you are British we don't apologize for all the horrible things said. Fix your damn food and quite being allergic to flavor and flavour.

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Stream 185: Stand And Die You Cowards, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:55:11

Streamed on: November 26, 2022

We went live 45 minutes late, but it is a miracle that this stream started at all. It took 3 PC restarts, 2 interface factory restores, and a system restore, but we got there in the end. Then we played alter aeon, but without game sounds on the stream. You know...sometimes you just gotta take what you can get. We brought some people way way too low level, they didn't die too much, we killed some big mobs, and smoke got very dead. We were victorious in the end though...kinda.

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Stream 184: Ather Jamoca's electric Prostate Shocker, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:11:36

Streamed on: November 23, 2022

We are joined for the first time by Ather Jammoa. He lets his hair down and gets dirty with us on Crazy Party. As always this game is rough for Smoke, not so much for Hannibal, and 50/50 for Ather. Shit talking can happen directly now, and we take to it like a penguin to fleshlighting. We give away $15 to a lucky winner, and they hopefully used it to get a good prostate massager.

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Stream 183: Wholesome Family Fun, Mortal Kombat 11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:16:03

Streamed on: November 19, 2022

We are joined by BlurrySito_, MrTBlaze, and Captain_Earshot for a KOTH of Chaos. This was everything we ever wanted, mainly to see what happens if you give Earshot alcohol. Spoiler alert, it is great. Smoke's muscle memory is fake, Sito forces his will on all of us, TBlaze is a cheater, Smoke finds out Earshot is also a la tinx, We make fun of certain people and four-year-olds, and everyone is a racist.

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Stream 182: Jessica's Sticky Poops, Hearthstone (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:08:53

Streamed on: November 16, 2022

It may all be going away, but we play it hard with JessicaGG who placed in the top 4 of the BSG Hearthstone tournament. Everyone in chat seemed to want to get her back for the liver torture she has done to us in the past, and it worked. She destroys smoke in game, Smoke destroys a 12 pack of beer, Hannibal gives support, and we have the BSG podcast 3.0 at the end of the stream. P.S: Jessica passed out directly after stream, so we consider this a wild success.

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Stream 181: Shots For Shanks, PGA 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:06:55

Streamed on: November 12, 2022

We are joined by the shank master himself TBlaze for 18 holes on HTC Top Counting Mound. It gets rough for a little bit with cheers, but we can feel most of our face by the end of it. Hannibal and blaze cross sticks, Smoke has beer come out of his nose, Hannibal gets lost in a field, and Blaze claims the victory with a birdie on the last hole but he is horribly mistaken. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made us drink, we love and hate you all.

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Stream 180: High Speed Tourettes, Top Speed III (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:08:20

Streamed on: November 9, 2022

As usual this one is a lot of fun with special guests MrTBlaze and BlurrySito_. We run through some custom tracks on Top Speed 3, and it gets aggressive. Trevor tries to kill us with bits in the chat, and he is both loved and hated for it. Sito finds out he may have Tourettes, we all learn why drinking and driving is bad, Smoke & Hannibal do the slam poetry version of WAP, Smoke decides to run for congress, and many walls are injured. Check it out and find out why a 25 year old game can still be fun.

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Stream 179: Lessons About How Grenade Pins Work, Survive The Wild (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:47:27

Streamed on: November 5, 2022

We have a lot of fun in this stream. Sam Tupy guests with Smoke and Hannibal for all the arenas in Survive The Wild. Sam gives a game update at the start, then JessicaGG and Lady K try and kill smoke & Hannibal with help from others in chat, but it ends up being a hell of a lot of fun. The gong is rang a lot, Sam kills Hannibal a lot, and we do all the socializing.

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Stream 178: The Calm Before The Storm, World of Warcraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:18:39

Streamed on: November 2, 2022

This was the mostly relaxing stream we needed last week. Smoke completes some more quests in WoW and gets about half way to level 43. Two elites are soloed, and it is quite touch and go for a bit there. We get excited about the singing competition and have some drinks for the occasion.

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Stream 177: Lessons Learned The Hard Way, PGA 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:19:22

Streamed on: October 29, 2022

The goal was PGA, but then things happened. By things we mean over 15 subs and hundreds and hundreds of bits. Hannibal pre-drank, and it got...very sloppy. We didn't play much PGA, but we did drink a lot. This is pretty much BSG podcast episode 2. Thanks to Aaron, Jessica, and everyone else. Even if we don't like you much we still love you.

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Stream 176: Kidney Puncher, Mortal Kombat 11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:57:15

Streamed on: October 22, 2022

Again the addition of BlurrySito_ and MrTBlaze makes this one of the best streams we've ever done. We do a king of the hill and drink way too much. We all sing together, punch one another, and the chat helps with cheers and subs to get the drinks flowing. This stream is the best way to spend two hours on a Saturday.

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Stream 175: Solving World Problems, World of Warcraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:04:39

Streamed on: October 15, 2022

The chat tried to kill Smoke and Hannibal again, but they managed to pull through with severe intoxication. Smoke charges forward to level 40 with Thumbler, but mostly the stream is just Smoke & Hannibal talking with lots of chat interaction. We all have fun with the clips, cheers, and ranting. Thanks to Michael Johann for the clip of the week about...chicken meat.

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Stream 174: they really rang the gong, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:58:28

Streamed on: October 8, 2022

Smoke and Hannibal do the damn thing on Crazy Party. The folks in chat really go crazy ringing the gong and subscribing, and as a result Smoke and Hannibal are forced to drink way too much way too fast. After stream there is a long bit of chatting without gaming and it is a lot of fun.

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Stream 173: Nothing Makes Sense, Lost In Hound (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:49:50

Streamed on: October 1, 2022

Hannibal dives into Lost In Hound for the first time. Sometimes we need a reason to remember why to never listen to game hype. This is a confusing game, and thankfully folks cheer a lot and we get a lot of alcohol in our systems to soften the experience of the game. TLDR, it is not worth the price tag for what it is.

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Stream 172: I Am The Quest Master, World Of Warcraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:31:55

Streamed on: September 24, 2022

Smoke heads to Stranglethorn to plow through some quests. There is some death, but most of it is not his. Nearly a whole level is gotten, and he is on his way to level 40 with the trusty night elf Thumbler. Thanks to the cheers too much beer is consumed as well.

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Stream 171p1: Chatty Puzzle Wood, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:27:36

Streamed on: September 22, 2022

Hannibal took on some of the higher waves on the Alter Aeon Puzzle Wood event. this was a slow one, so he mostly ended up talking about food and then played some Sea Shanties.

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Stream 171: Burn The Nazis, PGA 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:23:21

Streamed on: September 17, 2022

Smoke and Hannibal are back together and they attempt to play some relaxing PGA 2k21. The internet doesn't want to allow it to be relaxing however. Then the Sitos in chat keep gifting subs and way way too much beer and red bull and Jager is consumed. Hannibal might have a heart attack, Smoke might throw up in his mouth a little bit, and Hannibal scores more points than the buccaneers, but it is a great stream.

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Stream 170-1: Puzzlewood Chatting, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:46:23

Streamed on: September 16, 2022

Hannibal decided to stream the Puzzle Wood event on Alter Aeon. However chat derailed him and we spend most of the time talking about meat pies and how to orgy from different countries.

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Stream 170: Sh!t I Have to Talk Too?, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:19:06

Streamed on: September 10, 2022

Hannibal finishes up his two weeks of soloing it with a rare Crazy Party stream. Since he is in charge he goes for longer parties, and even removes his handicap. The Side Scroller still manages to pull out the win in the micros and takes home the prize. There is lots of fails as Hannibal realizes he must also talk while playing, it is quite the gaming experience.

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Stream 169-5: The Completionist Mindset, As Dusk Falls (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:11:02

Streamed on: September something, 2022

Hannibal takes to the soloing experience again and finishes the story of As Dusk Falls. It wasn't the worst but wasn't his favorite game either. For peace of mind he had to finish the story however. The person writing this wasn't there for the stream, so listen to the damn thing and figure out what happens for yourself!

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Stream 169: Soloing it, As Dusk Falls (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:50

Streamed on: September 3, 2022

Hannibal goes solo and does the Dusk Falls. Smoke and him did the first three chapters together, and it all went wrong. Will he kill more people solo than together with Smoke? Tune in to see how horrible he can mess up the story.

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Stream 168: bent over Without Reservations, Mortal Kombat 11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:38:10

Streamed on: August 27, 2022

We do all the elevening. Blurry Sito joins us for the fun and the drinks. Smoke and Hannibal are cursed, but other than that there is a lot of kicking, punching, and gonging. These streams are a lot of fun, but not when sito gets angry and beats us up without reservations.

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Stream 167: #DoesMomDoAnal, As Dusk Falls (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:48:18

Streamed on: August 20, 2022

Hannibal takes control of the story in As Dusk Falls. If we keep on this path every character will die by the end. Chapter three is completed, but smoke almost falls asleep on stream. We wonder a lot about what mom does...listen to find out why.

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Stream 166: There’s a lot of butt stuff cupcake, As Dusk Falls (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:10:00

Streamed on: August 13, 2022

We dive into the much talked about As Dusk Falls. It is...well it is a game. Our excitement wasn't on parr with everyone elses, but it was an enjoyable experience with the help of alcohol. Turns out smoke is good at getting people killed. Next week it is time for hannibal to give it a try.

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Stream 165: We definitely Maybe Did It!, World of Warcraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:14:40

Streamed on: August 6, 2022

This game has eaten Smoke's soul, what little there is. He plays it live in this stream while Hannibal drinks and gives support. The beer gong works, it works a lot and way too loud. A tiger is found, a tiger beats smoke up, and a tiger becomes a pet. thanks to the stranger who saved Smoke and made this possible. A big thanks to the debveloper of the mods who make WoW playable as well...Duugu.

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Stream 164: No archive available, MK11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 0:00:00

Streamed on: July 30, 2022

This game is cursed, and the archive did not come out for this one as well. It just simply did not archive when everything was seemingly set correctly. Sorry about that.

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Stream 163: 2022 Hearthstone Tournament Day 2 The Finals, Hearthstone (permanently public)

Runtime: 3:53:08

Streamed on: July 24, 2022

This is what everyone was playing for, the finals. These are some incredible matches, and well worth listening to if you missed them live, or listening again to relive the tension. Everyone plays their heart out, and @superblindman is on the commentary team to explain the finer details of everyone's plays. Smoke and @BlurrySito_ learn a thing or two, and everyone enjoys the showcase of some of the best blind Hearthstone players out there.

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Stream 162: 2022 Hearthstone Tournament Day 1, Hearthstone (permanently public)

Runtime: 5:23:39

Streamed on: July 23, 2022

The much anticipated hearthstone tournament for blind players has finally arrived. Relive all the action from every one of the eight day 1 matches in this stream archive. There are some really amazing battles, and you won't regret giving it a listen. Thanks to @BlurrySito_ for co-commentating, we had a lot of fun with this one.

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Stream 161: To The Face, Hearthstone With @BlurrySito_ (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:03:45

Streamed on: July 16, 2022

This was Smoke and @BlurrySito_ going at one another in Hearthstone following the conquest format. Faces are hit...a lot, and someone may need counseling afterwards. We had fun though, and the cheers and subscriptions for drinks made it interesting...

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Stream 160: starving for fun on starving rock, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:32:34

Streamed on: June 25, 2022

Smoke, Hannibal, and Hamada do some starving rock on Alter Aeon. The map really blows, and it doesn't scale. Add to that how broken it is for necros getting all the credit for the quest and overall it was great for Hannibal, horrible for everyone else. So drinking happens and it gets better, it is a proven way to make any game great. We need to Make Alter Great Again.

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Stream 159: eagle and hacks, PGA Tour 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:24:22

Streamed on: June 18, 2022

This was exactly what we needed. A fun but more relaxed stream of golf. We got to introduce some new players to the game, Smoke got an eagle, Hannibal became a pro putter, and the drink of choice was water. Sometimes it is good to kick back and just wing a ball around on PGA. By the way did you know Smoke got an eagle?

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Stream 158: #HannibalStreamsForever, Stardew Valley (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:18:37

Streamed on: June 11, 2022

We always have so many plans with Stardew, but then we have some drinks and things happen in the game that are ungood. This was also the case with this stream, we do go to skull caverns, and that results in much death. Smoke fails at fishing somehow, Hannibal streams forever, and a half gallon of pina colada is drank. As with every Stardew stream it eventually devolves into Smoke & Hannibal calling one another fat and yelling at one another.

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Stream 157: The Second Singing Competition (permanently public)

Runtime: 3:42:41

Streamed on: June 4, 2022

This stream was everything we wanted and so so much more. These singing competition streams are truly something. It is astonishing how many amazingly talented and not talented singers there are out there, and how great and horrible they can be. The only downside is having to award cash prizes to a top 3 when there were so many good ones in the top 3+. There is already plans to expand the prizes to include different stand alone categories, and we can't wait for the next singing competition to do it all over again. Don't miss this archive, it is so worth listening to from start to finish.

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Stream 156: punch him in the shit flute, Chess Boxing (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:41:00

Streamed on: May 28, 2022

If not our most fun stream ever, it was certainly up there at the top. We don't game this time, instead we do a fight companion to the chess boxing card. The fights run about 30 minutes behind, but we spend that time chatting it up with folks on twitch and getting our drink on. Both the chess and the boxing here are outstanding, and the card delivered in every way possible. Overall it was a really fun and social time with one of the best sports on earth.

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Stream 155: title, Hearthstone (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:27:24

Streamed on: May 21, 2022

This stream is brought to everyone by @dbzfn94 on twitter AKA LeonianUniverse on Twitch. We play all the hearthstone, and it all goes surprisingly well for the first few matches, then the priest ruins the stream. Hannibal has some troubling sexual techniques he shares. Smoke gets incurable hiccups at the end and may never be back on a stream again. One important thing to come out of this is Smoke's leveling up to a professional Hearthstone player, just ask him he'll tell you all about it.

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Stream 154: I Don't Think You Are Allowed To Do That! Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 54:38

Streamed on: May 14, 2022

Hannibal has aids, and Smoke didn't know if he would be on stream, so the powerful BlindSito hopped on stream just in case. The three of them play some Crazy Party. Sito has a short term competition for last place with Tyson, but loses, or wins...depending on your perspective. Hannibal says naughty words, smoke drinks beers, and they overall suck some members on CP. Congrats to side scroller for winning as usual.

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Stream 153: Scrambeling For Lady Kaianne, Scramble (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:40:02

Streamed on: May 7, 2022

We stream some Scramble as requested by the patreon Lady Kaianne. This time Hannibal gets to do all the running to-and-fro while Smoke gets to drink and yell about his lack of professional game play. There is a lot of death, but that's practically the name of the game. Hannibal just takes it to a whole new level. He does get number 1 on a scoreboard for a very short period of time, so there is that to hold onto. Follow Lady Kaiann on youtube at and on twitter @LadyKaianne.

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Stream 152: Pocket Cheese & Whiskey Nipples, Alter Aeon (sponsored by Heidi The True Professional) (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:00:24

Streamed on: April 30, 2022

A lot of Alter Aeon happens on this stream. We take a few patreons on an adventure of glory, and they die a lot, then some more. We start off on our lower level characters, then switch to our mains and go fuck some shit up. griffins, nudists, barbarians, we give it to all the mobs. We also learn about Smoke's pocket cheese, and Hannibal spills whiskey on his nipples.

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Stream 151: Keep Your Mouth Closed, Sequence Storm (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:03:04

Streamed on: April 23, 2022

Hannibal plays Sequence Storm and it is all of the fun. Smoke rides as his trusty co-pilot and gives him all the helpful information. The beer gong is also controlled by Smoke in this one, and he makes the most of it. We learn Hannibal looses brain vapors when he opens his mouth, and how difficult buttons actually are. There is death, and lots of coming in second place.

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Stream 150: Fondling Fanny, WWE 2k22 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:33:57

Streamed on: April 16, 2022

This archive is a touch delayed, but it is out now nevertheless. @BlindSito requested some WWE 2k22 and Smoke plays WWE 2k22 with what could be considered help from Hannibal. A match with a British person happens, then Smoke goes to career mode with his yellow/pink lady and fights an old lady with a big white butt. follow @BlindSito on all social media and at

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Stream 149: BSG Six Year Anniversary Stream, 5 games in 5 hours (Patreon only)

Runtime: 5:17:12

Streamed on: April 9, 2022

This is the long awaited BSG 6 year anniversary stream! We try to play PGA first, but realize the network code breaks on Smoke's end for some reason when there are four players. After that patreons join for some Alter Aeon. Then We do some CP with Shane Lowe and he brings all the animal energy. Then things truly get crazy with a KOTH of chaos on Mortal Kombat 11. The stream is concluded with what should be a relaxing couple days on Stardew Valley, but it is a stressful 15 levels of the mines as Smoke and Hannibal try to complete them. Thanks to all guests you can check them out on twitter @MrTBlaze, @BasuraBasher @ShaneLowe1 @BlindSito, and patreons @SarahJoyceMusic @NibarSito @Gruntok.

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Stream 148: The Aliens Are Coming To Get Me!, 1428 Shadows over Silesia (Patreon only)

Runtime: 55:47

Streamed on: April 2, 2022

Well...we play 1428 Shadows over Silesia, and the game does have a lot of accessibility for being an early demo. There is some improvements that could be made, but overall it is an encouraging start. There are some definite frustrations during the stream, and we ended up having to call it early due to getting stuck in the game. All that aside, there is a lot of accessibility in the game already, and if they shore up some of the weaker spots this would be a very well done and accessible title.

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Stream 147: Who Needs Recast Anyway?, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:34:34

Streamed on: March 26, 2022

We come in hot on this one, and we just keep going. We all tried to die, and it was harder than expected, but we get there in the end. Hannibal is a mighty warrior, Smoke learns about the importance of recast and how much brandy is too much, and Hamada almost remembered to groupcast sanctuary all the time...

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Stream 146: You're Still Obese When I'm Drunk, Stardew Valley (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:09:33

Streamed on: March 19, 2022

We play Stardew for 3 hours straight, minus much needed breaks for more alcohol and aggressive peeing. This stream is brought to everyone by @SarahJoyce music We get quite intoxicated for this one, and we may have broken the BSG record for most deaths in one stream. The mines are unforgiving when drunk.

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Stream 145: Smoke Is Almost The Champion But Not Quite, Hades (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:24:49

Streamed on: March 12, 2022

This stream is brought to everyone by @BlindSito. Smoke plays Hades and Hannibal gives him moral and dangly bit support. This stream is the farthest Smoke has ever made it in the game, but not quite all the way there. It is a hell of a run though, and one with loads of things and stuff which happen.

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Stream 144.5: Hide & Seek With BlindSito, Minecraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:07:32

Streamed on: March 11, 2022

BlindSito and Smoke do all the Minecraft. This is probably the last stream on this server, but we make the best of it. Smoke does all the wheatting, then a incident with a creeper messes it all up. Sito tries to come to the wheat farm, but another incident messes that all up.

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Stream 144: Hoing Is Hard, Stardew Valley (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:46:22

Streamed on: March 5, 2022

Smoke & Hannibal become respectible blueberry farmers in this Stardew Valley stream. It also turns out wattering is tricky when 3 brandys deep, thankfully there's the pathfinder feature of Accessible Tiles. There's some deep meaningful conversations while fishing, and Hannibal breaks all the chests. This stream was sponsored by Blind Boss. Follow her on twitch at and on twitter @Blind_boss.

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Stream 143: Smoke Is The Champion!, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:25:51

Streamed on: Febuary 16, 2022

We failed at death the first time, but we succeeded in spectacular fassion this time! not only did we all die, we killed everyone in the clan! who said we couldn't do it? Smoke is the champion!

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Stream 142: I Didn't Pass Out, I'm Just Resting My Eyes, Stardew Valley (permanently public)

Runtime: 1:30:51

Streamed on: Febuary 19, 2022

We do all the stardew valleying! Smoke and Hannibal show the mods, and how very accessible they have made the game. Hannibal tries to question Smoke's professionalistic levels on the game, but since he doesn't write this description he failed horribly. We find out who is the big spoon, harm is threatened on both streamers, and the chat, and it is an all around good time.

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Stream 141: Alcohol Cures Rona, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 48:49

Streamed on: Febuary 12, 2022

We play some CP with the rona. Someone beats us as usual, and yay for them!

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Stream 140: Laughing at their genitals, Alter Aeon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:19:28

Streamed on: January 29, 2022

These streams are always so much fun, and because of that they very well may become a monthly occurrence. Smoke, Hannibal, and Hamada get on their secondary lower level characters and go kill some nudist dwarves, then they go kill some stone giants, because they are not height discriminators. There is a bit of panic with the nudists, it gets really bad at parts, but everyone manages to keep their cool...after all the yelling happens. We are professionals after all...

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Stream 139: Shankfest with TBlaze, PGA 2k21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:19:56

Streamed on: January 22, 2022

Smoke and Hannibal play some PGA 2K21 with TBlaze, but Tolerant Wakka wasunable to show up due to a sexual accident with a Sheep. We go for a 3 some though, and it gets...interesting. We work on the difference between left and right, landscaping, attacking bushes, and even some golfing. There are some close calls, but way more far misses...

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Stream 138: F Your Butt Face, PGA Tour 2K21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:06

Streamed on: January 15, 2022

Everything that could go wrong in this stream did, but we made the best of it. it was a lot of fun either way, and we are going to make up the stream in the future when all the game and stream issues are sorted out.

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Stream 137: Columbusing With BlindSito, Minecraft (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:55:36

Streamed on: January 14, 2022

We have some beers and do some minecraft. Of course there are more technical issues, but it isn’t too bad. We do an reenactment of Christopher Columbus, only a lot more homoerotic. We find a new land, and begin taking it from the natives, but this time they are all undead and suicide bombers.

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Stream 136: Penguin Creampies, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:09

Streamed on: January 9, 2022

The stream on Saturday went to hell so we made up the CP giveaway stream on Sunday. This time the streaming machine worked great, but the game was all sort of messed up, and connections were a struggle. We got there in the end though, and the side scroller took home another win. We go into dogs dressed as penguins, Santa on Santa adult videos, and stuffed penguins. Also Smoke has an epiphany about cuddle struggles...

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Stream 135: Power Hour With Blind Boss, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:18:25

Streamed on: December 18, 2021

We do the power hour. It starts out good, but about half way through drunk things start happening. Blind boss gets negative two on a game and it is cause for celebration. A lot of liquid is consumed, and the liquid is beer. The stream does end, and there are way too many triangles involved. Honestly not much of this stream is remembered, so listen to it and figure out for yourself...

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Stream 134: Uploade date TBA, Mortal Kombat 11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:00:00

Streamed on: December 11, 2021

There was an issue with this stream\'s archive, and I have to patch together a bunch of files. Once that is done this archive will be uploaded.

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Stream 133: He's Looking For Hitler, PGA Tour 2K21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:24:49

Streamed on: December 4, 2021

We play PGA and it really goes bad. Hannibal's final score is more like a football score, not a golf score. We do drink a lot of beer though, and that makes everything okay. Hannibal spends a lot of time in bunkers, and he really shows the power of his hips. Smoke is practically a professional and doesn't do horrible, but that is mostly just because Hannibal made him look great.

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Stream 132: We Have A Whistle!, Mortal Kombat 11 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:33:49

Streamed on: November 20, 2021

Smoke plays Kombat League in MK11 at the request of the patreon Blind Sito. It does not go well in the game, but the drinking of the beer goes great! At the end of the stream Smoke and Hannibal play some sets against one another, and it is the sloppiest Mk gaming ever. Enjoy us sucking for your pleasure.

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Stream 131: My Stick Is Slippery, PGA Tour 2K21 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:11:59

Streamed on: November 14, 2021

In this stream Smoke and Pyro play 18 holes on PGA 2K21. There are slight technical difficulties, but we power through with the help of beer. After Smoke kicking some ass, the inevitable bed shitting happens, and the last two holes decide the winner. The only loser in today's stream is their livers.

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Stream 130: I Don't Condone This, Crazy Party (Patreon only)

Runtime: 57:15

Streamed on: November 13, 2021

In this stream Smoke, Hannibal, and Pyro play two rounds on Crazy party. Even with his handicap Hannibal performs a clean sweep and is a dick about it. Pyro doesn't condone anything said on stream, but that's to be expected. The gong is rang, and Smoke can't feel his eyebrows, but that's normal...allegedly.

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Stream 129: $100 Singing Competition, The first but not the last (permanently public)

Runtime: 2:52:31

Streamed on: November 6, 2021

This was our most looked forward to stream, and it did not disappoint. 19 people entered, but only one person could take home the $100. We got so many good entries by amazing singers, and some amazingly bad ones that nearly made us pee our pants. A huge congratulations to Diana/Naday/NaDaY for blowing us away with her Shakira, and stealing the show. There were honestly so many good entries, and it was close between Sophie, X0, Gruntok, and Malia, but Diana snuck it out with her slamming of Ojos Así.

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Stream 128: Dead Fright, My Sex Toy Named Diamond (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:34:11

Streamed on: October 30, 2021

This Halloween stream is brought to everyone by the patreon @LadyKaianne. We play the story based horror game Dead Fright. It turns out it is just playing hide and seek with a child in an abandoned village, and that is creepy, but for a different reason. We roll with it though, and say very inappropriate things along the way, but who'd expect anything else?

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Stream 127: Mortal Kombat 11, Our Favorite Organic Fleshlight (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:07:27

Streamed on: October 23, 2021

This is one of the funniest streams we've ever done. No matter if you love or hate Mortal Kombat, this is a stream to watch. Smoke, Hannibal, Blind Sito, Your Sins, and Jimmy Dub drink and attempt to play MK. Mostly what happens is drinking and an outstanding amount of shit talking and laughing. Sito gets so drunk on wiskey, Hannibal hits the stream rum, smoke and dub drink some high quality beers. Topics discussed are best not put down in text... Thanks to TBlaze for coming up with the title for this stream.

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Stream 126: PGA Tour 2K21, TBlaze's T bags (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:19:44

Streamed on: October 17, 2021

Smoke and Pyro play some casual golf with special guest TBlaze. We were accused of swindeling and bamboozling, but Blaze survived in the end. We won't mention our scores because they aren't important, but we did learn what a shank is thanks to repeated examples...

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Stream 125: Crazy Party, I Like Rope (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:34

Streamed on: October 16, 2021

We play some Crazy Party and giveaway money to whoever can beat us in the parties. This happens twice, but the random number generator picks Sito as the winner. Our guest had technical difficulties, so it is just Hannibal and Smoke, but with the help of alcohol they make a good time of it.

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Stream 124: Hades, They Don't Believe In Me (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:27:48

Streamed on: October 10, 2021

Smoke does the Hades, and Hannibal gives moral support, along with encouraging music on the recorder. The third world is reached, but it gets very rough, and hell is not escaped, but it shall be one day. The chat is not supportive, and some tears are shed. Don't forget you can get your words are hard shirt at

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Stream 123: Far Cry 6, False Accessibility Advertizing (Patreon only)

Runtime: 49:11

Streamed on: October 9, 2021

This stream is our first look at Far Cry 6, and it is one of the biggest let downs of the year. The game was marketed as being accessible, but the act of playing could not be any less accessible. You cannot play if you are totally blind, or if you are very low vision, yet another example of menus reading but in a game you can't play.

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Stream 122: Crazy Party, Blame The Victem @MrTBlaze (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:19:37

Streamed on: October 2, 2021

This stream is a hell of a lot of fun! We have on special guest @MrTBlaze on for the first time. He has almost no experience with CP, but it's all about the random conversations's and jokes anyway.
Smoke drinks way too much before we go live, Hannibal drinks grapefruit beer, Blaze does some blazing, we talk about latinxs, sheep, penguins, sibling murder, and much more which the alcohol has made us forget. follow TBlaze on Twitch.

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Stream 121: Madden 22, The Piracy Of Inclusivity (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:02:39

Streamed on: September 19, 2021

In this stream Smoke plays week 3 of his franchise with the Bears. It is quite horrible, but victory is had! This is a more relaxed stream compared to our normal Saturday streams. Hannibal talks like pirates from different parts of the world, the gong is rang, we giggle a lot, and professional gaming happens.

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Stream 120: Mortal Kombat 11, Too Many Duck Puns (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:48:33

Streamed on: September 18, 2021

This is a patreon requested stream of Mortal Kombat 11. The amazing human BlindSito requested this one. Smoke sucks, and it is apparent, but the stream was a lot of fun. We get pretty drunk and very inappropriate in this one. Hannibal tells a duck story, chat says all the puns, the beer gong is rang...a lot, then smoke gets two flawless victories and declares himself a MK god. get your words are hard shirt here!

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Stream 119: Survive The Wild, Jump In My Fiery Pit (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:44:09

Streamed on: September 15, 2021

In this stream Hannibal and Quacker run through all the PK arenas, and play some baseball. There are two new arenas, one is frustrating, the other made Hannibal suicide. Quacker talks about cake...surprise surprise, and Hannibal gets drunk.

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Stream 118: Madden 22, F The Bears (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:57:12

Streamed on: September 12, 2021

This is a patreon requested stream played for Michael Maslow. This is also Smoke's first time playing the new Madden, and it is quite underwelming. Accessibility is almost the exact same as all other maddens, so not much to talk about there. Beer is consumed though, and frustrations are vented in poetic ways. Also fuck the Bears.

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Stream 117: Sequence Storm, He's a Boomer Terrorist (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:51:53

Streamed on: September 11, 2021

This is a patreon requested stream where Sequence Storm is played at the request of Aaron H. Mostly Hannibal and Smoke do a lot of talking, and there is some gaming for breaks. We find out Smoke is both a boomer and a terrorist in this it is very educational. The stream's after party is where it really gets fun, but that isn't archived for good reason.

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Stream 116: The Vale, Death Means Nothing (permanently public)

Runtime: 1:09:14

Streamed on: September 5, 2021

In this stream Smoke plays The Vale and Hannibal assists with helping words. This is a sober stream, and it turns out that doesn't make the game better, actually it is the opposite. Smoke looks for someone to scissor, he tries to show everyone his puss puss, and Hannibal is a gentleman. At the end of the stream we find out the value of death in this game, then we ragequit.

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Stream 115: Crazy Party, A Victem Of Hannibal & Smoke? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:22:51

Streamed on: August 28, 2021

The last BSG stream was wild and this one kept with the theme. Blind_Boss is a guest on stream, and she is maybe as crazy as Smoke and Hannibal. We play CP some, but mostly we have drinks, talk about some completely inappropriate things, and have a hell of a lot of fun. If you only listen to one BSG stream a month this is the one to listen to.

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Stream 114: The Vale, Make Rivendell Great Again (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:35:32

Streamed on: August 21, 2021

This may be one of the wildest BSG streams since the 4 year drunken bananza. We go for over two hours, a lot of alcohol is consumed, and the game is played. We talk about a lot of things best not written down, but mainly sheep vaginas. Remember we tell jokes, things said aren't how we actually feel, we just like laughing and telling jokes.

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Stream 113: Swamp, All The Babynapping (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:46:03

Streamed on: August 18, 2021

In this stream Hannibal returns to swamp for 1 stream. He frolics around on some maps, then does a small warehouse followed by a capture the flag, and a last man standing. The warehouse was a touch special, and the LMS bugged out, but the CTF was all the fun. There was baby napping, penguins, smoke's commentating debut, and all sorts of fun times.

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Stream 112: Crazy Party, They Have Teeth In Their Butt (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:03:17

Streamed on: August 14, 2021

All the crazy party is played. As a surprise Pyro escaped from ISIS and has returned to his first CP stream in almost a year. There is a lot of bed shitting which occurs, the streamers do not win, and we learn something new about sea cucumbers.

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Stream 111: Hades, Screwed By a Bull Again (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:20:15

Streamed on: August 8, 2021

Smoke plays Hades and Hannibal gives words of encouragement. The surface is so close, but not close enough. Just one run is made, but it is a pretty decent one. Hamada's NVDA mod is used, and it is pretty great. Development on it continues, and hopefully it will be set in a little bit.

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Stream 110: Alter Aeon, Celebrating 1 year with Dragon Groping (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:13

Streamed on: August 7, 2021

This stream was surprisingly enjoyable. Alter Aeon isn't something that we'd stream all the time, but from time to time it is quite fun. We grouped up with a patreon, found a dragon in a level 38 group 7 area and went to fuck it up with just four people. The fucking was mutual, but in the end smoke's big lance was enough that even the dragon couldn't' take it.

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Stream 109: PGA 2K21, Smoke's Redemption! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:17:26

Streamed on: August 1, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal get out their clubbing woods and attack some balls in this PGA 2K21 stream. The golf curse strikes again at the beginning, but the problem is resolved. Hannibal claims to get a double eagle, Smoke gets his redemption, and John is a twat as usual.

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Stream 108: Crazy Party, Penguin Fleshlight (Patreon only)

Runtime: 58:56

Streamed on: July 31, 2021

We get going with some crazy party, but then it takes a turn. If you are a member of PETA don't listen to this one. No animals were harmed in the recording of this stream, but this may not be true for future streams. We talk about penguins too much, some about Hannibal's butt hole, beer and more beer, then Smoke forgets how to stream. This is a fun one and well worth listening to if you missed the live stream.

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Stream 107.5: PGA 2K21, Our Woods Went Limp! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:30

Streamed on: July 24, 2021

This stream will only be for patreons. Smoke and Hannibal attempted to play PGA 2k21, but literally everything went wrong. The party wouldn't work at first. Then every single audio source on the stream shit the bed. It was popping, it was skipping, it was stuttering, nothing went right. We will fix this, and it will never happen again. This stream will be made up on Sunday August 1, 2021.

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Stream 107: Survive The Wild, It's a Giant Square Penis! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:00:12

Streamed on: July 21, 2021

Hannibal and Quacker play Survive The Wild. Hannibal learns a new trick in the arenas, Quacker plays patreon music, and a listener murders a shark. Hannibal and Quacker also go on their honeymoon, and exchange jewelry, then attempt to kill one another.

View Stream 107 on the BSG Patreon Portal

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Stream 106: PGA Tour 2K21, Jesus Take The Putter (Patreon only)

Runtime: 59:57

Streamed on: July 18, 2021

Smoke and Pyro play some golf on PGA 2K21. Smoke gets redemption from stream one, and pulls out the victory. Pyro lands a disgustingly long putt, no one goes swimming, and someone's mother says high in chat.

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Stream 105: Crazy Party, Special Guest BlindSito AKA Helen Keller (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:02:10

Streamed on: July 17, 2021

Smoke Hannibal and BlindSito play some Crazy Party. Smoke's master plan of having an audio game noob on stream so he doesn't come in last is a success. We find out Sito is a long lost relative of Helen Keller. Way too much poop in my mouth talk happens, the beer gong is rang across the land, and G@y sito wins the stream with a sweep of both rounds. Check out blind sito streams at

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Stream 104: PGA Tour 2K21, Finger Condoms & Bucket Poops (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:17:39

Streamed on: July 11, 2021

Smoke and Pyro play 18 holes on the Timber Knoll course. Pyro tells a beautiful sand trap story, smoke propositions sexual favors for favors, someone in chat falls on a bottle of conditioner, and we decide to buy finger condoms. If any of this confuses you, you'll have to check out the archive to find out the whole story.

View Stream 104 on the BSG Patreon Portal

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Stream 103: Hades, I'm a Submissive Bottom (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:16:50

Streamed on: July 10, 2021

Smoke plays Hades and Hannibal drinks beer. Since this is such a good idea smoke drinks beer too. The beer gong is rang, and due to long standing ritual beer is consumed by all. Topics discussed are lilac candles, two words that should never go together, the opposite of a power bottom, disability pride month, and much more. If you like drunken game're welcome.

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Stream 102: Survive The Wild, Hannibal Boxing v1.0 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:39:22

Streamed on: June 30, 2021

Hannibal and Quacker load up the new version of Survive The Wild and check out what is new. Hannibal goes over the changes, then they dive into the PK arenas. It goes pretty horrible for Hannibal, but rumor has it he manages to win once. There is a special boxing arena made and much time is spent in it. No death jump at the end of this one, just lots of death all through the stream.

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Stream 101: Crazy Party, sexual seafood escapades (Patreon only)

Runtime: 55:54

Streamed on: June 26, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal come in hot for this one. We learn about smoke's sexual eel preferences, Hannibal's cunnilingus with crabs, and that smoke can't read. This one goes in hard from the start and never lets up. Congratulations to the side scroller for taking another stream.

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Stream 100: Super Mega Baseball 3, Get Off My F^cking Field! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:23:47

Streamed on: June 20, 2021

Smoke goes solo with SMB3 as requested by the patreon @MMaslo1124. You win some and you lose some, this stream is an example of that. If anyone can blow a 4 run lead it is Smoke. If you want to know when your pitcher takes a line drive to the face game two is an example of this, and it's sad times.

View Stream 100 on the BSG Patreon Portal

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Stream 99: Hades, I Will Not Let It Go! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:31:01

Streamed on: June 19, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal go live with all the Hades and Disney songs. It isn't a normal paring you'd expect, but it is all Hannibal's fault. We learn about the ancient Australian drinking gong, why witches matter, how to joust, that Smoke is a 13 year old girl, and more that the drunk person writing this can't remember. The stream was sponsored by the patreon Michael Maslo who you can follow on twitter at @mmaslo1124.

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Stream 98: Survive The Wild, Bears Cruising For Bears (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:47:44

Streamed on: June 16, 2021

Hannibal and Quacker log on Survive The Wild and do some...hunting of "animals". There are magical wolves, friendly mountain bears, a few normal wolves, and a tree house. Hannibal is a puss puss and hides in the corner, Quacker gets a hole in one with himself as the ball, and assless chaps are worn. Check out Quacker's website at

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Stream 97: Madden 21 FOTF, No Sacks For Smoke (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:48:46

Streamed on: June 13, 2021

Smoke plays the first two games in the NFL after getting drafted by the Saints. The offensive performance is there, but the defense has much to be improved on. Though there is much trying, the D-line and line backers cannot get to a quarterback. Frustration is expressed in creative ways. The saints front office is stupid and trades away the star running back, and this leads to more frustrations being expressed.

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Stream 96: Crazy Party, I Can't Take Any More Disney References (Patreon only)

Runtime: 57:55

Streamed on: June 12, 2021

Crazy Party is played by Smoke and Hannibal. We learn a lot of things about power bottoms, Hannibal's love for Disney, numbers, saying naughty words, and people's naughty bits. If you like BSG you know what to expect. If you don't know then this is the perfect way to find out. Congratulations to the winner of the competition @HJazairli.

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Stream 95: Hades, I'm Practically A Professional! (permanently public)

Runtime: 1:17:45

Streamed on: June 6, 2021

Smoke streams Hades for the second time in two days. This stream is full of much more gaming and less dick watch talk. The goal is to make it to Asphodel or to die trying. One of these definitely happened. Congratulations To Feather Bear for winning the patreon giveaway of Hades announced on stream.

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Stream 94: Hades, He's a subtle Racist! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:25:00

Streamed on: June 5, 2021

In this stream Smoke plays Hades and Hannibal does his special type of moral support. Today's stream was more about having some drinks and playing a game for the first time. The game is very playable, but time has to be spent to learn the spatial awareness necessary with the game engine. Topics are how horrible the word subtle is, racism against gods, and how good Smoke speaks french and German.

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Stream 93: Crazy Party: Unicorn Spunk (Patreon only)

Runtime: 51:17

Streamed on: May 29, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal go back to Crazy Party for some competitive mini and micro games. Hannibal is playing with a -21 point handicap, but is it enough? Smoke doesn't come in that's good. A Fun light gaming stream with some beer and lots of random topics discussed. No vergos were harmed in the making of this recording.

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Stream 92: Madden 21 FOTF: Who Needs Eyes For The NFL Combine? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:26:19

Streamed on: May 26, 2021

Smoke plays through the end of his college career and gets drafted by the Saints. They have the best low vision field by far, and it was a success. It is now time to start wrecking teams i the NFL!

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Stream 91: Lost In Blindness: (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:05:30

Streamed on: May 22, 2021

Smoke plays the newly released Lost In Blindness from start to finish. There is a lot of fun had in this stream. Both agreed the game had quite a bit of positives, and is promising for what is to come in the future from this developer. Aside from game talk there is a lot about horoscopes, dogs, a specific type of whistles, and sexy time.

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Stream 90: Madden 21 FOTF: He Want's To Kiss On The Mouth (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:35:45

Streamed on: May 19, 2021

Smoke plays through the end of the high school career in Face Of The Franchise and into the first college game for the LSU Tigers. Both games are stupidly high blow-outs, and in related news the difficulty is going to be bumped up now. Tommy Tube Steak is getting a little too friendly, but also too moody. There's more to this story than is being told...

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Stream 89: Super Mega Baseball 3: I'm a Master of the Bases & Balls (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:13:37

Streamed on: May 15, 2021

In this stream Smoke plays the arcade styled Super Mega Baseball 3 on PC. All the runs are scored, and compared ot the first stream this was a much better showing. I you want to pick up a copy of SMB3 you can grab it on Steam. There is also a free demo with an unlimited time period.

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Stream 88: Survive The Wild: Balls Deep (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:09:34

Streamed on: May 12, 2021

In this stream Hannibal plays STW with Quacker as a special guest. Most of the time is spent in the Northern Castle with Hannibal working through some quests, exploring, and taking Quacker's balls...a lot of his balls. If you are into that sort of thing then this stream will fill your heart with and balls.

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Stream 87: Crazy Party: Tickle Me! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:01:05

Streamed on: May 8, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal play mini and micro games in Crazy Party. Hannibal demands to be tickled, Smoke comes up with a way to get mothers to listen to BSG, and Hannibal performs a clean sweep. There will be a new way of calculating who wins what in a stream since Hannibal keeps on winning every round.

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Stream 86: Madden 21 FOTF: Where's The French Girl!? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:33:54

Streamed on: May 5, 2021

Smoke plays through the beginning of the face of the franchise in madden 21. This is his first FOTF mode in any madden game, so it is a new experience. There is an audio issue on YouTube at the start, but he eventually manages to get it fixed. The stream ends after the state championship game is played which goes into overtime. The next stream will pick up with the prep showdown.

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Stream 85: Slay The Spire, Death Metal lullabeely (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:17:24

Streamed on: April 24, 2021

Smoke plays Slay The Spire and Hannibal...well he does Hannibal things. There are pirate jokes, card jokes, and lullaby talk? As predicted Smoke is slayed while doing the slaying.

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Stream 84: Crazy Party, Solo Exhibitionist (Patreon only)

Runtime: 53:52

Streamed on: April 17, 2021

Hannibal goes solo for a Crazy party stream. He manages to not win every game for a change, instead Turtle Power comes away with the win. He may or may perform lude acts with his manly member for everyone to witness.

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Stream 83: Super Mega Baseball 3, He Fractured His Penis (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:00:14

Streamed on: March 27, 2021

Smoke goes mainstream for today's stream with the best baseball game out there for PC. There are some issues with getting the youtube stream to go live, but we get there in the end. Hannibal learns all the things about baseball, and tells some horrible jokes. Follow @bsg_blog to be notified when the SMB3 section with menu guides goes live on

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Stream 82: Crazy Party, Daylight Saving Time (Patreon only)

Runtime: 44:02

Streamed on: March 20, 2021

This is a quick Crazy party stream with Smoke and Hannibal. They run through a normal round with a horrible list, then a round of micro games. LGR takes home the win and the giveaway prize. Note to self, make note of day light saving time when streams take place the week after.

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Stream 81: Blind Drive, So Many F*cking Positive Emotions (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:02:33

Streamed on: March 13, 2021

In this stream Smoke Plays the newly released Blind Drive while Hannibal gives all the commentary. There are a lot of very positive things said about this game, it is flowing with positive things which are not being delivered in a sarcastic manner at all. It is not shiny poop. If you like hitting bikers, magic submarine cars, magic voice changers, dodging bullets with a slow car, and all other sorts of confusing things this is for you. Congrats to TheSideScroller for winning the giveaway on stream.

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Stream 80: Crazy Party, A Very Professional Stream (Patreon only)

Runtime: 55:18

Streamed on: February 27, 2021

In this stream there is some Crazy Partying. Smoke has an equipment issue that may have resulted in animal abuse. Hannibal does all the winning…and jesus took the arrows for Smoke in the first round. Pants off, hit play and enjoy.

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Stream 79: Sequence Storm, They Really Don't Look Like That (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:02:51

Streamed on: Febuary 21, 2021

In this Stream Smoke really sucks at Sequence Storm. It is actually sort of remarkable how bad he is. He had to turn on the short buss mode, and that still wasn't really enough. There is a unnecessary talk about how vaginas don't look like missiles, then the sucking continues. Congrats to ketchup girl for winning the drawing.

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Stream 78: Crazy Party, Pouches In Smoke's Butt (Patreon only)

Runtime: 54:58

Streamed on: Febuary 20, 2021

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal play some CP. Hannibal does his thing and there's a clean sweep of both rounds. Smoke sucks more than usual...and that's saying something. There may have been some technical difficulties in the beginning since this is the first stream in a few weeks.

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Stream 77: Topspeed 3: He's Ramming My Rear (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:08:35

Streamed on: January 16, 2021

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal do some topspeeding while listening to all of the Shakira. There is a lot of Smoke getting angry at Hannibal, and Then they make up and drink. This one is also a bit heavy on the Shakira, consider yourself warned.

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Stream 76: Crazy Party, Camel Admiration (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:09:32

Streamed on: January 9, 2021

Smoke and Hannibal play some Crazy Party with a giveaway. lucas18503 won the giveaway so yay for him! Smoke learns not to get too drunk before the stream starts, Hannibal disagrees, and more drinking happens. BSG still has no official researcher, and long island is still delicious.

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Stream 75: Onslaught, Poodle on my baguette (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:36:8

Streamed on: December 19, 2020

In this stream smoke kind of plays some Onslaught, a newly released space shooting game. Hannibal reads his list of top 7 Christmas foods or drinks. They talk about shy girls, the proper way to make a cake, baguettes on the casting couch, Hannibal's ASMR, Science in the shower, and of course Amish butts. With this gaggle of topics there's something for everyone.

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Stream 74: Scarlet Shells, Wine Ramming & a Lot of Dolphins (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:31:50

Streamed on: December 12, 2020

In this stream Smoke plays Scarlet Shells...a little bit. Mainly him and hannibal have some drinks and talk about a variety of topics which include but are not limited to dolphins, wine ramming, and front sack on back sack slapping. The Inebriation Proclamation is in full effect in this stream, and it may be the greatest BSG decision ever made.

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Stream 73: Troopanum, Day Drinking (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:43:25

Streamed on: November 21, 2020

In this stream Smoke plays the wonderfully horrible game of troopanum. Hannibal gives all the moral support. The only way to get through this one is through drinking, and the stream gets progressivly more fun as more is consumed.

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Stream 72: Crazy Party: Parmesan Cheese Puss Puss (Patreon only)

Runtime: 50:45

Streamed on: November 7, 2020

In this stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro do some Crazy Partying. They talk about the genitals of birds and dinosaurs, how stupid some games are, what it means when you quack, and lots more. There wasn't a winner, Hannibal did a sweep of both games.

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Stream 71: Crazy Party: Stories From Pyro's Uncle (Patreon only)

Runtime: 58:49

Streamed on: October 10, 2020

In this stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro play some Crazy party. We talk about what Hannibal definitely is not. The trauma Pyro had at the age of 12, and if it is possible to have consensual sex with a turtle.

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Stream 70: Crazy Party: Adult Semen (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:00:00

Streamed on: September 26, 2020

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal play some Crazy Party and talk shit. Hannibal goes all RKelly as usual, and Smoke says bad things about him. Then he says more bad things, Hannibal says bad things, does a great impression, and they talk about adult semen...only adult semen.

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Stream 69: Code 7, Phantom Fear Boner (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:06:53

Streamed on: September 12, 2020

In this sstream Smoke plays some Code 7, and Hannibal gives his list of top 10 materials underwear is made out of. The game really blows, but the stream gets crazy. Beware the fear boner...and remember we are all happy...very happy. one big happy family.

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Stream 68: Beatstar: We Love Dank Memes (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:37:33

Streamed on: August 22, 2020

In this stream Smoke plays Beatstar and Hannibal gives his list of top seven things worm about the body or torso. This stream gets a bit crazy. There is not much talk about the game, and a lot about lots of random things. The way words work, the letter H, what to do at the zoo, Shakira, clothing, and more Shakira. This one was a lot of fun. And balls to the patreon Connor for suggesting this game.

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Stream 67: Crazy Party: I Don't Have A Basement! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 53:34

Streamed on: August 8, 2020

Smoke and Hannibal play some crazy Party! Hannibal does his RKelly impression, but insists he doesn't have a basement which may or may not have people in it. Smoke calls him a liar, but the world knows the truth. Paul pulls out the win with the luck of the RNG.

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Stream 66: Beatstar: Join An Amish Cult (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:38:16

Streamed on: August 1, 2020

In this stream Smoke plays Beatstar and Hannibal goes through his list of the best 11 things made out of plastic. This stream goes into some deep waters. More so than normal, this is not for the easily offended. We talk about a lot of stuff, and Smoke gets quite angry a couple times. Nothing will be taken back. Also the developer of beatstar should join an amish cult.

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Stream 65: A Blind Legend: The Blind Pedi-a-lite (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:54:55

Streamed on: July 25, 2020

This one gets a bit crazy, not for those who are easily offended. Smoke plays, rages, and rants about A Blind Legend. Hannibal does some breathing exorcizes. They both discuss the inappropriate relationship between the main character and his daughter. The type of pie the game is. Why all blind combat is full blown tarted, and how this game is no exception. Overall they did not like the game, and lots of people were raged at.

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Stream 64: Alter Aeon: Thrusting and Fisting (Patreon only)

Runtime: 59:37

Streamed on: July 21, 2020

Smoke and Hannibal play alter. We had all the issues again, but no earthquakes. Smoke's microphone decides to act up, Hannibal disappears, we thrust and fist, then go in the butt of a dragon. Lots of family oriented fun in this one.

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Stream 63: Alter Aeon: Finger Blasting & Hugging (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:01:05

Streamed on: July 17, 2020

Smoke and Hannibal play Alter Aeon for the first time. Pyro hangs out and gives us anti-moral support. Smoke can't find a light, Hannibal leaves him behind, and overall it is complete madness. Some things are killed, others are fingered, and then Hannibal gives some hugs...not with his mouth though. Hannibal has a big sack Gruntok gives him, and smoke plays with his pouch. There's technical issues at the end, and we have no clue why. There will be a make up stream on Tuesday.

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Stream 62: Crazy Party: Pull Out Next Time! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:09:52

Streamed on: July 11, 2020

Smoke and Hannibal get their ass shaking on with Crazy Party and Shakira. They both shit the bed in game, but everything else goes splendid. Smoke says bad things about a patreon, they practice their British accents, The truth about the Covid19 mini-game is exposed, and they keep talking about someone named Ashley for a reason no one knows. Also we find out the developer is pregnant, and that Hannibal refuses to pull out.

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Stream 61: Tube Sim: unconsented sexually oriented train (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:10:48

Streamed on: July 4, 2020

In this stream There is a little bit of Tube Sim played. Mainly Smoke and Hannibal talk about lots of British facts like nude beaches, the queen, subway sandwiches, and much more. Smoke develops tourettes with a whistling meat missile tick, Hannibal tells a very long train joke, and smoke misses all the stations.

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Stream 60: Crazy Party: whistling chocolate porpoises (Patreon only)

Runtime: 58:33

Streamed on: June 27, 2020

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal do some crazy partying. We tried, but we got wrecked by one of the patreons...Connor. We talk about Shakira's sex tape, whistling chocolate porpoises, how time works, and the benefits of exercising your horse or something like that. The rage level is a light moderate. Also smoke was pantsless, for those who care about those sort of things.

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Stream 59: Top Speed 3: All The Shakira (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:07:20

Streamed on: June 20, 2020

Smoke and Hannibal play some Top Speed III. this was requested by the patreon Patrick W. We come into Shakira, then we play some more, then we get really excited and play a lot of it. Then we stop, but don't worry we start it back up and Shakira never really goes away. Oh yeah we played top speed as well. Yay games!

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Stream 58: Mortal Kombat 11, Average Sucking (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:53

Streamed on: June 14, 2020

Smoke plays some Mortal Kombat 11 and overall has a pretty relaxing stream. The plan was to suck a lot, but only average sucking occurred. Aaron Black caused most of it, but he's a twat so it was to be expected. One tower of time is played, and the stream ends with a Kombat League match.

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Stream 57: Crazy Party, An Australian Porn Marathon (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:25

Streamed on: June 13, 2020

In this stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro game while talking about all sorts of interesting things. Hannibal did an Australian only porn the name of science of course. And the life long question was answered, do they really say what you think they do during sex? We found out the pubic shaving preferences of a patreon, and lots more.

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Stream 56: Dissidia Final Fantasy, What the Fuck is This Shit? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:27:46

Streamed on: June 6, 2020

Smoke plays Dissidia Final Fantasy, the fighting game. It didn't go well, not well at all. Really this is more like an hour of smoke doing a monolog, and there's some game play mixed in randomly. Well talk about all sorts of things, blinkers, sports, gaming, MK11, and even some about final fantasy. Check out

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Stream 55: Crazy Party, Dick Drum Spectacular (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:17

Streamed on: May 30, 2020

In this stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro play some Crazy Party. We talk a lot about dick drums, vaginal spatulas, and pussy flip-flops. The second half of the stream gets a bit crazy. Smoke goes on quite a few rants as well...if you are one of the targets, he's not sorry, don't be butt hurt.

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Stream 54: Rhythm Rage: Chewing My Bed Rails (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:12

Streamed on: May 23, 2020

Smoke plays Rhythm Rage again, and it is horrible, but maybe not as hhorrible as the first stream. Either way the game is a rat dick dog humper and Smoke gets a bit angry with the basketball level. Hannibal is smoke's fugazi shoulder angel, and he does all the angel things during the stream.

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Stream 53: Crazy Party: No Turtle Cum Sad Sad Sad (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:18

Streamed on: May 2, 2020

Smoke Hannibal and Pyro play some Crazy Party. Hannibal tells everyone about his top 7 animals you don't want to ejaculate onto you. You'll have to tune into the next stream to learn about number 1. The winner of the competition was Connor (@QuakeLover) on twitter.

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Stream 52: Rhythm Rage: Turtle Cum Clap Clap Clap (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:57:09

Streamed on: April 25, 2020

In this stream Smoke is tortured with Rhythm Rage. Hannibal is on stream as well to give some anti-moral support. Smoke really sucks at the game, it is hard to stress that enough, but the stream is a lot of fun nevertheless. This stream is what BSG is all about, random uncensored entertainment and gaming. Stay rock hard down low.

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Stream 51: Mortal Kombat: It's Hammer Time! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:08:17

Streamed on: April 18, 2020

In this stream Smoke goes solo with some MK11. He plays through one of the towers of time and only gets beat up a bit. Then he plays his first ever kombat league match and Jesus takes the sticks.

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Stream 50: Crazy Party, Easter Meat Monday (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:06:02

Streamed on: April 11, 2020

In this stream Smoke, Hannibal, and Pyro play some CP and get rowdy. There isn't any crazy drunkenness, but plenty of homo eroticism for even the hardest to please. Hannibal almost runs the table, but comes up short at the very end. Smoke gets angry, Pyro gets erotic, and they talk a lot about snorting dick pills.

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Stream 49: Four Year Anniversary, Long Island Over Achiever (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:04:41

Streamed on: April 4, 2020

The four year anniversary stream of Black Screen Gaming. Everyone is here for this one, Smoke, Hannibal, Pyro, Jimmy, and Hamada. Smoke drinks a lot of long island Ice tea and goes from drunk and slightly homo erotic to very drunk and very gay. There's fun for everyone in this one, We play some Crazy Party, and a round of quiz party on QC. The winner of the drawing is Hannibal, of course it was rigged.

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Stream 48: Undead Assault, Conjunctive Epstein (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:08:29

Streamed on: March 28, 2020

Smoke Pyro and Jimmy play the newly released version of Undead Assault. There were a lot of changes in the game, but not all were good. Overall the game is fun, but it seems to have been made a bit too easy. There are a lot of trains and presenting of butt holes. Also threats against zombies, and undead sexual assault. Check out the game at

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Stream 47: Crazy Party, Pyro Has The Corona (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:10:57

Streamed on: March 21, 2020

In this stream Smoke and Pyro run through two crazy party rounds. the first is mini-games, and the second is micro-games. Pyro has Corona, and he dies about half way through the stream, so if you are into that sort of thing this is the stream for you. We finally have a new winner on the stream, it is guliwer. Hannibal has a sticky cock, but no one is really sure why. All we know is there's a bad moon on the rise.

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Stream 46: Crazy Party, Corona In The Internet (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:09:17

Streamed on: March 14, 2020

Smoke Hannibal and Pyro play some Crazy Party. All starts out good, then the internet gets a bad case of the Corona. It starts to shit out bad, but the stream keeps chugging along. @lucas18503 won the competition again, that's his third win. Smoke sucked less, hannibal's net ate balls, and Pyro shit the bed multiple times. It was a pretty normal BSG stream...

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Stream 45: Crazy Party, High On Blue Chew (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:12:36

Streamed on: March 8, 2020

In this stream smoke goes solo. The new PC is built, and streams will be back to their normal every weekend schedule now. Turtle power finally won her first round, but got screwed by the RNG. Charter sucks balls a few minutes in, but after that all is good, and the PC was super sexy and wonderful. Smoke may or may not have been high on blue chew.

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Stream 44: Top Speed, Pump The F-ing Brakes (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:57:37

Streamed on: Febuary 15, 2020

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal stream Top Speed. This was a patreon requested stream, requested by PWilson AKA BrailleScreen. This was a fun stream where we raced, talked shit, and talked some more shit. Check out for all your things and stuff.

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Stream 43: Crazy Party, You Get a Free T-shirt! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:18:06

Streamed on: Febuary 8, 2020

In this stream smoke goes solo on some Crazy Party. This was a fun stream, just playing and talking shit with everyone. There were two pretty big parties. 25 in both of them. The final winner was guliwer, but since they don't know how to read they are probably not going to claim their prize. Oh and the free T-shirts, they'll be in the mail ASAP...

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Stream 42: Crazy Party, Rock Hard Down Low! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:05:56

Streamed on: January 25, 2020

In this stream Smoke and Jimmy play some Crazy party. We run a mini-game party and a 40 turn micro-game party. Yildiz gets the luck of the draw and wins the stream. We talk about how rock we are, how this is the most rock live stream on the Internet, and about ninjas. Don't forget, we are a comedy gaming show, nothing talked about is serious, it is comedy.

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Stream 41: Crazy Party, Smoke Is a Crayon Eater (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:05:02

Streamed on: January 11, 2020

In this stream Smoke goes solo with some Crazy party. He takes full advantage of every chance to suck at every game possible. We learn where pyro is, and Smoke tells a story about Hannibal confusing his nurse. Sito somehow gets lucky and pulls off a full sweep to win the giveaway.

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Stream 40: STW Map Building, All the Phallic Shaped Objects (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:56:46

Streamed on: January 4, 2020

In this patreon requested stream Smoke streams a map building session on Survive The Wild. He starts in on the remodel of the mining area but switches to the mining tunnels about one hour in. The maps aren't finished on stream, but they'll be worked on and released in the next week or so.

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Stream 39: Crazy Party, Repeated Failed Orgasms (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:33:50

Streamed on: December 28, 2019

In this stream smoke and Hannibal play 1 mini-game party and a 60 turn micro-game party. Hannibal counts down his list of 12 objects you can but probably shouldn't drink out of...and you don't want to miss that. We talk about things you can do with animals...and or patreons. Beer AKA QuakeLover wins for the first time. Oh yeah and there's a unique one time intro song on this one from Placeboing.

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Stream 38: Crazy Party, Go Bounce On That Chair Leg (Patreon only)

Runtime: 59:04

Streamed on: December 14, 2019

In this stream Pyro and Smoke play some Crazy Party and run a competition giveaway. KeyWasFull and SteveD win the rounds and only the luck of the Siri decides the winner. Pyro and Smoke talk about what friends do for another, along with demands of others playing the game to perform acts with chair and table legs.

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Stream 37: Audio Strike, Fucking Kamikazes (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:52:14

Streamed on: December 7, 2019

In this stream archive Smoke plays some Audio Strike for the first time at the request of Connor AKA @quakelover. He keeps it together reasonably well with only minimal streaks of swearing...he hardly even called Connor any bad names. If you are looking for expert game play with advanced techniques you should probably try looking somewhere else.

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Stream 36: Crazy Party, Don't Forget About The Ass (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:01:41

Streamed on: November 23, 2019

Smoke and Pyro stream some Crazy Party in this stream. There is a competition giveaway which Steve D wins. Topics are all over the place, horse booty clapping, Hannibal's penis, the secretive hp, and much more. This isn't family friendly unless you have a very disfunctional family and you don't care about their mental health.

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Stream 35: Sequence Storm: Window Licker Mode (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:14:27

Streamed on: November 17, 2019

In this stream Smoke goes solo and plays some Sequence Storm. If you didn't know he really sucks balls at the game. It is okay and encouraged to laugh at him. He only managed to progress through a few tracks, but there weren't any rage strokes so it was win win.

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Stream 34: Manamon 2, Fuck Pyro (Patreon only)

Runtime: 2:02:44

Streamed on: November 9, 2019

In this stream Smoke plays the recently released Manamon 2. Hannibal and Pyro are also on the stream even though they haven't played the game. We bull shit and progress through the story starting from the end of the demo. There was a giveaway at the end. Congratulations to @WWESTARE for winning the drawing.

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Stream 33: Crazy Party: Small Penis...heavy flow (Patreon only)

Runtime: 56:13

Streamed on: November 2, 2019

In this stream we play two parties. Pyro's dumpster fire plum island and Smoke's favorites. It was a competition stream and Hannibal was in top form for both parties.

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Stream 32: MLB The Show 07, F The Yankees (Patreon only)

Runtime: 55:00

Streamed on: October 19, 2019

In this Stream Smoke plays some MLB The Show 07 with some help from Pyro. The game is the Tigers vs the Yankees and it goes very good for one team and very bad for the other. Nothing too outrageous in this stream, just a relaxed stream with some gold ol' murican baseball.

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Stream 31: Crazy Party,, Butt Tampons and Mushroom Brooms (Patreon only)

Runtime: 39:28

Streamed on: October 12, 2019

In this stream Smoke, Pyro, Hannibal and special Guest Steve D play some Crazy party. We do a giveaway and lucass wins another giftcard. If you missed the live show you missed the best intro ever, maybe you'll be able to catch it somewhere else. Topics covered are listeners and their deviant sexuality, butt tampons, mushroom brooms, and what smoke will do for a dollar. Check out Steve D's Podcast and website at

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Stream 30: Crazy Party, They Definitely Have Barbed Genitalia (Patreon only)

Runtime: 59:20

Streamed on: October 5, 2019

In this stream Smoke, Hannibal, and Pyro play some crazy party. Topics discussed are dragon sex and if they have barbed genitalia , deflowering grandmas, licking poppers, and Pyro's penis. Congratulations to @paul_iyobo for winning the competition.

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Stream 29: Crazy Party, Keto Strokes (Patreon only)

Runtime: 59:33

Streamed on: September 28, 2019

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal play some Crazy Party. Smoke strokes out right from the start and it doesn't get any better. Smoke is in a bad mood, and Hannibal is craving carbs after going keto.

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Stream 28: Tube Sim, Prostate Seekers & Whistling Meat Missiles (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:07:48

Streamed on: September 14, 2019

In this stream Smoke plays Tube Sim for the first time ever. Hannibal is there and they have a lot of back and forth conversations not related to tubes, sims, trains, or anything even remotely related to the game. Expect the normal BSG conversations and back and forth. If you are offended then we aren't your type of entertainment, no apologies will be given; not even if you are British.

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Stream 27: Crazy Party & Giveaway, Smack the fairies with your dick (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:03:15

Streamed on: September 7, 2019

In this stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro get a little bit crazy. We have some technical issues in the beginning but then come out firing on all cylinders. If you like 3 men talking about stuff they would, could, or have put in their butt then this is the stream for you. No vegetables were harmed during the recording of this stream.

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Stream 26: Crazy Party, My Mom's a Dick Escort (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:00:58

Streamed on: August 31, 2019

In this stream Smoke Pyro and Hannibal stream some Crazy Party. Topics discussed are ketchup, dick escorts, LinkedIn Profiles, and we do a giveaway at the end.

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Stream 25: Sequence Storm, Clap Them Booty Cheeks (Patreon only)

Runtime: 3:03:57

Streamed on: August 30, 2019

In this stream Smoke streams himself playing Sequence Storm. Hannibal is along for the ride and to make funnies durring the stream. This was a Patreon requested game as requested by @QuakeLover AKA Connor. This stream is 3 hours long, but it is a good one...especially if you like booty clapping.

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Stream 24: Survive The Wild, treehouse orgy (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:13:23

Streamed on: August 18, 2019

In this stream Smoke and pyro finish up the patreon requested Survive The Wild Stream. Pyro is nice enough to hop on stream and play along. They try some killing in Bear forest, but get tired of that and finish up with a trip to the Windy Wolf Forest. The stream ends with Smoke giving a speech about what the game could be, then him and Pyro jumping off the tree house balcony and plummeting to their death.

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Stream 23: Survive The Wild, All The Broken Bones (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:50:23

Streamed on: August 17, 2019

In this stream Smoke, Hannibal, Pyro, and Jimmy play some STW. This was a Patreon requested stream. Smoke was 20 months removed from STW, but because a patreon requested it, he had to sign in and play the game again. Most the time is spent trying to get through the caves with Hannibal's help. Smoke may have made the map, but he doesn't remember it. If you enjoy rage and ranting this stream is for you. Of course there is a touch of homoerotic tendencies for those who are into that sort of thing too.

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Stream 22: Crazy Party, Fugazi Pride Week (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:15:09

Streamed on: August 10th 2019

In this stream Smoke Pyro and Hannibal play some Crazy Party. Smoke and Hannibal learn what a fugazi is, and they have lots of fun with the new word. We debut Hannibal's cover of It's raining men, and someone beat Hannibal this time (Knowledgeable_Ka). All things said during a stream are for comedy, don't be offended.

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Stream 21: Crazy Party, He's not only the master of bating (Patreon only)

Runtime: 58:48

Streamed on: August 3rd 2019

Smoke Pyro Hannibal and Jimmy are in this stream. We run a competition and Hannibal battles for first place with some listeners. Don't listen to this one with your Nanna.

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Stream 20: Crazy Party, Penguin Prison Sex (Patreon only)

Runtime: 55:11

Streamed on: July 13, 2019

In this stream Smoke and Hannibal get a bit crazy. There are multiple points where they have to stop because they are both laughing too hard. Expect the normal topics, butt stuff, tree sex, singing, and everything in between.

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Stream 19.5: Top Speed, Test Test Testicles? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:02:19

Streamed on: July 6, 2019

This was a test stream which will only be archived on Patreon. In this stream Smoke, Hannibal, Hamada, and Pyro stream some Top Speed. The main reason for this stream was to test out a new streaming setup. It worked out good and now there will be a normal live stream and a voices only audio stream for people to listen to if they are playing along.

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Stream 19: Crazy Party, Butt Stuff (Patreon only)

Runtime: 56:39

Streamed on: June 29, 2019

In this live stream Smoke Hannibal and Pyro play some Crazy Party. Pyro didn't suck and Smoke did...a lot, Hannibal does Hannibal things. There are a lot of weird topics discussed, anal ring toss, gerbils and butts, booty clapping, ball clapping, and other randomness.

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Stream 18: Crazy Party, All the Girth (Patreon only)

Runtime: 58:05

Streamed on: June 8, 2019

In this stream Smoke, Hannibal and Pyro stream 2 mini-game parties. There are lots of topics discussed like what is a girthy 5, shampoo bottles as sex toys, Hannibal's dirty pictures, and how Cosmo told smoke to hit all the right buttons.

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Stream 17: Crazy Party, Gravity is Fake Bro (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:23:15

Streamed on: May 18, 2019

In this stream Smoke Pyro and Hannibal stream some Crazy Party. Topics discussed are flat earth, gravity being fake, and the claim that space is fake...oh yeah and that we live in a dome. Honestly there is a lot of insane stuff discussed. Don't watch any flat earth videos, it's bad for your health.

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Stream 16: Crazy Party, Where'd Jimmy Go? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:15:19

Streamed on: May 11, 2019

In this stream Smoke Pyro and Jimmy stream some public mini-game rounds on Crazy Party. We play normal, hardcore, then mixed hardcore and normal. As usual Jimmy had to leave during the third round to stuff his face with chicken nuggets.

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Stream 15: Crazy Party, Another lost to gonorrhea (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:22:42

Streamed on: April 20, 2019

In this stream Smoke and Pyro play some Crazy Party. The first game is normal, the second is hardcore, then the final party is normal again. Jimmy is not in this stream as he is suffering from a bad case of gonorrhea.

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Stream 14: Crazy Party, You Mad Bro? (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:32:55

Streamed on: April 13, 2019

In this stream Smoke Jimmy & Pyro play some crazy party. First is a normal mini-game party, then hard core, then another normal mini-game round to finish off the stream. As usual this is not a family stream, but what BSG stream ever is? There is plenty of ragyness in this one.

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Stream 13: (Patreon requested)A Hero's Call part 2 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:24:24

Streamed on: April 6, 2019

In this Patreon requested stream Smoke streams some Hero's Call at the request of Amin Abdullah. As usual this is not family friendly.

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Stream 12: (Patreon Requested) A Hero's Call Part 1 (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:37:05

Streamed on: March 23, 2019

In this stream Smoke streams some hero's Call. This game has been out for a while now but the commentary during the game play is...something...something for sure. Don't gather around with the family for this one.

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Stream 11: Crazy Party, All the Genitalia (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:31:30

Streamed on: March 16, 2019

In this stream Smoke Jimmy and Hannibal stream some crazy party. Topics discussed are period sex, pearl diving, and distended clitorises.

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Stream 10: New Horizons, Help me! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:17:17

Streamed on: January 19, 2019

in this live stream archive Smoke streams himself playing some New Horizons. There is some mining, some combat, and some trading. The point of this stream was to help folks get use to the navigation system in the game.

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Stream 9: Crazy Party, Butt Holes & Glory Holes (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:34:55

Streamed on: December 19, 2018

This was a very interesting stream. We talked a lot about Hannibal's butt hole, and Jimmy got really discriptive with his love for glory holes. This was the Christmas stream where three lucky listeners won prizes!

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Stream 8: Crazy Party, That's Not How To Drink a Beer (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:30:53

Streamed on: November 24, 2018

Smoke Jimmy and Hannibal streamed some Crazy party. Topics talked about are penguin sex, anally inserting beer bottles in the shower, and some other interesting things best not written down.

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Stream 7: Crazy Party, On Our Best Behavior (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:53:10

Streamed on: November 3, 2018

In this stream Smoke Jimmy and Liam stream some crazy party. Liam has a new sensoring toy he uses through the stream to bleep all of his swears. Smoke and Jimmy have no such limitations...

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Stream 6: Oh Shit, Closing of the Competition (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:04:45

Streamed on: October 31, 2018

In this stream Smoke streams himself playing some Oh Shit. This stream is also the end of the BSG Oh Shit competition. This stream is not family friendly at all...there is plenty of swearing and oh shit induced rage. The winner of the competition was KnowledgeableKa with a score of 714.

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Stream 5: Oh Shit, Start of the Competition (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:08:42

Streamed on: October 24, 2019

In this stream Smoke streams himself playing some Oh Shit. This stream is also the start of the BSG Oh Shit competition. The levels in this stream are messed up, there is some clipping on the audio. Something went wrong and it won't happen again. Sorry for that. Also this stream is not family friendly at all...there is a lot of swearing and oh shit induced rage.

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Stream 4: Crazy Party, A Special Guest (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:42:51

Streamed on: September 29, 2018

In this stream Smoke, Pyro, Jimmy, and Hamada play some Crazy Party. There are some pretty big public mini-game parties in this one. It is not rated PG to say the least.

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Stream 3: Feer, Jump Slide Jump (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:01:44

Streamed on: September 26, 2019

This is a live stream of the IOS game Feer. Just smoke and Pyro talking in this live stream as Smoke plays.

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Stream 2: Crazy Party & RTR, This is a Dumpsterfire (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:46:47

Streamed on: September 23, 2018

This stream starts out with a new intro song that will be different on every stream. Then Smoke Jimmy and Pyro get into some RTR. Overall RTR turns into a swearing dumpsterfire so they switch to Crazy Party.

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Stream 1: Crazy Party, Back in the Saddle! (Patreon only)

Runtime: 1:50:47

Streamed on: September 15, 2019

In this stream Smoke Pyro and Jimmy stream the three of them playing crazy party on some public servers. There is plenty of fucks, shits, and cunts so you might not want to gather around with the family for this one. No apologies will be given for things said about other players.

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