Highlights of Archived BSG Live Streams by date

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1. STW Live Stream 1, Pyro's Demo Crew

Description: Smoke, Pyro, and Jimmy start the stream out roaming around looking for shelters to blow up. They find and level plenty in the first half. Then as the Alcohol starts to take effect Smoke and Pyro base jump off the mountain. Pyro then gets his guitar and sings a duet with Jimmy about weeners. The show is closed out with a remixed song for JimmyDub.
Run Time: 28:17

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2. STW Live Stream 2, The Grate Mountain Race, & I thought I had a Shield on?

Description: The crew blows up a few shelters in the beginning of this stream, but they had a hard time finding any. It then shifts into the Mountain Race where Tim Burton and Troy Torres go head to head in seeing who is the best mountain climber. And the winner takes home a nice prize. The stream finishes up with Some anything goes PK fighting with pyro, wightfall, Jimmy and Smoke. And of Course there is a beautiful song by Pyro and Jimmy Mixed in.
Run Time: 25:08

You can also Download as mp3 or Play in a new window or tab