Black Screen Gaming Event Archives

Here you can find the downloadable links for the BSG events. these will only be downloadable unless they say otherwise. for some of the events, you can click on them to view more information.

First ever BSG pk event

This was the first ever stw and also bsg pk event. it was a little bit crazy, with major lag in the start. it involved a 100 by 100 map with almost 60 people on it all at once, the last one to survive won the event. music in the recording is courtesy of

click to download the recording of the first ever bsg pk event

first bsg 2 vs 2, pk event

this event is completed, and the winners were the crazy turks. you can stream or download all the fights i personally recorded on the 2 vs 2 archives page

Second BSG 2 vs 2, PK Event

This event is concluded, the winners were the ball suckers. You Can either listen to the individual files from my arena, or listen to the archive of Akilor's livestream. All of the info and links are on the second 2 vs 2 archive page.