About Black Screen Gaming

By Smoke

BSG started back in 2016 when I wanted a place for streaming with Pyro and Dub. We tried twitch, but back then it wasn't the most accessible, and You Tube had too many limitations that would limit what we could and couldn't say. It wasn't a grand plan, I just wanted somewhere we could do what we enjoyed. I read a few books, maybe a website or two, and learned enough about web development and design to start Black Screen Gaming. Since then it has been almost constant growth into over 3,000 pages of new game guides, more and better streams, The top audio gaming blog, and a discord full of blind gamers.

BSG has grown out of the original idea, now it is more of an umbrella that covers an assortment of different gaming related topics and genres. The point of the guides you find on the site are to give you quick and easy to absorb information, so you can get back to playing the game. The point of the streams are to provide entertainment and make you laugh even if we suck at the game being streamed. The blog has always been the place where we can talk freely about games, gaming topics, and everything in between. We are consumers of games, and the one thing that stays consistent is being honest about games and gaming topics.

With everything on BSG the point is to mix information and entertainment in a hybrid form. We got jokes and they shall be told! if you like the best text and audio guides you'll find anywhere for accessible games...then BSG is the place for you. If you like streams where the point is laughing and talking shit...then BSG is the place for you. If you like detailed and honest game reviews, opinions, and comedic writings BSG is the place for you.

One thing the site's growth has allowed is for the giving back to those who consume BSG content. I have always felt very strongly about helping out folks who can't get games on their own. This could be because of what country they live in, economical circumstances, or any other reason. This is why BSG will always have giveaways every month, and why they will never stop. Gaming is something everyone should have the chance to enjoy, and though it may not be a lot in the grand scheme of things, it is one thing I can do to help.

In today's modern accessible gaming movement everyone claims to be an advocate. This isn't what BSG is here for. This doesn't mean we are opposed to help the advancement of gaming, just that it is not a public focus. If you want virtue signaling on fake blind gaming advocacy, sorry but it won't be found here on Black Screen Gaming. There are already a whole stable of people who are much better at wearing this mask.

The mailing list

The old mailing list has been abanndoned, the interface became completely unaccessible. You can register on the blog and in doing so you will be signed up for the new mailing list.

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If you enjoy BSG and what we bring, then could you Please consider supporting us on Patreon? The last thing I want to do is put up adds on the site, so instead there is a BSG Patreon page. even if you can only do one dollar a month it will help, I really do mean that. There are also perks for different tiers of Patreon supporters, like having your name on a bsg page.

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