Bokurano Daibouken 3 Overview

BK3 Development

BK3 is a game made and developed by nyanchan. The game was originally made in Japanese but through a major effort it has been translated to English. You can download the English translation package from the developer above for only five dollars. The game is still randomly developed with bug fixes and other tweaks but not that often. This is not due to a lack of caring but rather because it doesn't need the updates.

Free vs. Paid

BK3 is completely free to download and play. You can even use the JGT add on for NVDA and you won't need the five dollar translation package. That being said I personally feel the translation package is well worth it, and you can't beat the price. This is the only thing you can purchase for the game, and it won't effect your actual game play at all. The game has no micro transactions or anything similar. It is completely based on playing with no options for purchasing anything.

Game Activity

BK3 is a side scrolling/platform game which is full of content and lots of challenges. I personally am not a fan of side scroller's but this is my one exception. This game is so large and well thought out that it being a side scroller does not hurt it at all. There is no other side scrolling game that can compare, with the exception of other games in the series and others made by the developer nyanchan.

The game is broken down into different stages, 25 of them to be specific. Each stage has four parts and once you successfully finish all four parts of a stage the next stage is unlocked. The stages and parts get more difficult as your progress through the game. You have stats you can increase as you level up to ensure you don't get left behind as the stages get more difficult. Even after beating the game there are a lot of difficulty settings and extra unlockables which allow for good replay value.

What Makes BK3 Unique

As I said in the above section nothing can really compare to it in the audio game single player relm. The bk series and BK3 specifically are head and shoulders above the competition as far as side scrollers are concerned. There are over 100 levels and scores of different secret items and exxtra content you can find and unlock. Even for those who avoid side scrollers this is a good game. It is very challenging and allows for many hours of free gameplay.

BK3 Problems or Issues

There really aren't any issues with the game. There is a very small handful of text lines which aren't translated, but the english translation package is still being updated so eventually those will be fixed as well. There are so few untranslated lines that it won't actually effect the game play at all.

There are a few bugs which will cause the game to crash which can be odd but not overly frustrating. I have only had this happen right when launching a part and trying to use the camera before moving first. Since this is right at the beginning of the part it doesn't effect the game play. I just re open and start over right where I left off.

Overall nothing is going to go wrong with the game and take away from your gaming experience.