Core Exiles overview

Some game information

core-exiles is a browser based game, this means there is no downloading or anything to play it. the only requirement is an email and a web browser which I assume you already have since you are reading this web page.

There are no sounds though, this is a major issue for allot of people, but for them I say go grow up and get over it. the size of something like core-exiles or a similar browser based game is not even comparable to a audio game made specifically for blind people. in fact the size of core-exiles is one of the issues most people run into when they first start playing it. the game is just so massive they usually give up before they even scratch the surface. it is hard to explain the size of the game, it is just so damn big, and constantly developed and being added to.

Core-exiles is not specifically made for blind gamers, but the developer is very open and easy to talk to about accessibility. there is even a specific mode for blind players, and our own section in the game forums. normally any issue there is will be fixed, or there is a simple way to use a work around. in all my years of playing, nearly 9 I believe at the time of writing this I have never ran into an accessibility issue that was not fixed or that could not be fixed by doing something different.

development activity

Core Exiles is heavily developed and maintained by the dev Coops. I am not sure if Prev still actively develops the game with him,but Coops is for sure the face of the game, and it is his baby. the biggest issue is keeping up with all the stuff Coops is constantly adding to the game. It seems every month there is something new coming out and it completely adds new de mentions and months or years of new content to the game. You never have to worry about running out of stuff to do on CE, there will always be new content as coops continues to add stuff from his whiteboard to the game.

Free vs. Paid

Core exiles has and I am sure will always be a free game to play, and you never have to spend a penny of real money to play. however like with nearly all games there are lots of things you can choose to buy from the core-exiles store to help the game development and your character. the list of things you can buy is crazy long, and I won't attempt to list them all here. the one really nice thing is that it is super easy to get loads of paid items for free through lots of different avenues in game. there are mech points, festive points, and usually some special thing every month you can participate in to get stuff from the CE store for free. stuff small like a month's paid account or something that would run you $50 in the store. also for those who do want to spend money the sales that coops runs are usually extremely good month to month, buy one get one free, 20% off, and loads more where you spend $30 and get over $60 or more in stuff free.

But honestly, you do not need to spend any money on the game at all. even when your captain can make millions of credits in game there are loads of people who will buy you stuff from the store in exchange for in game credits, so you never need spend any real money.

Game Activity

I am not going to even attempt to list all of the things you can do in the game, it would take forever, so I'll just throw out a few of the things. mining, refining, surveying, salvaging, recycling, crafting everything from ships to the equipment for ships to exploration kits, engineering, piracy, combat, hauling, exploring planets, running settlements, running guilds, running corporations, doing pretty much whatever you want to do. and as far as the crafting system goes in core exiles, it is rather outstanding, some of the crafting projects take hours just to build all the modules and sub modules, and sub sub modules, and sub sub sub modules and sub sub sub sub sub sub sub modules and more. there is simply so much stuff to do in one particular day you might get to do 2 or 3 things, if you have hours and hours to play. if you worry about stuff to do, don't, it literally takes years of real time to get to where you can be a master of any one thing. This game is not for those who think they can play for a month and be the best, it takes years to get to even be near the top of any statistics.

Core-Exiles community

this is probably my favorite thing about core-exiles, or any browser game. the level and quality of people who play core-exiles is just simply higher than I've seen on any other game. the overwhelming amount of players are older and mature, not kids who don't know much about anything. you don't run into those people who annoy the hell out of you, they just aren't in the game. you are way more likely to find someone retired playing to pass the time while they sit on their yacht. I've never had to deal with kids who are trolling looking for attention, they get filtered out really fast cause the game will not support the attention they are looking for. it is all family rated everywhere, and it shows in the quality of the players and the community as a whole.

What makes core-exiles unique

aside from the massive size of the game, the amazing community, the super in depth quality of everything you can do. the game is completely lacking pvp, so you can play at your own pace, and do what you want when you want. you never have to worry about working for months then being wiped out by another player, in fact that cannot happen no matter what. another thing I really enjoy about the game that I haven't seen many other places is the CE economy, it is so well developed and realistic, it is free capitalism with supply and demand running it. and coops does a wonderful job just keeping everything balanced in the game so it is all realistic and nothing is overpowering or too easy or too hard. even those people who pay for store items don't get the biggest leg up on anyone, as long as I've played the game is expertly balanced with a free market mentality.

read more?

If you want to read more, then I would suggest checking out the page layout and screen reader section. It will let you know all you need to in order to get started playing with either NVDA or JAWS.