Using a Screen Reader With Core-Exiles

This section will be broken down into different parts to make it easier to understand and get a hang for how the pages are laid out in core-exiles.

The game is completely workable with NVDA as well as Jaws. However, all of what is covered in this guide will be assuming you are using Jaws. This is a personal decision on my part for many reasons. Mainly these are ease of use and less button pressing for simple tasks. With NVDA you need to press more buttons for simple things like virtual find, and without screen wrap for jumping by elements or virtual find it requires allot more key presses.

Basic Page Layout

Each page in core-exiles has a standardized layout. Understanding this is very important as it allows you to not read information you don't need every time you load a new page. There are three main sections to every page. They are explained and laid out in this section along with what is in each section.

The Four Tabs & What They Do

You will find you have four tabs on nearly every page, these are system, account, mission, and assets. Depending on your browser and screen reader choice there are different ways to open them. All the information you need about them and opening them will be covered here.

The Promenade

Every time your ship is docked at a planet or settlement you will have a Promenade with a list of options. Each planet and settlement is unique with different things to offer. This will explain the different options and how to interact with facilities offered for each Promenade.

In Orbit

If you aren't docket at a planet your orbiting something in the solar system. This could be a planet, fuel depot, asteroid belt, jump gate, or anything else offered in the particular system. This will explain the page layout and what you can do at each particular place you can orbit.

The Jump Gate

This is something you will be using all the time, and something you don't want to make a wrong click on as it will lead to wasted fuel, sometimes hundreds of it which you won't be able to get back after the jump. Understanding the layout of the page is very important, luckily it is straight forward and simple to understand.

The Plotter

This is a very simple tool to use. It allows you to input two solar system locations, and it will plot a rout of least fuel between them. This will just be a short guide on using it.

The Skills Screen

This is the screen where you choose what you want to spend your IP points on to boost your skills. It is these skills that allow you to fit better equipment and do more advanced things in game. This system is one of the backbones of core-exiles. That being said, spending IP on the wrong skill on accident, or spending the wrong amount can really mess up your game and hold you back for days, weeks, or even months. Understanding the layout of this page is very important to ensure you don't make one of these mistakes.

Using the CE Data Repository(CEDR)

The CEDR is a giant listing of nearly every piece of equipment in the game. This is one of the most helpful in game resources any player has. It allows you to plan out your purchases for dozens of levels in the future. This ensures you know what you will need IP wise, energy wise, and what you can afford. This is a huge resource, and because of that the data tables are large and it can be confusing at first. This will help you get ahead of the curve in what to expect when using the CEDR.

The Ship Loadout

Your ship loadout is where you put on and take off equipment from your ship. Every ship will have the same ship loadout. This guide covers the different parts to the ship loadout along with how to equip and unequip items.

Using The Commercial Storage & The CSTS

The Commercial Storage is where you store all of your resources in the game, and the Commercial Store Transport Service(CSTS) is how you transfer resources between Commercial Storage locations. Understanding how these pages are laid out is important and necessary to playing the game. You will be using the CS and CSTS all through your Core-Exiles career. This guide will explain the layout and how to use both services. The Commercial Storage in particular can be tricky when first attempting to use.

Using Discord for game and guild chat

A lot of people complain about accessibility of Discord, but I've found this is over blown. Core-Exiles mainly uses Discord for text chat and it is completely accessible. It may have some usability issues, but as long as you understand the layout and how the overlays load it is perfectly usable and understandable. This guide is text only without an audio option. Discord is also updated quite often, so this guide may be slightly out of date as time passes.

The Mining Pages

The layout for the mining system and page will be laid out here, once you get use to it you can fly through mining only reading the information you need, and not that which isn't important.

The Combat Pages

This will cover the layout of both the active combat page and the loot collection page. As with mining, you can blow through combat when you are fully use to the layout of the pages and only read the information you need.

The Specials & Pods Pages

Specials and Pods are two types of equipment you can put on your ship to boost different ship stats. This guide covers both pages in one guide as they are very similar. How to equip and unequip items is also covered.

How To View and Use the GBM With A Screen Reader

There are two different options for the Galactic Buyers Market(GBM). You can view it from your System Tab, or enter an office from a promenade store. This section will cover the two different options and how to navigate within each page.

Using The Galactic Emporium

This page can be some what tricky with a screen reader and if you don't know what to expect it can be a real pain in the ass. Hopefully a little bit of information ahead of time can fix this problem. This will simply cover the galactic emporium page in the System Tab along with some alternative options you may have for finding items listed in other player's emporiums.

The Resource Lookup

This not only lists all 668 resources in the game but tells you through what action you can gather them. It will also show you the current offerings on the emporium listing and GBM for each resource. It can be a little bit tricky with a screen reader so you want to make sure you know how to use it properly for best effect.

The Buy Sell Player Ads

This is an in game forum of sorts where all players can post a topic of things they are looking to buy or sell. You will see everything from auctions to one off sales here. I've only ever ran into one problem with posting a reply to a topic, but of course there is a easy way to fix the problem.

Using the Orbiting Refinery

You will need to use the Orbiting Refinery as part of a early NPC mission so understanding how it works is very important. It is straight forward and easy to use once you understand how it works. This guide covers the page layout as well as how to move ore from your ship to the refinery, how to refine the ore, and how to transfer the refined ore back to your ship or to a commercial storage.

Manufacturing/Crafting pages

Crafting is a big part of Core-Exiles and it can be a great way to save credits and get XP for no fuel spent. These pages really give new players a hard time when trying to navigate with a screen reader however. This guide will break down every crafting page along with some tips. I'll actually be crafting in this guide so you can see how everything is done and won't have any problems when crafting yourself.

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