Core Exiles Game Terminology

One of the most difficult things to get use to in core-exiles is the massive amount of words, abbreviations, and acronyms that are completely unfamiliar. This will be a large list of them to hopefully help you get a bit more use to some of the terms in core-exiles. Don't expect to memorize this whole list, just get use to them and file as much of it away as possible for future use. If you have a passing knowledge of some of the terms you can get off to a much faster start in the game.

This list was made with help from Gruntok

The Listing

General Concepts

Your ship's second barrier of protection. During combat, Armor will protect your Hull integrity. Armor can not be repaired during combat. By using special armor buffs, you can increase your armor. EBK kits or Omega drones are required to repair your armor.

The cargo hold of your ship is where you will be able to place goods and resources for trade and hauling. Cargo is used to take hauling missions, to store combat loot, and also for mining and salvaging. Boosting your cargo can make hauling much more profitable very fast. NPC missions that require X amount of resources will require you to deliver them the resources directly from your cargo hold. If the amount is larger than your cargo hold you will not be able to complete the mission.

CE Store
This refers to the Core-Exiles store which is where you go to spend real money on in game items and account upgrades. There are hundreds of different things you can buy that do lots and lots of different things. It is well worth exploring. Just make sure you pay attention to the current monthly sales Coops posts in the forums at the beginning of each month.

Coops Challenge
This is a special event the developer of the game Coops puts on every so often. It involves certain benchmarks the entire server has to meet in specific categories. Stuff like kill 5k ships, kill 10k ships, kill 30k ships. Everyone on the server works together to meet these goals. There are tipically upwards of 30 different goals to reach. Once a goal is met a new prize is added to the coops challenge goody bag. At the end of the challenge everyone on the server gets the entire goody bag. This can result in hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from the store for everyone on the game including a lot of free fuel.

This is a business you can start in game where you control employees and send them off to do missions for you to get credits and loot. They can do allot of what you do in game such as combat or mining and they will bring back their loot and credits. This will come down the road, but there is no harm in understanding what it is and being aware of it so you can plan for the future.

Credits Per Unit: this is the common way to say how much something will cost. If someone is willing to sell you 100 items at 50CPU that means they will charge you 50 credits per unit for 100 items. This means to buy all 100 you will have to pay a total of 5,000 credits.

Core Exiles currency. You will need credits to purchase equipment, goods, docking, and various other activities. Everything for the first couple years of Core-Exiles will require credits, it is the same as dollars or whatever money you use in real life.

your ships energy allows you to equip different types of devices. Each device, namely weapons, systems, shields and cargo expanders, require energy. The only two things that effect your energy are reactors which boost your total energy, and equipment which draw energy. You can view reactors as generators which output a certain amount of energy, depending on how big the generator is the more stuff you can power with it.

Festive Event
This is the generalized name for any special event in Core-Exiles. This could range from an Olympic event that runs a couple weeks, a Christmas event, or anything else festive. There are all sorts of special prizes given out durring this time, both server wide and personal prizes. Some are based on drawings, others are based on top performers for specific collections or events.'

Fuel is what determines your ability to play the game. Almost every action in the game consumes fuel. Travelling, scanning for targets, mining, etc. Your fuel regenerates every 15 minutes, and the specific amount of fuel you gain is determined by your Bio Engine. This can be from as low as 6 units of fuel, up to 20 units or more with the right upgrades. By default your ship will only hold 3500 units, any fuel you receive after this point is ejected into space. You can also increase how much fuel your ship holds with fuel tanks which go into a ship's special slot

Hauling Run
This is what someone will say if they are going to do multiple runs between galaxies where they pick up cargo in one and drop it off in another. Normally this is done in an hour using an XP booster.

your ship's physical resistance. If during combat your hull drops to zero, you will have lost and you will lose your current cargo, along with some fuel and credits. Hull, like armor, can not be repaired during combat. Just like with armor, hull can also be increased by equipping hull buffs in your specials loadout. Hull EBKs or Omega drones are used to repair your hull.

Improvement points: This is what you get when you level. This IP can then be spent to upgrade your skills in specific areas on your skills screen.

Law Level
Sometimes refered to as ll, this is a number between 1 and 12 which determens the difficulty of the combat at the specific location. The lower the law level the more difficult the combat and the bigger the ships will be. When starting out only do combat at law 12.

left/right dropdown
This is how a lot of players refer to the four tabs. The system, account, mission, and assets tab.

PM Ship
This is short for player made ship. Anyone who plays Core-Exiles either wants or has a Pm ship. These are way better than NPC ships. You can aska round and get information on crafters and why they are better. Overall they have much better stats and much larger cargo holds. They also allow you to hire staff to do missions for you. You can visit the advanced section to see what parts are required for having a PM ship crafted.

This is a giant pirate ship which you can see while in orbit inside of a solar system. Multiple players have to team up and attack the RAID together to kill it. It is impossible to kill one alone. Keep an eye out for a “raid party” this will be a group of players going around taking down raids. After they are killed they can be salvaged by anyone for good resources.

An optional piece of equipment you can use to boost your overall ship's HP. There are three basic kinds of shields, reflective, absorption, and phased. They can be repaired/recharged with EBK kits outside of combat and with a matrix while in combat. Each shield has specific requirements to use including skill points, captain level, and ship energy. Because they are not required it may be best to spend IP on other skills until a shield is completely necessary.

Ship Staff
This refers to the staff members you can hire to do missions from your ship. These staff have specific types such as combat, mining, exploring and so on. They will do missions and bring you back credits and a random piece of ship store misc loot. Sending them out on missions does require bio fuel which is taken from your fuel depot however. You also must own a PM ship to have staff on your ship.

This refers to the amount of skill points you have in a particular skill. You buy skill points for skills with the IP you get from leveling. You can buy skills in multiple different types of skills, everything from energy weapons, kinetic weapons, mining, and all sorts of other things. One of the requirements for ost equipment is a certain level of skill points in 1 skill.

Space Debris
This is a ship store misc item. It is used for crafting pods. They can be found doing most tasks in game. Mining, salvaging, combat, you will find it building up in your ship store as you play.

Tech Level
This is a number between 1 and 12 for most planets or settlements which lets you know the technological level of the location. The higher the tech level and the more items which will be available for sale in a store.

V.I.P Rewards
If you choose to support Coops and therefore the game on Patreon you will get V.I.P points every month you can spend on special V.I.P rewards. You can choose to give 1, 5, or 10 dollars each month and you will get 1, 5, or 10 V.I.P points each month. You can view the available rewards in the Account tab.

Experience Points. You will gain XP doing almost anything in the game. While gaining XP, you will also gain Captain Levels. Each level requires more Xp. Higher levels open the door to new and better equipment. Also, each level will grant you a number of Improvement points (IP, which is necessary to purchase skill points.

XP Booster
A special item you can activate to give you a 10%, 20%, or 30% XP boost on nearly all actions in game for one hour. This is especially useful when doing hauling runs or large batches of crafting or recycling.


This most commonly refers to the A.I invasion. These are some sort of alien ship that is invading the galaxies through nebulas. They are very strong and you can choose to kill them if you are strong enough in combat and have the proper equipment fitted. This is a developing story and not much is known about the A.I currently. This could also refer to your ship's A.I the snarky computer on your ship that talks to you.

Alien Language Decoder: This is a device you need to have fitted by a NPC. You cannot travel past the first 3 systems in the expanse without this device. The NPC who fits it is located on the planet Deyd in the Braran system of Verec-per. His name is Ora Atweeke.

Action Points, you will see this while doing combat. Action points are used for things like deploying matrix or combat drones durring combat, and for rescanning loot windows afterwards. You only get 3 action points per combat.

Bio Implant Module: these are modules you can use to make your own implants. Each module boosts you in a specific category. IF you wish to know more you can read a primer on BIM and BSA implants and modules in the forums.

BSA or B.S.A
Bureau of Statistical Analysis & Implants: This is the group that hands out B.I.M modules. This involves a pod. Using this S.N.O.P pod will give you 1 random B.I.M every so many hours. If you wish to know more you can read the primer located in the forums.

With a screen reader it reads as just C, but it is actually C E. This simply stands for core-exiles.

This stands for Core-Exiles Supporter. You will see these three letters in front of structures you can deploy. Something like CES commercial extractor flora, or CES IC Factory Survey. This means it is a core-exiles supporter extractor or factory and it will take up 0 structure points. This is a big deal when trying to do as much as possible with the 20 Structure points you have by default.

Close Quarter Combat: this is the name for fighting enemies durring exploration. Every time you kill an enemie you get a small boost in one of your CQC stats.

Credits, the money in Core-Exiles.

Christmas Resource Token. A special token you can trade in for a stack of resources in the month of December. These are very valuable.

Coops Reward Token: these are given to people who spend 25 pounds or more in the CE Store. You can trade in a full set of these for some pretty big special rewards in game.

Commercial Storage, The store on a promenade where you store resources.

Commercial Store Transport Service: the store which handles the moving of resources between two different Commercial Storages. You have to be at the location of your resources and using the CSTS you can choose to ship them to a different Commercial Storage. The cost is 1 credit per 1 resource.

Data Chip Fragment, these are used in multiple hand-ins for rewards, but most importantly for creating a superior head implant(SHI). You need a full set of 50 for a SHI.

Federation Of Mining. These are mining missions where you have to find FOM ores.

Galactic Buyers Market: This is where you would go to sell resources to other players or to put up your own contract which other players in the game can deposit on to. To know more about navigating on this page you can go to the GBM page of the screen reader section.

High Tech Loot: this is like space debris and has similar names but is used for engineering things other than pods. There are multiple types of high tech loot, and it is still being developed and new uses are still being thought of.

Improvement points: This is what you get when you level. This IP can then be spent to upgrade your skills in specific areas on your skills screen.

Intergalactic Telemetry Beacon: This is a ship special which you need to have fitted onto your ship in order to enter into the expanse. Without this device fitted you cannot enter into this galaxy. You need to complete a NPC mission chain to receive your ITB. The npc is located at the planet Ikora in the Grantham system of the Sphere Galaxy. The Name of the NPC is Marshall Decker.

refers to the law level of a location. The lower the law level the more difficult the ships are to kill in combat.

Locked Steel Case, they show up as Private data in the misc section of your ship store. They are pretty rare and worth about 1,000,000 credits a piece. 20 of them are required to make a Superior Head Implant(SHI).

A Non player character is a special store found on some promenades. These characters have a name and a story. They will interact with you presenting you with a mission to be acomplished, which will give you xp, credits and in some cases, a unique item for you to fit on your ship. Some NPCs have long mission chains you can complete for special rewards, others have changing missions that update every X hours.

This is known everywhere as Private Message. It also stands for Player Made in Core-Exiles. For example PM Ship. Or a weapon can be PM or NPC.

Refers to a Quantom Space device. This is a special you can fit on your ship to boost cargo. Normally it is followed by a number such as qs1, qs2, qs10.

Quantom Transfer Device, this allows you to remotely move resources to your current location from a different location where they are stored in a commercial storage. For example if you are docked at planet X in Verec-per but you have 5,000 construction components stored at planet Y in Sphere. You can use your QTD to transfer all 5,000 or part of the 5,000 construction Components to your current location at planet X in Verec-per for free. By default you only get 10 uses per 24 hours, but you can get an upgrade to allow for more transfers.

red or rm
This refers to a reduction matrix. A pod which reduces the amount of resources needed in a craft. There are different levels of the pod so you will see it followed by a number. For example rm4 or red4.

This simply stands for Ships In System. A easy way to see how many other real players are in the same solar system as you.

Commonly refers to a Star-Base. You may see something like SB57 in place of star-base 57.

Superior Head Implant, these are the largest of the implants and can give you a major boost in multiple different skill groups. They require a full set of 50 Data Chip Fragments(dcf) and also 20 Locked Steel Cases(lsc). After that you can take them to a NPC to make the implant. There are multiple types all of which are listed in the CEDR under implants.

Universal Hanger Licence: This is the licence that allows you to enter into and use the universal hanger. The hanger is where you store extra ships. Without one you cannot own more than one ship, and you cannot have a PM ship. This can be bought with festive points in a festive center.

Verec-Per, the name of a galaxy.

Common misspelling of the hauling company Wesbec.

Waste Of Ammo, you will see this when doing combat if a ship you are trying to attack is too small. If it shows up as W.O.A then you will not be able to attack it.

Experience Points. You will gain XP doing almost anything in the game. While gaining XP, you will also gain Captain Levels. Each level requires more Xp. Higher levels open the door to new and better equipment. Also, each level will grant you a number of Improvement points (IP, which is necessary to purchase skill points.


Asteroid Field
Asteroid fields differ from a planet, in that you can only orbit them, not dock on them. If you want to mine or deploy mining drones you will need to be in orbit of an asteroid. While in orbit of an asteroid you can also do combat.

Fuel Depot
Fuel Depots are where you would go to deposit fuel for storage, or to take fuel from storage and put it in your ship. You need one of the special account upgrades or devices to be able to deposit fuel from your ship into a fuel depot, but not to take it out. The storage in your fuel depot is unlimited and does not cost anything. It is also not location specific, you can collect fuel from any fuel depot in the game.

Core Exiles is comprised of 6 galaxies. The sphere, Anvil, The Forge, Verec-Per, Furnace and The expanse. The Galaxy is the largest of the Astronomical objects in game. Every other location is inside of one of the major Galaxies.

Jump gate nexus
On each system, you will find a Jump Gate Nexus. After docking at a Jump Gate Nexus you can travel between systems and between different galaxies. Each jump when docked at a Jump Gate Nexus wwill require fule, jumps between galaxies will require a lot more fuel.

This is a place you can go to deploy harvisters to extract dark matter. Solar systems with a nebula will also have A.I vessels.

Orbiting Refinery
Orbiting refineries are located in systems where asteroid fields are found. They are used to convert plain Ore into Refined Ore, which has a much higher value. You can deposit ore into them manually from your ship's hold, or if you have mining drones in the system they will automatically deposit their mined ore into the orbiting refinery for you to refine or move to a commercial storage. Not all systems with an asteroid also have an orbiting refinery.

Planets are located within the solar systems, just like Earth is located inside the Sol solar system. You can dock at most planets, some planets have multiple places to dock at depending on if there are player settlements at the particular location. There has to be at least one planet inside of any solar system, but it does not have to be dockable. After docking at a planet you will find yourself on a promenade which has multiple stores and services you can interact with.

Player Settlement
As the name might suggest these are a settlement owned by a real player in the game. These will show up as a docking location at a planet. You can dock at these settlements and you will have a promenade just as you would at a planet. The difference is the player who owns the settlement gets a percentage of your purchases on the promenade. This is also true for hauling cargo or passengers. The owner can also decide what services and stores are on the promenade.

This is the amount of places you can dock at a location in a solar system. If there is no number after the word ports then you cannot dock at the location.

This is the page you will see after docking on any planet or player settlement. The promenade is where all the stores and NPCs are located. It is also where you will find icons for entering the bank, ship hanger, and other similar services.

You may see this as Stars2.jpg depending on if you followed along with the guides and relabeled buttons to read more accuratly. These are just fillers in a galaxy, they are stars. You cannot orbit or dock them. They are just extra buttons.

Galaxies are comprised of planetary systems, just like our solar system is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. You will travel from system to system, using the Jump Gate network. Planets and other Celestial objects are located within solar systems.

Promenade Items

The bank is where you would go to store credits for safe keeping. As the game stands now there is no benefit to storing credits in the bank except for preventing accedental purchases which can happen if you keep them in your ship account. The bank does offer loans but they are very small and have high interest, it is much better to get a private loan from a real player in game.

Collection Point
This is where you would go to pick up resources or items another player in the game has transferred to you. This is location specific meaning if they transfer to you at Planet X you need to also be located at planet X to pick up the resources or items. There are also some NPC stores which will transfer your purchases to the collection point such as sven's barter store.

A Non player character is a special store found on some promenades. These characters have a name and a story. They will interact with you presenting you with a mission to be acomplished, which will give you xp, credits and in some cases, a unique item for you to fit on your ship. Some NPCs have long mission chains you can complete for special rewards, others have changing missions that update every X hours.

Passenger office
This is an icon at the top of a promenade. Not all promenades offer passenger hauling, but if they do clicking on this link will bring you to a page where youc an choose to pick up single or group passengers.

Repair Service
This is a icon at the top of some NPC promenades. If it is a player owned settlement then it shows up in the main store listing. This is where you can go to repair your ship. This will cost you credits however and it is not a good option for repairing. Using an E.B.K or Omega drone is a much better option.

Secure Storage
The secure storage is essentially just a promenade version of your ship store. It allows you to store items outside your ship to cut down on clutter. It is not location specific and once something is stored in a secure storage you can remotely collect it from any location in the game. It is for equipment, and you cannot store resources here.

Ship Hanger
The ship hanger is where you can store extra ships. Using the Hanger requires that you have a hanger licence which you can buy with festive points from a festive center. Without a hanger licence you can only ever own one ship at a time. The hanger also allows you to buy ships second hand from other players in game. It is also important to note, you cannot own a player made ship unless you have a hanger licence. The icon is located at the top of a promenade and it is where you would go to transfer ships, or to buy a ship from another player.

Generally speaking, a store is any place that can be accessed from a planet Promenade. Stores might sell ship equipment, resources, schematics, etc.

Income generation/structures

Extractors are used to obtain resources from planets. If the planet's promenade includes a row with the name Planet Name Resources also known as a resources service, you can enter this place and start using extractors. Extractors have 7 types, one for each type of resource in the game. Flora, Fuel, Gas, Liquid, Metal, Mineral and Radioactives. Extractors come in 3 types, personal, commercial and industrial. Each one has a different extraction rate per hour.

Some resources in the game are not obtainable by extraction, but must be manufactured. Factories are used to do this. Factories take 3 initial resources, and create a final product. Factories must be placed on a planet with a Gleso on it.

These are automated machines you can deploy into a nebula to harvest dark matter. They use dyz fuel to run and also have multiple requirements you need to meet in order to use them. You must have a certain ORSA standing, skills in survey to use them, and also a skill of at least 450 to find dark matter. They are not for new players but it is good to be aware of them for down the road.

Malls are buildings that can be placed on planet promenades, where captains can sell the commodities they obtained from combat or factories.

Mining Barge
This is a fully automated and very expensive barge which is way to complecated to go into detail here. If you are interested in owning one you can read a pri mer on it in the CE forums. They are completely self contained and will mine every type of resource in an asteroid. They are expensive but will pay for themselves after a while.

Mining Drone
Mining drones are deployed on asteroid fields, and keep delivering raw ore to orbiting refineries. There are multiple different types of mining drones with different mining rates. Your mining drones will slowly lose health over time and you will have to recall them. Doing so will cost a small amount of credits and they will automatically be repaired. After this you can redeploy them and they will start mining for you again.

Mining Drone
These are little automated drones you deploy when in orbit of an asteroid field. Each type of mining drone requires a certain level and specific minimum amount in Drone Skill. You are limited in how many drones you can have active at once by drone points. By default you have 10 drone points, but this can be upgraded later on. They are a good way to get ore which you can turn into refined ore for very cheap.

Your Ship

Cargo Expanders
Cargo expanders, as their name indicates, expand your ship's cargo hold. A bigger cargo hold means that you can carry more hauling missions for less fuel, or you can loot more from combat, and spend less time docking and unloading. Miners also like big holds. Not only that but having a bigger cargo allows you to do many more NPC missions who require larger amounts of resources. The large cargo hold is the secret to making lots of credits in Core-Exiles.

The engine slot is not like the others. Engines are bought with real money, from the game store. Like all other real money stuff, they are ment to support the game, and make your gaming experience somehow better. Engines increase the amount of fuel you get every 15 minutes, and also boost your energy output and speed. If you want to spend real money on something this is suggested by many as the first purchase you should make. Fuel is the life blood of Core-exiles and having plenty ensures you can always play and do as many things as you want.

Pods is yet another extra place to equip things on your ship. Pods have a wide variety of uses, ranging from general enhancers of your ship's stats, to more specific, like combat turrets to improve your gunpower and specific pods to expand mining rates or exploration attempts. Pods are limited by level and how many pod points you have for your account. Each pod requires pod points, but you have a set amount of points you can use at once. You will also need an empty pod slot on your ship.

Reactors increment your ship's base energy. Very useful to have good reactors, to be able to equip the best weapons or cargo expanders available to your level. Energy is a easy to overlook stat when upgrading your equipment. Never forget you will need bigger reactors as you level to equip bigger weapons, systems, cargo expanders, and shields. There is nothing worse than having the skills to use a new cargo expander or weapon but not enough energy to put it on your ship. Do the math and figure out how much total ship's energy you will need, then buy the approperate reactors.

On the shield slot of your ship you can place a shield generator. Some players don't use shields, some others do. At the end, it is a personal decision, on how to play the game. Shields are only used in combat. There are three different types of shields, make sure you purchase the correct type and only spend skills on the type you currently use.

Ship Loadout
The ship loadout screen is where you manage the equipment on your ship. Weapons, systems, cargo expanders, etc. All items have level, skill and energy requirements. You must comply with all three requirements to be able to fit the item onto your ship. Each ship has 2 weapon slots, 3 system slots, 2 reactor slots, 1 cargo expander slot, 1 shield slot, and 1 engin slot.

The specials window lets you equip extra items to your ship. Mainly armor and hull buffs, speed or energy buffs also, and later in the game, items for exploring planets, speed up navigation, and other neat stuff. Specials are only limited by captain level and if you have a empty slot on your ship to equip it.

Systems include scanners for combat, scanners for mining and scanners for salvaging. Each ship can hold 3 systems, and there are all sorts of different types, and levels of systems that do an asortment of different things depending on what you are trying to do in game.

Every ship has got two weapon slots. However, it is recommended that you do not fit more than one weapon at a time, as it will only drain your energy and in combat, you can only fire one weapon at a time. Weapons range from energy weapons for combat, kinetic weapons in combat, mining lasers, and some more niche specific weapons for things like salvaging. Make sure you are using the correct weapon for what you are doing in game. There isn't much worse than heading into combat with your mining laser equipped.

Your Person

To use a side arm in CQC you need ammo for it. Any ammo will work in any weapon. Once it runs out and you unequip it the ammo pack will be discarded. Everytime you shoot your side arm in CQC it uses up 1 ammo.

Close Quarter Combat: this is the name for fighting enemies durring exploration. Every time you kill an enemie you get a small boost in one of your CQC stats.

Grav Sled
This is required to bring stacks of loot you find when exploring or doing CQC back to your ship. Without this anything you find will be left behind and not put into your ship's hold. There are different levels of grav sleds.

Med Packs
These are used while exploring to heal yourself. There are different types and each one heals you for more. Equipping a med pack will give you 10 uses while exploring.

Oxygen Bottle
There are multiple types of oxygen bottles. Some you can trade for barter points from sven, others youc an find exploring, yet others are engeneered, and some are given out in sepcial game events. An oxygen bottle is required for exploring of any sort. Each time you move it uses one oxygen. When your tank is empty you have to stop what you are doing and replace it with a new one.

Personal Armour
This is armour you can wear on your person to prevent you from losing health when exploring.

Personal Loadout
This is where you would go to equip stuff onto your person. Stuff like space suits, side arms, personal armour and tools.

Personal Side Arm
This is a personal weapon you carry on your person when exploring. This allows you to do combat (CQC) when exploring and kill ehnemies and take their stuff. For every enemie killed you get a stack of resources as well as a ship store misc item.

Space Suit
This is required for exploring derelicts and also for exploring a plannet. There are different types, the better ones give you a higher success rate when exploring.

This is the limiting factor in how much you can explore. Your stamina goes up like fuel and you only get so many every so many minutes. If you run out of stamina you will not be able to explore anymore. There are upgrades and also stim packs you can use to boost your stamina.

There are many different levels of tools, but they all fall into two main categories. Tools for exploring planets and tools for exploring derelicts. They allow you to do additional tasks when exploring. Higher level tools have a higher success rate.

This is just a generalized way of classifying different things you can do in the game. It doesn't mean you can only do one type of thing, and it is strongly suggested you don't only do one of these. It is most benificial down the road to have enough skills in multiple careers/professions to do multiple things in game.

Get your guns ready, and clean the space lanes. This is the profession where you kill ships and loot the resources after killing them. Each kill gives you XP and credits. On top of that you get to collect resources from the loot screen after a kill. Note: if going into combat only use one type of weapon skill, using two will only waste IP and there is no benefit at all.

Everybody in the galaxy needs something crafted. From a simple EBK Unit, to a whole settlement. Gather the resources and schematics, and get to work. Crafting can be very lucrative and benificial as you progress in the game. Some players specialize in it, others keep enough skills in manufacturing and production to build their own stuff. No matter what path you choose crafting can save you credits and earn you a lot of XP for no fuel cost.

There are still planets to be explored, and thousands of derelict ships floating in space. Suit up and go out for a stroll. Planet exploring and derelict exploring are two very different processes. It is best to read a primer in the forums on the careers to make sure you have the correct equipment and don't waste credits on the wrong stuff.

Know your way around the galaxy, get a ship with a massive cargo hold, and start working for the galaxy trading companies. Pick your cargo and deliver it galaxy wide, for a nice amount of credits. When first starting out hauling may not seem like it is very lucrative, but with a large cargo it is easy to make millions delivering one cargo hold full of Wesbec.

Pack your mining lasers and asteroid scanners, head to an asteroid field, and fill your hold with all kind of resources to trade. This career involves manually mining an asteroid and filling up your ship's hold with ores. After filling up you dump your cargo and go back out for more mining.

Cut down your junk and turn it into resuable resources. This requires a recycling unit, there are differing levels of these each one giving you a better yield. This process will take items like salvage and turn it into usable resources. You will also get XP for each item recycled, the amount is directly related to the amount of resources you get back. It might be better to sell salvage or have someone else recycle it for you until you can get close to 100% returns.

All that combat leaves wrecks behind, and wrecks mean resources, to whom will take the time to salvage them. Salvaging can be a lucrative career because of the resources you can get. It is very fuel intensive however and it takes a long time to build up enough levels in different ship sections to get the good resources.

This is similar to recycling only it requires a special pod and you get back what are called az-pat resources. These are special resources used in higher end crafts which you'll need lots of down the road.

Get your alien Language Decoder and go say hi to the aliens. This is the process of using survey drones to unlock a system of the expanse. Unlike with the rest of the game to get access to expanse systems you first need to survey them. This is something you won't be doing for quite a while but knowing what it is won't hurt.