Advanced Core-Exiles Screen Reader Topics

Here You will find some information on some more advanced core-exiles topics. Whether this is how to get stuff done faster or some things you can use to make the game quicker and easier with your reader. The things in this section will be based on the assumption that you already fully understand the game and the ins and outs of different screen reader settings.

.txt Version of the finder

Last updated: September 10, 2018.

I'm going to try to update this at least once a month, but I can't make a promise on that.

Player Made Ship Parts

This is simply a page which lays out all the different PM ship parts and all their stats in a easy to read HTML table.

You can also download a HTML version to your PC.

Gruntok's Jaws Custom Scheme for Core-Exiles

Gruntok made a custom scheme for Internet explorer and Jaws. This strips all the excessive text out of the graphics, links, buttons and everything else. You can still navigate by the hotkey's however, jaws just won't keep reading graphic, link, button and so on. When you play the game long enough all of this is unnecessary.

Download the CMF file and instructions.

Silent Flexible Web For Jaws

Using flexible web with jaws can be helpful with core-exiles. It allows you to hide certain elements on the page. For example I use it to hide the link to salvage a ship on the loot collection page after combat. By default it makes a sound every time the page loads to let you know that flexible web blocked the elements from showing. This can be very annoying over and over, because of that I made a replacement silent sound to replace the flexible web sound. You can download a .zip file that contains the silent file along with instructions on where to place the file.

Download the silent flexible web file and instructions.

How To Get and drop off Cargo Really Fast

This is both a way of grabbing and dropping off cargo pretty quick. I can fill up over 2500 cargo with wesbec in under 5 minutes nearly every time. Dropping off cargo is a breeze and only takes two or three minutes. It takes some getting use to, but once you get use to it You'll find it is quite simple and really fast. There is an audio and text guide on how to do this.

View the guide on how to get and drop cargo fast.

Derelict Exploring

This guide is not fully completed but there is still a lot of information here. This goes over all the pages you will see when exploring derelicts. The audio guides are recorded but not fully edited quite yet. Also the last section "exploring a derelict in action" isn't completed yet but it will be soon.

Using Discord with a screen reader

This guide is also located in the screen reader section, but since it could be considered advanced as well there is a copy of the page in this section too. There is no audio guide for this, just text instructions on how to acomplish many of the tasks on discord. For text chat is 100% accessible and very easy to use, don't believe what you have heard in the past.

View the using discord page.

Using The Schematic Browser For Crafting

The schematic browser is one of the most useful resources anyone can use. Whether you are crafting something small like EBK kits or a PM ship. This guide covers the layout, as well as how to find the proper schematics and crafting trees for what you need both in text and audio.