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Here you will find all the different things we have to offer for the space browser game of Core-Exiles. Each section has its own heading and under each heading is a paragraph of text explaining what you will find in that section. Clicking on a heading will bring you to the homepage for that particular section.

An Interview With The Developer Coops

Coops was nice enough to set aside over an hour of his time to record an interview. You can listen to it on the website or choose to download it. Topics covered were his early life, how he got into web development and coding games, early days of Core-Exiles, how it became accessible, the future of the game, and some new things coming soon.

Core-Exiles Overview

This is a page laying out some of the things you can do in the game. As with other games on the site it is a write up explaining the game, pros and cons of the game and going in depth on what makes it good or bad. Spoiler alert, it is a really good game. Either way if you want to know more about the game give this page a read and see if it is something you would be interested in.

Page Layouts & How To Navigate Them With a Screen Reader

This section has in depth descriptions of most of the major pages of Core-Exiles. For each page there is a text and audio guide. Everything is covered from basic page layout and sections, the tabs, combat and mining pages, and everything else between. This guide also goes into different tips in navigating the pages so you don't spend too much time looking for specific important elements on the pages. A lot of people get hung up on the layout of pages because the game is so large, this can help prevent this from happening to you.

Getting started, from account creation to NPC Missions

This section starts with the account creation process and goes all the way through the starter NPC missions. For each guide there is both text and audio. This will walk you through every step of getting started playing the game so you can get a solid understanding of how the game works before striking out on your own and exploring the game.

External Help Pages

Here is a listing of some external Core-Exiles help locations. Stuff like the CE Wiki, the primer section of the forums, the guides, and a few other things. These are things already made by coops, staff, or players of the game. This page is just an attempt to put them all in one location for easier information searching.

Terms and deffinitions Of Core-Exiles

This is a simple section with just one page. the one page lists as many terms along with definitions as possible however. When first starting the game all the different names for things can be a bit overwhelming, because of this we have the terms section. You should for sure give this page at least a read over so you are passing familiar with different parts of the game you will need to understand to get started playing.

The Accessible Promenade Finder

Coops has made an accessible finder and I have replaced the above link to point directly to it. There is no longer a text version here on bsg.

Yogan's Resource Listing

Some people have had issues with the built in resource listing in the past. Yogan was nice enough to let me convert his .xls listing into a stadic page which is easier to use with screen readers. This page is a listing of every resource in the game along with where you can get them.

PM Ship Calculator

Here you will find a PM ship calculator. You can input your chassis, frame, modules, and armour compound. You will be given the ship stats for your selections, and a link will show up to view the resource list on the KubaF schematic browser.

Combat Loot Tables in html

Alumoi made a big spread sheet a while ago with nearly all the combat loot you can get in game. This allowed you to see what ships dropped what and plan out what you needed to attack for specific resources. It has always been a bit of a pain to use with screen readers so i converted it to html tables and am hosting it here. Some of the pages will take a few seconds to load due to their size.

Advanced Core-Exiles Topics

This section will be a collection of multiple different things. Everything from more advanced tips for screen reader navigation, editing dictionary's, using custom screen reader settings for the game and everything else that is not necessary for getting started but which can help you when playing. This section will be added to as time passes. If anyone has tips they use feel free to contact BSG on twitter @bsg_blog or on Skype at blackscreengaming.