Swamp Hardcore mode

All credit for this write up on hardcore goes to hannibal, he wrote this description.


The hardcore mode of swamp has several key differences to the normal mode including but not limited to.

To go hardcore a player must first reach level 150. You can then take your character to the factory on map 1 and convert to HC. This level is higher if you have gainned a title, add 25 levels for every title you have.

The starting load out is very similar to when you first start out in normal mode.

When you die you don't get this starting inventory back. When ever you die in HC you will only get the Glock19, axe and the fieldkit.


Food is the most important part of HC. When you first start out you will have 100 food. For every minute you are not either in the safe zone or standing in a fort building on 1 of the maps. you will drop 1 food.

Food is also used to fortify forts. see the section on forts for more on how that works.

several ways exist for getting food.

Food drops as loot on the maps
you can find it in amounts ranging from 15 to 30
This can be slightly increased using the trash diver skill. This skill will add a possible 1 food for every 2 points put in to the skill. It maxes out at 60 points
Donating unwanted equipment
Any item has a possibility of getting anything from 1 to 25 food
Ammo follows this same rule but you would donate in lots of 12, 0, 25 or 30 depending on the ammo type. It is also the worst thing to donate due to it mostly gives only 1 food per lot donated
These are the best way to gain food
10 crates with basic zombies will give 10 food
How ever with more crates, and more and harder zombies the food increases. a 200 crates 180 Death bringer zombies will give around 11000 food
You can also give and receive food
The command is /give player name food amount. You can give between 5 and 100 food to a player at a time
note you can only receive 100 food per hour
You can also take food out of forts if your clan owns that fort. the same restrictions apply of only 100 food per hour
Farming seeds will also grow in to gardens which can be harvested for food

It is also important to remember that when you die you lose food. You will lose 75 % of all your food on you when you die.


20 forts currently exist in swamp. They are spread through out the maps. between 2 and 4 on each of the 5 main maps and either 1 or 2 on each of the 3 sub maps.

Forts are located mostly in abandoned buildings. When you enter a fort if you don't own the fort. Pressing enter will bring up a short menu which will allow you to heal, attack or see the history of the fort.

If you do own the fort. A longer menu allowing you to

When you attack or enter the fort map. The map you are taken to is a fairly small and simple map. you will be dropped randomly at the boarder of the map. It is roughly square. the fort building is the important part. you have to be inside the fort building to drain food out of it. the building is in roughly the middle of the map. 4 guard towers stand 1 at each corner. a fence runs the hole way around this. there are openings in the fence at the north, east, south and west. There is also a road that runs east to west. it is south of the building and the fence. there are also several cars in a rough semi circle on the road to act as a barrior.

You have to be in a clan to own a fort. A clan can have a max of 8 members.

fort's Item slots

When you own a fort. in the fort menu you will find 8 item slots. 0 to 7.

Items can be placed in here for different reasons.

Padlocks and Dog tags
They need to be put in here to go in to the fort.
You can place up to 40 dog tags, and as far as i know, unlimited padlocks in to a single slot
a message will let you know when the fort has used the items and they will disappear
Broken items
You can find these on the maps randomly
These can also be placed in these slots to be fixed
These include but are not limited to, broken Shortbow, Damaged longbow, unsorted bullets, bent bayonet and jammed glock.
Damaged armor
these can also be fixed in the forts
different items will fix at different speeds
Farming seeds
1 farming seed can go through 3 stages
each takes 2 hours to grow
at full size after 6 hours. the farming seeds will have become a large garden. and can be harvested for 2400 food

To take a fort you must drain all of the food out of the fort. the basic drain rate is 10 food per 5 seconds. this is for every person you have in the fort attacking. so 2 people would be 20 food and so on. The drain rate will also go up by 1 food per 5 seconds for every 6 hours spent in the fort building. attacking clans will see the drain rate in the fort menu the option to attack will include how much food per 5 seconds each person will drain. If you own a fort you can also see what the drain rate is in the fort menu. Note the drain rate will not go back down unless the fort is captured in which case it resets back to the base rate of 10 food.

Defending a fort

All fort maps have zombies. However if you own a fort you can also add raiders. HC dogtags will add 1 raider for each dogtag you deposit in to your fort. Max 40 raiders. You can kill raiders while on the fort map. but they do respawn. Only attacking clans have to fight the raiders. they will not attack you if you own the fort.

The other item to help with defence is HC Padlocks. To attack a fort you have to pay 100 food to enter the fort. But for every HC padlock a clan deposits the entry fee goes up by 15 food. This means if a clan has a lot of padlocks in there fort you may have to pay a very large amount to attack there fort each time.

The final line of defence is PVP. All fort maps are PVP enabled. you can't kill members of your clan. But if you are not in the same clan you can kill each other.


The PVP in swamp is fairly simple. You aim shoot and hope you kill. But there are a few important things to remember.

Deaths on fort maps don't count as actual deaths. This means you don't lose all your stuff if you die on the fort map. However things can and likely will break while fighting and you don't get that back. You can check your PVP stats with the command /PVP

The 4 guard towers on the map are good places to shoot from. You do 33% more damage from a tower, and take 33% less damage from people shooting from the ground.

Skill points do count on the fort maps. so you will likely have to set for pvpp with plenty of points in a weapon to attack another clan.

With all this in mind. it means having a clan of active members is the best way to take and build up forts.

Note: padlocks and Dog tags are all reset if you take a fort. So new ones will have to be placed in a fort.

You also have 10 minutes after you capture a fort to fortify it with out fear of attack.

Fort sitting

If you own several forts you can sit to gain XP. If you own a fort all you have to do is enter the fort map and sit in the fort building. you will gain xp every 5 seconds. note you do lose 1 food per minute in there as well. You can be killed by other players if they so choose.

The more forts you own the better the xp. 2 forts is a small amount. and for every additional fort the xp increases.


Loot on HC is harder to find. There is only 20% of the amount of loot on hc compared to normal. Because of this you get 3 lootpoints for each piece of loot you find.

Warehouse missions give more xp on HC. Any warehouse mission gives 25% more XP on HC compared with normal.

HC specific Commands