A listing of all the chat commands in Swamp

Chatting and friends

/w name message
sends a private message, or a whisper to just that person you name.
/r message
sends a private whispered reply to the last person who whispered to you.
/friend name
adds all of that person's characters to your friends list.
/unfriend name
removes all of that person's characters from your friends list
/friends on
Turns on alerts for your friends so you know when they come online or offline.
/friends off
turns off alerts for people on your friends list, so you are not alerted when they come online
/fw message
sends a whisper out to everyone on your friends list.
/friends online
This will list all of your friends who are currently online.
/friends where
this will return a list of all your friends who are online and where they are all located.
/friends clear
this removes everyone from your friends list.
/friends list
this tells you everyone listed on your friends list.
/alert on
turns alerts on so you are told when someone is leading a warehouse mission.
/alert off
turns off alerts so you are not told when someone is leading a warehouse mission
/channel [number]
Changes your radio channel to the number you specify.
/voices on
If voice chats are on it will turn them off.
/voices off
if voice chats are off it will turn them back on.
/mute name
adds a person to your mute list so you can no longer hear them chat.
/unmute name
removes a person from your mute list so you can then hear them chat again.
/me message
sends a message that you are doing something.
/where name
this tells you where the specified person is currently located.
Sets your character to AFK and notifys anyone who whispers you that you are AFK.
Sets a description for your Character.
Shows your character description before you confirm it.
Confirms and sets your new character description.
/show PlayerName
Shows the description for the player specified.


/no z
turns off all zombie stepps.
/yes z
turns all zombie stepps back on.
/no me
this turns off your footstepps.
/yes me
this turns your footstepps back on.
/no h
this mutes all other players footstepps
/yes h
this will turn other players footstepps back on.
/zones on
turns zones on so you hear them when you are walking around.
/zones off
turns zones on so you hear them as you move around a map.
/trade off
makes it so players cannot send you items in trades, you can still trade however.
/trade on
Turns trading back on so you can recieve items from other players.
This resets all of your skill points. you get 1 reset every time you level, they do not stack however. you also get 1 reset every day at midnight. Also if you are unlucky enough to die, you will get a new reset as well.
this will remove you from an area where you cannot move if you are stuck in a wall or something similar.
This will toggle between using new and old math, which effects how sounds pan.
/level name
This will tell you the level of the player you specify
kills name
This will tell you how many zombies the specified person has killed since they last died.
/deaths name
This will tell you how many times the person specified has died.
This will tell you your PVP stats.
/stats name
This will tell you how many crates the person specified has found and in how many missions, along with how many times they have disconnected. if they are in a hardcore clan it will also tell you what clan they belong to.
this will reload your custom volume levels from the volumes.txt file located in your swamp directory.
this will tell you the current server time.
this will tell you how many quest credits you currently have.
/report message
this will send a report to the server for aprone. used for bugs or people cheating.
/RenameRequest NewName
this adds your request to a list, and when aprone has time he will varify it is okay and change it if all is okay with the name change.
This rolls 2 dice, if you get certain combinations you get reputation, likewise others lose you reputation.
This command will take you to the Kai Day map. This is just map 1, but all zombies are in the kai mart. You do not take your items to the kai day map. and if you die you don't lose anything.

mission specific commands

/kick name
this will kick a person from your mission, you can only do this if you are the leader.
/crates name
This will tell you how many crates the specified person has found, but only if they are in a warehouse mission. it only tells how many crates they have found in the mission they are currently in.
/tw message
this will whisper a message to all members of your team.
this switches you to the read team in a Capture the flag mission.
This switches you to the blue team in a capture the flag mission.

Locker commands

tells you how many quest credits you have. takes 1 quest credit to store an item in your locker. you recieve 1 credit for 1 quest completed.
Shows what is currently in your locker, along withh how many slots you have.
/lockeradd ItemName
adds the specified item to your locker, it is case sensitive.
/lockertake ItemName
Takes the specified item out of your locker.
This will add an extra locker slot to your locker. it costs 50 quest credits.

collection commands

lists what you currently have in your collection.
/collect ItemName
collects the specified item from your locker.
/collection Name
tells the collection of the specified person.

Loot point commands

This will tell you how many loot points you have, and how many you need for your next title.
this does the exact same thing as /lootpoints, why i have no clue.
This will upgrade your rank to the next level if you have the required amount of loot points.

hardcore commands

/clan ClanName
This will list all members in the specified clan.
/food name
this will tell you how much food the specified person has.
/give name amount
This will give the specified person the specified amount of food. max 100 per hour.
/join ClanName
if you have been invited, this will add you to the specified clan.
/cw ClanName
this will whisper a message to all of your clan mates.
this will tell you all the forts your clan owns along with, if they are under attack, who is attacking, and how much food is in each one.
/clan create ClanName
This will create a clan with the specified name.
/invite name
This will send an invitation to the specified person to join your clan.
/owner name
this will make the specified person the owner of your clan.
/remove name
this will remove the specified person from your clan.
/leave clan
This will remove you from the clan you are currently in.