Alternitive sounds for swamp

Here you can find different sounds players of swamp have made for the game. some are to make the game easier like different types of corpse and quest sounds, or weapon sounds to customize your guns. credit will be given to the creater of the sounds when it is known. If anyone would like to get ahold of me to have me upload their custom sounds to this listing you can add me on skype and shoot me a message.

The sound listing

each sound will be listed as a heading, and there will be a short paragraph under it describing it and also giving credit to who created it.

I'm in the process of making Halo alt sounds as well. I'll start uploading them as I get them done.

Sound packs

These are packs of sounds to replace multiple sounds at once.

Smoke's alt corpse and quest sounds1

This was made by smoke-j

This zipped up folder includes 5 different fast beeping corpse sounds, along with an edited version of a siren for quest items including crates in missions. the corpse sounds are a sped up version of the default swamp crate sound, along with a longer tone layered in the background.

you can just copy the files into your items folder on swamp

download smoke's corpse and quest sounds 1.

Smoke's alt quest and corpse sounds 2

this folder is the same fast beeping corpse sounds that are in the first sounds package, but they are at different tones for the 5 different corpse sounds. this makes it easier to pick up loot when it is in a big pile and you are surrounded by it. The quest sound is the same in this package.

You can just copy the items into your items folder on swamp.

download smoke's corpse and quest sounds 2.

Smoke's halo/scifi alt sounds

These are by no means perfect or a beautiful work of art. I grabbed the majority of these from Halo with minimal editing. The timing should all be correct however.

?They are in a list below. Each sound file follow swamp folder structure. For example the folder structure in the .zip file will be sounds\Weapons\[weapon-name]\[the-sound-files].

Clicking on a weapon will start the download for the .zip file.

Hannibal's Random Alt Sounds

I don't know who made these, it could of been Hannibal or someone else. Either way here they are.

?They are in a list below. Each sound file follow swamp folder structure. For example the folder structure in the .zip file will be sounds\Weapons\[weapon-name]\[the-sound-files].

omer's swamp mod

I do not know a whole lot about this mod, but it is allot of different weapon and other sounds. This was originally a direct link to download it from omer's site, but people have reported getting pop up windows when visiting that site, so it is now directly hosted here on BSG.

you can just unzip this then copy the sounds folder into your swamp folder. it will only replace the files in this mod and keep the others the same.

Download Omer's swamp mod

Hunk and Renholder's Voice Mods

This is a pretty amazing set of voice mods you can download and add to Swamp. You'll recognize some of the names from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, and other games. There is a readme included which lists all the voices. There is also additional contact info in the readme.

Download The Hunk and Renholder Voice mods.

skype Hunk

Aprone's Doom Swamp Mod

This is not a complete mod, but it still contains some alt sounds you can use. The mod includes some weapon sounds, zombie sounds, obsticals and other things.

Download Aprone's Swamp Doom Mod from

tunmi13's Eloquence Reed (single voice mod)

This is a single voice, you can add the files into one of the voices in your swamp sounds directory.

Download by tunmi13

Single Sounds

These are individual files you can download to replace specific sounds.

Smoke's noisy Alternitive Crate Sound

This is only the sound of the quest.wav file you hear when picking up crates in a mission and for broken items on a map. I made this for Jimmy because he was having a hard time hearing any of the other sounds we tested out.

Download smoke's noisy crate sound.

Kai's Quest Sound

This is a quest sound Kai made for those who have a hard time hearing the original quest sound. You can follow him on twitter @Bartholomue

Download Kai's quest sound.