Swamp frequently asked questions

Here is a listing of some commonly asked questions by new players in swamp. Hopefully this will answer some things you were, or are currently wondering as well.

What is reputation and XP?

Reputation or rep as allot of people call it is what you use to buy items from the safe xzone. there is also a rep payment for missions to join them. for every 10 crates in a mission it requires 100 rep to join. You recieve rep for killing zombies, and for completing a mission.

Experience or XP is what determines your level. At first you only need a thousand XP or so to level. With every level you recieve, the amount you need goes up, so the higher the level the more xp you need for your next level. You recieve XP for killing zombies and doing missions.

What are skill points?

Every time you level you get a skill point, up to level 500. between level 500 and 1000 you get 1 point every 2 levels. between level 1000 and 1500 you get a point every 5 levels. between 1500 and 2000 you get a point every 10 levels, this pattern continues for each group of 500. After level 2500 you only get 1 skill point every 20 levels from then on.

The skill points you get for leveling are used to improve your character. there are allot of different things you can spend your skills on. The commonly suggested first areas to improve are 40 points in speed, then maxing out either high armor or medium armour. After that it is up to you what you put your points in, it can be health for example, or increasing the strength of a weapon class.

To use your skill points you hit enter in a safe zone to bring up the safe zone menu, then go to improve character, and place your points where you want them in that menu.

Why do I have negative XP and how do I fix it?

If you do a mission that gives you more xp than you needed for 2 levels, you will have negative xp when the mission is completed. This is because when you finish the mission you are only given 1 level by default. The way to fix this is to simply go out on a map and start killing zombies. Each time you kill 1 you will get a level and your amount of negative xp will go down. You need to keep doing this until your XP is in the positive again.

How do I lead or join a mission?

First to join one you need some reputation, this depends on the size of the mission. To actually join it go to the safe zone menue and go to join a mission, give it a second or 3 to load the current list, then just enter on the one you want to join.

To lead a mission go to lead a mission in the safe zone menue, it will require 1 fuel to lead. pick the type you want, from easy to difficult they go: ammo, food, medical, strip mall. then you can pick the amount of crates and zombies and type of zombies you want. after you post it you can launch it from the safe zone menu.

Note: missions can be very difficult, especially at lower levels. the best way to overcome the difficulty of the missions is to get to know the different warehouses really good. You can get all the info you need about them here.

How do I get extra field kits?

Sacraficing a field kit is useful if you need to inject all of your med kits into yourself all at once. this not only gives you a lot of healing, but it also cleans all bloody clothes, and will cure a sprained ankel or broken leg.

you can donate or sacrifice your 1 field kit you start with, then after that, only if you have 0 can you buy more from the safe zone, and you can buy as many as you want.

There are so many keyboard commands, how can I figure out what they all are?

in your swamp directory for the game, you will have a file called gamekeys.txt, this lists all the commands you will need to get started. along with that, all of the keys can be completely customized and remapped. to do this you open and edit the keyconfig.ini. There is a line at the top of this file to let you know how to write out your new commands. remember each letter you put in has to be capatalized.

How do I change the volumes of certain things in the game?

Also in your main swamp directory there is a volumes.txt file. within this file it gives you all the information you need to raise or lower groups of sounds or spicific ones individually.

How can I play the game without a mouse?

If you have a track pad or something on your laptop you are using that is fine, but not the best way to play. however, if you are scared of using a mouse cause you are like so many other blind people terrified at the thought of a mouse. Get over it and use it, there is exactly 0 players good at swamp who refuse to use a mouse. remapping everything to a keyboard is stupid and does not make any sense, and you will never be a good swamp player.

There are allot of cheap wireless mouses on amazon, you can get one from 7 to 20 dollars, and it is more than enough for swamp.

When I do a warehouse mission I am running really slow, how can I fix this?

Everyone gets allot of lag in the warehouse missions, especially with death bringer zombies. There is no way to cure this, but something that can help is to change your power plan on your PC to high performance. you can also open task manager, go to swamp, shift f10 on it and change the priority to high. These stepps will not get rid of the lag but they will help with it.

Do items on maps only spawn in certain areas on the maps?

No, if you are on a map that has a specific item you are looking for on it, then that item can spawn anywhere on that map. it is not limited to certain areas on that map.

What armor is low, medium, high, and wildly varying?

Low armor is...

medium armor is...

High armor is...

wildly varying armor, don't use it.

What can I do with HC dogtags, padlocks, and damaged or broken items?

If you are a normal character then dog tags and pad locks serve no purpose. broken and damaged items can be donated to the safe zone. When you donate them there is a very small percent chance that they will be fixed and you will be given back the normal version of that item.

if you have a damaged piece of armor you can still wear it but you will get a little less protection from it.

What is hardcore?

Go read this introduction to hardcore by hannibal.

what are quests and why should I do them?

you can read about the quests here.

for completing a quest you get a quest credit, you an check your current quest credits by typing /questcredits in the radio chat. these credits are used to store items in your locker. for more information on locker commands read the command listing.

what are loot points?

you get these for picking up loot on maps. on normal mode it is 1 loot point for 1 piece of loot. you can get titles like private, specialist, sargent and so on from loot points. each time you get a new title your loot points reset, and it will require more points for your next title. the command to check your loot points is /lootpoints or /lifetime.

crates in a mission do not count as lootpoints

When can I trade with other players?

at first in normal mode you need to be level 60 to trade with other players. just hit shift enter on an item to trade it, put in the person's name and the amount to trade. you have to be on the same map.

after you switch from normal to hardcore you only have to be level 25 to trade with other hardcore players. normal and hardcore players can not trade items back and forth.

after you complete your first hardcore cycle, you do not have a level limit on trading, you can do it at level 1.

I don't know anything about the game, what can I do?

Go read the readme, it is roughly 1,000,000 words when it could be way less, and it is out of date, but you can still get information from it. also read the change log so you learn more that you were not aware of.