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You are at the BSG hub for everything Survive The Wild. Here you can find all the resources we have for the game. you can click on a Categories heading to go to that section.

STW Discord Server

Here you can find the Survive The Wild discord server. Get off Skype and head over to the wonderful world of discord.

An Overview of Survive The Wild

Here you can read a little about STW. What is in the game, and thoughts on it from a player's perspective.

Crafting Guides Sorted By Recipe Name

Have you ever wondered how to craft something? We have all been there, asking in the out of character chat for recipe instructions, and getting directions one message at a time. This isn't the best way to learn how to make stuff in game. Here you can find guides on how to make everything in game.

Every craftable item has...

  • an Audio crafting guide you can stream or choose to download as mp3
  • A quick Crafting Guide for the more experienced Player
  • A Nubie Crafting Guide for those not familiar with the lingo and processes

How To Get From Map To Map

We have all wanted to get to a different map but not known how. There isn't a actual map of the game for us to use, so we've needed to memorize how to get places. Well, not anymore, you can choose to stream or download audio descriptions, or read text versions of how to get from map to map here. Most locations start out from the Mainland, but once you know the layout of the maps you are over half way there.

How to Cross The Mountain

You asked and you recieve both text and audio guides on the different ways to cross the mountain. you can choose to stream or download the audio files, or just read and follow along with the text guides

Every Day STW Tasks & How To Do Them

There are plenty of things we didn't know when we were all Nubies. How to cook rabbits, the ways to start a fire, or how to fish with a net. Well here is a listing of many in game tasks and how to do them. Everything from the very basics to stuff a little more advanced. This will teach you what you need to know to survive. You can choose to stream or download audio versions of all the tasks, or to view them as text.

Map Descriptions & Their Geography

Nearly every map in STW is unique with it's own landmarks and geography. Here you can read about each map, and have it broken down into manageable sections so you can get a picture of it in your head, then navigate each map knowing where you are.

a STW Alphabatized Item Index, & Where To Find Them

We have all wondered how and where people got certain items, this will answer that question for you. A listing of many in game items, around 100 of them. And Each item has a note next to it on where you can get it, or if it is craftable.

Quest information

For those who actually like playing the game and not having their hands held every step. there is a listing of all the quests in game, and quest commands. This won't tell you step by step how to complete everything, but will give you hints to get you on the right path.