Survive The wild Overview

STW development activity

Survive The wild is a game made and developed by Sam Tupy. It is actively developed and kept up on. Unlike allot of audio games, it has not been abandoned. This ensures players will have new game content on a pretty regular basis.

Free vs Paid

Stw has been going through allot of changes in the free vs paid arena lately. As it stands right now the game is still free to play, but you are limited in some game play with a free account. The reasons for these restrictions are shitty ass hat cheaters trying to do whatever they can to get stuff in the game without actually working for it. As a result there is now a 100 cap limit on almost all items in your inventory, and potentially some restrictions on how many gifts per day you can collect. The option to pay $15.95 is there, and that will lift all restrictions, as well as make your character perge proof. Yeah people are bitching about it, but i say get over it, if you like the game pay the couple bucks and play it fully unlocked.

Aside from the paid account, anyone can also buy some upgrades or perks that can save time and make the game more fun. things like teleporters that allow you to move between maps instantly, and death free cards that only get used if you die, essentially giving you extra lives.

As Ssam continues to try to find a perfect solution for preventing cheaters from ruining the game I will update this section to reflect the current free vs paid information.

Game activity

There are lots of things you can do in the game as it stands right now.

  • hunt bears, wolves, or rabbits
  • fish in the streams, lakes, and ponds
  • gather oysters in the ponds
  • explore the many maps ranging in difficulty from the mainland to the mountain
  • turn on "PK" and try your hand at player vs player combat
  • build a shelter and make your own home where ever you wish
  • go to the bear forest or windy wolf valley and test your hunting skills against bears on crack
  • hunt the irradiated city for valuable shotguns & grenades
  • explore the fishing village for rare items like pop cans, drugs, and other items
  • make your own weapons for PK or hunting
  • cook fish and rabbits for eating or trading
  • participate in the Out of Character chat and get to know the other players
  • and plenty more things you can find out for yourself

STW Community

One of the best things about STW is the player base. Unlike other games which I won't mention here, the community is not annoying and immature. of course there are some of them, but much less than in other audio games. In my experience I've only had to mute a couple players, and after that they were gone to me and I never had to deal with them again.

What makes STW Unique

The game is unique in the way that you not only have to prevent yourself from dying via being eaten by a bear or wolf, falling and dying, contracting a deadly virus, drowning, or in other ways. You also have to maintain your thirst and hunger levels. Thirst is simple enough, you just have to drink potable water, but with hunger you have to make sure you are cooking enough food to keep yourself from starving to death. And though low energy won't kill you, it will really mess up your character's cycles if you don't sleep on a regular basis. You are surviving in a wilderness, and you have to keep yourself in good health, not only stop from being killed by nature itself.

Once you get use to the game there are other activities that open up to you. rather stupid things some of us do for amusement. things like base jumping off the mountain, or STW extreme sports are two of my favorites. With the game being a sorta survival sandbox game, you can do what you want when you want, leaving the possibilities wide open to just about anything. Hell, you can even get into a mud fight with someone just because you wanna make them dirty, or get on their nerves. or one of my favorites, find someone fishing and cheer for them every time they manage to catch a fish, yes I'm talking about you Jaxson.

STW problems or issues

There are a few bugs in the game, but not many that will ruined the experience of playing. The game does have some lag issues right now, but Sam is suppose to be working on fixing that. It has gotten better recently, and hopefully I can delete this paragraph soon so none of us have to deal with lag or shitty cheaters and bug exploiters.