Survive The Wile Map To Map Traveling Directions

This is a listing of all the map to map traveling guides here on BSG. The old alt page has been retired, and this page has been redone so it no longer uses refreshable content. Each link will open in a new tab.

Page Navigation

The maps we have directions for are listed as headdings
you can simply jump by headding to go through them, or do a screen reader virtual find
For each map there is a:
Text version of the directions
in game Audio version of the directions
When you select your type of guide
it will load under the buttons for that map
the audio player will load and auto play the selected file

A Table World Map of STW You Can Navigate In

This is a world view of all the maps in the game. it is laid out in a normal web table. all the different maps are situated in their normal game locations, and you can navigate within the map using basic screen reader table commands.

Go to the map, opens in a new tab

A Note On How Maps Have Changed

Since the creation of these map to map guides the way travel points work has changed. You no longer have to press shift enter to switch maps, the game handels this for you automatically. The directions still hold true, but you won't need to press shift enter anymore.
These guides may be updated in the future, but for now just be aware of this change when navigating in the STW world.

Page Currently Under Redesign

This page is being simplified and the buttons and loadable divs are being removed. You may see it half finished when you visit. Just be aware it is not finished yet. Everything will still work as expected.
there will also be CSS updates happening, and they could break the page. If this happens just refresh and it should be fixed.

Beautiful Forest Through Mountain

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The old mailing list has been abanndoned, the interface became completely unaccessible. You can register on the blog and in doing so you will be signed up for the new mailing list.

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