Crazy Party Home

Here you will find the different categories or sections we offer for Crazy Party. You can simply jump by heading to see the different sections.

Crazy Party Overview

This is a simple overview of the game. It covers some main bullet points for what to expect. It is not in depth, mainly just for those who haven't played yet and who want a general overview of the game.

a Partially Completed Key Command Listing

This is a work in progress, but the goal is to list all the different game key commands in one place finally. If you know of more commands which aren't listed you can skype BlackScreenGaming or mention @BSG_Blog on Twitter.

CP Game List Manager

This is a game list manager Hamada made. It is hosted here on BSG. Once you unlock the custom mini game settings for 500 gems you can use this to make your game lists. It breaks the games down by worlds and allows you to simply hit enter on a game to add it to your list. After your list is the way you want it you just choose to save it and you are all set to go. No more copying and pasting names of games into a .txt file to make a list. The game info is hosted here on BSG as well so when new games are added there will be no need to download a new update, it will just be updated here on BSG and your game list manager will show the new games if you have them unlocked already.

Download the CP Game List Manager made by Hamada

A Deck Manager made by Sam Tupy & Carter Temm

This is a deck manager which is much more detailed than the very limited built in one. It allows for card searching, much faster browsing through cards, multiple language support, and the ability to hear the card sounds. Most importantly it allows you to check total cards in your deck and even tells you how many of each type with just one keystroke. It will also let you know via an error sound if you have less than 40 or more than 80 cards in your deck. The download links will download from

Download Sam and Carter's CP Deck Manager.

Battle Home

Here you will find the different sections involving the battle mode. You can progress from here or check out one of the sub sections below.

Battle card index

Here you will find a listing of every battle card in the game. They are first sorted by type, then within each type they are sorted by level. All the stats and info for each card is layed out in an easy to read way.

Individual Battle card types.

If you only want to view the cards for one type at a time this is the page. You can choose your type then view all the cards for that selected type.

Battle type's strengths & Weaknesses Index

Here you will find a listing of every battle type in the game. Under each type there are four sub sections. very good attack, bad attack, very good defence, and bad defence. This allows you to see what the types in your decks will be strong and weak against. Any type not listed on the page is just standard defence and offence.

Individual Battle Type strengths & Weaknesses

Like the above option for cards, if you only want to see the strengths and weaknesses for one type at a time this is the page for doing so. You select your type and are shown its strenghts and weaknesses.

Battle profiles

Here you are shown all the information at once for each battle type. You will see a short description for the type, a listing of itss strengths and weaknesses, then a complete card listing for that type sorted by level.

Adventure Home

This is the main landingpoint for everything involving the adventure mode of Crazy Party. Youc an progress from here or click on one of the sub sections below.

Adventure Mini Game Directory

Here you will find a complete listing of every mini game. They are broken up by world, and under each game is a short description.

Adventure World Unlock Locations

Here you will find a listing of all the worlds in the game and what worlds unlock each one. Clicking on a world will bring you to its profile page so you can find the correct path to take to unlock it.

Adventure Worlds Home

Here you will find a listing of the worlds. For each world you can choose to only view its description or its profile. The profile is the description as well as all the games included in that world.

Adventure All World Descriptions On One Page

Here you can view the descriptions for every world all on one page. This is pretty straight forward.

Adventure Micro Games Overview

Here you will find a short introduction to what micro games are. Not too much information is given as the challenge to a microgame is figuring out what you need to do without any pregame information.

Board Games Overview

Here you will find a introduction to boardgames and how they work. It is very straight forward.

Introduction to Collectables

Here you will find some information on the different things you can collect in the game.

Rewards To Be Unlocked & Purchased With Gems

Here you will find a listing of the different things you can purchase with gems. Each one has the price and when it will be unlocked.

Download a Crazy Party Sound Tile For Aprone's Fridge

If you use Aprone's Fridge to organize your games then this is just a nice little sound tile you can use to play when you are on the Crazy Party tile.