Crazy Party A Completely Crazy Game Overview

Crazy Party Development and Activity

Crazy Party is a game developed by pragma. It is actually two very different games. You have battle mode which is similar to a Pokemon style card game, and the Adventure mode which is made up of arcade style games called mini games. You can choose to play either online or offline. You have to progress through the game and unlock cards for your decks in battle mode, or in the adventure you have to unlock mini games to add to your list.

The game has always seemed to be actively developed with a new beta version being released every month or two. Each update seems to add more battle cards or new worlds filled with games to unlock. The developer hasn't ran out of ideas yet, and hasn't shown any sign of stopping. With the game being developed so frequently you are sure to have something which you can play for a long time to come. The only catch to it is that there hasn't been much development to make the game more user friendly or to work on current in game topics, instead updates are for adding new stuff.

The game was originally developed in French but has been translated to English as well as other languages. The translations are overall okay but not actual french to english translations. So if you play as English, your stuff will not have the same names as those who play with French or another language. The game is completely playable, but you can have difficulties if talking to someone who plays in another language.

Free vs paid

Everything about Crazy Party is free. There is no payment options, you cannot buy anything, nothing at all. You simply download the game and that is it, you have everything needed with no extra requirements. The only way to advance in the game is to get better and to unlock more things, there is no buying your way to the top in this game.

Game Activity

Battle Mode:

As said above this is similar to a pokemon style game. You have different types which are super effective against some and not effective against others. This goes for both defense and offense. To start you need to unlock gyms by progressing through them offline. Once you unlock a few gyms you can then battle online with others either against them or on a team against others or bots. It takes some time to unlock enough cards by progressing through the gyms over and over to get where you can battle online with any success, but once you get there you are all good to go. This mode of the game is fun for some and boring for others. A lot of the time you are at the mercy of luck of the draw and random chance, two things that can make some people annoyed rather fast.

The Adventure

This mode of the game is broken down into different worlds. You progress through the worlds playing arcade style games called mini games. These vary from side scroller's to games played from above. There are a lot of different games, over 200 in fact, but some are the same thing with different names and sounds. That being said there are still plenty of unique games which are very challenging. Every time you score at least 10 points on a game you unlock it and it is added to your game list. This game list is used if you host a mini game server, the games chooses are from your unlocked game list. The more you unlock the more you can play online. You play in a party of other people online and compete for the highest score after X amount of games. This is quite fun and doesn't seem to lose it's appeal.

The Crazy Party Community

You will find a lot of the same people playing CP when you host or join an online game. Some of these people are okay, and others are complete douche bags. Some people cheat and some don't. If you see someone with over 10k objects then just know they are cheating. Others will try and mod their scores in the games so they always get 20. If you are a host just kick these people and move on. Also if you don't launch your party when people want you to they will spam going spectator and coming back as fast as possible to annoy you. The developer seems to refuse to add in a banning option so you can block people from joining your party's so as it stands now you can only hit control f1 and turn on moderation blocking all chats and everything which is garbage.

Bugs and Issues

There are not a lot of bugs, but the bugs in the game are very annoying. Health does not recharge every time when coming up out of water, and menus in offline mode take way too long to load. You will also find yourself pressing enter a lot just to wait and have to press enter again. That and a lot of big card and game lists have no first letter navigation and no ability to sort by type or world. You are left arrowing down through a list with hundreds of items in it, and you can't hold down the arrows. Also people have complained about stereo separation in the game because it is difficult to center objects for some people. You can change your separation but then you can't hear to the sides as far and can only hear a couple tiles in front of your character. The game does randomly crash rarely, but when it does it always sucks as you will lose your spot or your online game will be canceled. Some mini games won't give you the proper information before starting so you have no clue what you are meant to do. This could be fixed with the developer writing to give more information, but who knows if that will actually happen. There are also still coins and levels in the game which serve 0 purpose at all, and no one knows if they ever will be for anything or not.

There are quite a bit of things that can be very frustrating when you are picking up the game for the first time, but overall they probably won't put anyone off from continuing to play.

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