The Underground Description

This place is a mess of a mine. With lots of turns and dead ends it is hard to map out. But I will do my best.


Number of mini games:  16
Paths:  3
Endings:  2
Bonus Mini games:  3 (maybe more)


The third path for this world is more of a cross between a bonuses and a third path. But I am counting it as a second path so we will stick with path.

unfortunately this world does have a lot of off shoots. But the main path has you start with Searching for Pheremones, After that go east from both descent in to the mine and the diamonds mine, head north at the cannon ball slope and finally east after buttoned doors. this will bring you to the 1 and only ending of the game.

Path 2:
From the diamond's mine head south to railroad management. Get 20 on this game and you will unlock the southern path which leads to the game Sort The Diamonds. Keep following this path through axe throwing and prehistoric cave and it leads to the light world.

Path 3:
So path 3 has 2 ways to reach it. If you get 20 points on either diamonds mine or cannon ball slope you will reach this path. From the diamonds mine head south, you will play railway management followed by runn, jump, jump and the wells and the galleries. this then takes you back out to the main path to play buttoned doors and the ending.
If you get 20 on the cannon ball slope, Head east to play run, jump, jump and the wells and the galleries before rejoinning to the main path.

bonuses mini games:

3 bonus mini games are found in this world. 20 points on searching for pherimones will unlock a path to the north which unlocked the queens treasures.
20 points on descent in to the mine will unlock a path to the south and the bonus deposit mini game.
20 points on button doors unlocks a path to the west and the game locked bonuses. 20 points or more on any of these will  take you to a safety deposit box or two.


This world has two endings, the Circus and the light worlds..
Path 1 takes you to the circus, path 2 takes you to the light world.

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