The Forest Description

This world is a pretty simple world. it only has 1 ending. But the path can loop back on itself giving you options on how to get there.


Number of mini games: 11
Paths:  2
endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  1


There are multiple paths in the forest world but only one ending.

Once you reach the hedge hogs path you can go either north or south. If you take the north path you will play through 4 mini games starting with measuring trees that will take you  to the ending.
If you head south you will play 3 mini games starting with picking flowers. This path is a dead end and leads to  a safety deposit box. 

bonus mini games:

This world has a bonus off shoot. You can get to it If you take the south path listed  above.
If you get 20 points on the mini game "climb the trees" it will be unlocked.
This will unlock a path to the north.
This goes to the mini game "race through the woods".
If you get 20 points on this mini game it opens an additional  path to the east which will take you to the forest bonuses mini game.
Important note:
If you get a positive score on race through the woods it also opens a path to the north. this path connects to the first path listed above and  can get you to the end.


The ending of this world unlocks the underground.

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