Clan Snoodashiff

Published: March 1st 2021 by Smoke

Words are hard, and some words make people angry. What is shocking is how odd groupings of letters make people angry. For example, I would have never thought the word Snoodashiff would bring out such anger in some people, but it takes all sorts to make up this world, Alter Aeon included. What is Snoodashiff, and why are these letters all smashed together like this? Read on and hopefully these questions can be answered.

The Back Story

Anyone who listens to BSG live streams knows that I'm commonly about one point of blood pressure away from a mini-stroke at all times. Sometimes words come out wrong, sometimes two words copulate in my mouth and their word love child comes out instead of two individuals. This was the case one day while I was talking to my pitbull Diamond. She has a thing for smelling shoes, they are her favorite, and I was attempting to ask her if she was looking for a shoe to sniff. However what came out was me asking if she was looking for a snoodashiff. Now yes, I paused and then tried again but kept saying snoodashiff...refer to mini-stroke comment earlier up the page. I actually couldn't get out the words shoe to sniff. Even now as I write this my brain is saying snoodashiff as I write shoe to sniff...stroking.

Now because I enjoy a good laugh at my expense as much as the next person, I informed others about my stroking. This was found to be quite amusing, and snoodashiff the noun was born. Alter Aeon was not the first use of Snoodashiff, but rather just another use in a long string of uses since that point. Hamada is commonly referred to as Lord Snoodashiff, you should ask him about that sometime.

When we all started playing Alter, it was a natural progression that the BSG group would need a clan, and said clan would need a name. What better name could there be than Snoodashiff. None could be found, so Snoodashiff was born. Some people hate it, some people find it amusing, but only those who are a part of Snoodashiff have known the story behind the name.

What Are We About?

We aren't full of ourselves, we don't take alter and our role in the game serious. We are just a group of people who are friends playing a game together. Snoodashiff is a place for us to hang out away from everyone else, nothing more and nothing less. We group some, we play together and help one another, but we do the same for others not in the clan. We're just a group of friends playing alter together, and this is hard for other clans to wrap their heads around. Everyone wants to whip out their virtual penis and measure it against other clans, but that doesn't happen in Snoodashiff. We don't care about how big another's clan is, or how many high level players are in it. It says a lot about those who measure self worth with such things, and not in a good way. This is why Snoodashiff is private, we could not care any less about this petty behavior.

The important things are that Alter is a hell of a lot of fun to play, and it's more fun when you are around friends who also enjoy playing. This is the main keystone of our clan, have fun playing alter, and do it with friends. Well that and also listen to Shakira, and worship the goddess she is.

Our goal isn't to be the biggest and baddest clan in Alter; it is actually quite the opposite. We like being a smaller clan where everyone knows one another, and we have talked about keeping it that way. We have our own isms, and someone who doesn't understand that might think we are all crazy, and that we have an odd obsession with Shakira.

How To Join Clan Snoodashiff

If you ever wanted to join Snoodashiff this may be difficult. As you can probably guess we aren't really looking for members. It is a place for people who already knew one another outside of Alter to hang out inside of Alter. If you have been around BSG for a while though, send a mud mail to Fumo, Shakira, or Holliday in game and maybe we could find room for another player. If we know you from outside Alter then we can talk it over and see if you'd be a good fit. There is no drama, no messing around with game politics, and no BS. This is why we are only made up of people from outside of Alter, it is the best way to avoid all that crap, and no one wants to deal with it.

Though the above section makes it seem like we will not allow anyone in, it is far from the truth. At the start it was just Smoke, Hamada, Sito, Dub, Hannibal, and Alicia in the clan. Since then we have added Gruntok, Maedhell, Fight Song, and MagentaUnicorn. So if you have been around BSG, and we know who you are we are open for new people joining. It is a clan wide decision however, so just be aware of that.

How To Join Snoodashiff:

  • Be someone who knows what BSG is and has been around the BSG crew in the past.
  • Don't be activly disliked by someone in the bSG Crew
  • Send a communication to Smoke in or out of game letting him you want in.
  • Wait for Smoke to get back to you with a yay or nay.
  • Listen to and enjoy the music of Shakira
  • The last one is a joke...sorta.
  • One of the last two points was not true, but I'm not saying which one.

The Clan Roster

Almost everyone in the clan has more than one character, and because the list is long the clan roster has now been given its own page. You can find it below.

Clan Roster ((opens in new window)