Thief Armor Locations

Below you'll find a table listing all the useful thief armor in game. This list focuses on skill over DR and HR, and for good reason. You'll have much more success with your attacks (especially shadow blades) if you have skill on every piece of armor.. Most of it is fairly easy to get with a little bit of effort in murdering all the things and exploring maps fully.

Item NameLevelSkill BoostDR & HRWear LocationLoad Location
the unholy symbol of Shiftlevel 8+02 DR, 0 HRneckThe False Temple
black lizard skin armorlevel 9+11 DR, 0 HRon bodyThe False Temple
grey dusterlevel 11+11 DR, 0 HRabout bodyVillage of Bandera Azul
golden mole hidelevel 13+11 DR, 0 HRabout bodyGnomian Village Mole Tunnels
gem-clutching silver thief figurinelevel 15+10 DR, 0 HRHoldunderground city of Runn-Khal
dusty capelevel 15+10 DR, 0 HRneckThalos graveyard catacombs
black marble ringlevel 15+12 DR, 0 HRfingers (glow)Thalos graveyard catacombs
pitch black leather wristbandlevel 17+11 DR, 0 HRwristMaze of the black minotaur
'the black sash of a roguelevel 17+11 DR, 1 HRwaistThe giant beanstalk
a deck of cardslevel 19+10 DR, 0 HRholdTaber Bros Carnival
cloak of concealmentlevel 20 tot 61+12 DR, 0 HRabout bodyAshire Orchard and Pasture
shadowy black shirtlevel 20+10 DR, 0 HRon bodyThe Archais Archipelago
shadowy black pantslevel 20+10 DR, 0 HRlegsThe Archais Archipelago
the gloves of a roguelevel 21+11 DR, 0 HRhandsRogue Settlement
the ring of a roguelevel 21+12 DR, 0 HRfingersRogue Settlement
the black bands of a treasure hunterlevel 21+10 DR, 0 HRarmsArchais Archipelago
small leather beltlevel 21+10 DR, 0 HRwaistRogue Settlement
boots of sneakinglevel 21+10 DR, 0 HRfeetRogue Settlement
gray capelevel 21+10 DR, 0 HRabout bodyRogue Settlement.'
shadowy black ringlevel 21+10 DR, 0 HRfingersCastle Kraftrager
pair of silver threaded gloveslevel 22+10 DR, 0 HRhandsLotus Monastery
obsidian serpentine amuletlevel 22+12 DR, 0 HRneckThieves den near Gad's Mountain
the hand of glorylevel 23+12 DR, 0 HRholdan ominous underground bunker (fairyland)
pair of soft black bootslevel 26+11 DR, 0 HRfeetfetid Caves of Pestilence
scarlet crystal ringlevel 27+12 DR, 0 HRfingersshadowclaw swamp
black assassin's masklevel 27+12 DR, 0 HRheadSpider Caves
thick yellowish hidelevel 28+13 DR, 0 HRabout bodyFire World underground tunnels
Black dwarven gloveslevel 28+11 DR, 0 HRhandsThe Ralnoth Fen
black dwarven pantslevel 28+11 DR, 0 HRlegsThe Ralnoth Fen
black dwarven beltlevel 28+11 DR, 0 HRwaistThe Ralnoth Fen
Unholy Symbol of Umtoslevel 28+12 DR, 0 HRneckThe Arbor Forest, east of Ralnoth
ebony bone bucklerlevel 28 tot 109+10 DR, 0 HRholdWere-panthers
set of panther clawslevel 28+12 DR, 0 HRhandsWere-panthers
unholy royal cloaklevel 28 tot 109+13 DR, 0 HRabout bodySkaven lair
blood soaked braceletlevel 28 tot 109+13 DR, 0 HRwristSkaven lair
pirate captain's hatlevel 30+11 DR, 0 HRheadunknown
ring of restlessnesslevel 30 tot 120+11 DR, 0 HRfingersWhite Tower
stolen drow spider shieldlevel 31+11 DR, 0 HRholdThe ruined castle of Radobaj

Thief Weapon Locations

Below you'll find a listing of all the thief weapons worth using as you progress in game. Most of them have skill, except for the very low options. Keep in mind the roll is important, but so is the type. For example a nonorm stabber may do more damage even with a lower damage range. This is because it ignores the normal saves of a mob.

Item NameLevelSkill BoostDR & HRDamage Roll & TypeWear LocationLoad Location
heavily enchanted crystal bladed daggerlevel 8+04 DR, 0 HR4-24 fast piercewieldThe False Temple
black rune engraved daggerlevel 12+15 DR, 0 HR4-40 slow stab (infravision)wieldThe old Indira ruins
oxidized bronze daggerlevel 13+10 DR, 2 HR3-45 slow toxic stabwieldForgotten Muskeg
dark steel spearlevel 17+15 DR, 0 HR5-50 very slow stabwieldMaze of the black minotaur
ghost ripperlevel 18+13 DR, 0 HR5-25 nonorm stabwieldThe New Thalos Graveyard
red fanged dragon daggerlevel 21+14 DR, 0 HR4-36 fast stabwieldSmugglers Coave
dirty halberdlevel 22+25 DR, 0 HR5-40 slow toxic stabwieldNurgling Mound
Dagger of Stealthlev 23 tot 63+14 DR, 0 HR4-28 nonorm piercewieldNurgling Swamp
More of Slamins mighty BSlevel 24+16 DR, 0 HR7-56 slowest ice piercewieldThe caverns of Luckleaf.
dark elven daggerlevel 24+12 DR, 3 HR3-48 piercewieldAzeroth Keep
a set of demon hornslevel 25+16 Dr, 0 HR4-56 slow stabwield (glow)The Mansion of Darsakius
*crystal daggerlevel 28+13 DR, 3 HR6-48 slow ice stabwieldOuter planar ice world
the blade, 'Mischieflevel 29+27 DR, 3 HR6-36 slow nonorm stabwieldRalnoth Slums (quest)
lost spear of the ancientslevel 29+210dr, 0 HR6-66 very slow stabwieldgreenhole (quest)
Wrath of the Forestlevel 30+16 DR, 10 HR5-45 very slow nonorm piercewieldL the Magnificent's Magical Topiary Garden