Mage Equipment Locations

Below you'll find a table with nearly all of the mage equipment which is useful on the first three islands. There is some equipment from the mainland, but it is still in the level 30 range. All of this is as accurate as possible, but there is always the potential for mistakes. If you find any you can use the contact page here on BSG to let Smoke know, or contact Fumo/Shakira/Holliday in Alter.

There is some mage equipment here which is not filled out completely. I'm trying to track down the remaining equipment, but haven't had the best of luck. With how equipment loads work in the game. There is no way to know if I'm looking in the wrong spot, or if I am just unlucky.

Item NameLevel RequirementCast BoostMana RegenWear LocationLoad Location
set of tattered blood red robeslevel 8+10 regenon bodyThe False Temple
deep purple sashLevel 8+10.5 regenwaistThe False Temple
the wizard's staffLevel 9+10 regenwieldThe False Temple
copper mage's amuletlevel 9+10 regenneckVemarken & Sloe Training Grounds
blue topaz ringlevel 9+10 regenfingersBandera Azul
red hat of a warmagelevel 10+10.5 regenheadGnomian Village Mole Tunnels
pair of red mage gloveslevel 10+10 regenhandsGrumditch and Kentwig copper mine
crystal band of a warmagelevel 12+11.0 regenwristSpider forest and bixies
a pair of sparkling gem leggingslevel 13+10 regenlegsThe Mad Alchemist's Castle (quest)
strange bone cagelevel 13+11.0 regenholdThe lost outpost
shimmering crystal shardlevel 13+10 regenholdThe lost outpost
Red Raven ringlevel 14+11.0 regenfingersForest west of Naphtali
black velvet bootslevel 14+10 regenfeetThe underground city of Runn-Khal
midnight black raven medallionlevel 16+10 regen 10 ageneckThe Caves of Mendelius
the rod of the Rubicon Magisterlevel 16+12.0 regenwieldcity of New Thalos
white pearl set into a thin silver armbandlevel 17+10 regenarmsMaze of the black minotaur
purple magician's cloaklevel 17+10 regenabout bodytown of Naphtali
the sleeves of the wizardlevel 19+10 regenarmsSeaside (quest)
pair of drake skin leggingslevel 19+10 regenlegsnorthern Pleiad islands
shield of black onyxlevel 19+10.5 regenholdnorthern Pleiad islands
simple pair of grey gloveslevel 19+11.0 regenhandsCastle Kraftrager
silvery robe of a warmagelevel 19+10 regen 10 ageon & about bodyArchais Archipelago
silvery slippers of a warmagelevel 19+10 regen 6 agefeetArchais Archipelago
ruby red runestonelevel 19+12.0 regenholdNorthshore (quest)
ruby-studded ringlevel 20 total 63+11.5 regenfingersMagnolia Hill
small jewelled tiaralevel 21 total 67+11.5 regenheadVernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress
Black leather chapslevel 22+10 regenlegsSwamp north of Gad's Landing
ebony bracerlevel 22+12.0 regenwristSkull caverns
midnight black obsidian ankletlevel 22+10 regenfeetSkull caverns
ring of drow magiclevel 22 tot 70+10 regenfingersCatacombs below Azeroth (probably)
spider charm medallionlevel 23 tot 75+10 regenneckCatacombs below Azeroth
A robe of spider silklevel 23+13.5 regenon and about bodyCatacombs below Azeroth
the cloud of elemental furylevel 25 tot 90+12.0 regenfeetThe Cloud Academy
Dichotomy's Grasplevel 25 tot 91+13.0 regenhandsThe Cloud Academy
wyvren embroidered green silk sleeveslevel 26+12.5 regenarmswyvern forest (quest)
Glowing rod of pure amberlevel 26+20 regenwieldThe fetid Caves of Pestilence
jeweled scepter.level 26+12.5 regenholdfetid Caves of Pestilence
golden crown adorned with a lionlevel 26+10 regenheadfetid Caves of Pestilence
shield of white ivorylevel 26+10 regenholdfetid Caves of Pestilence
Sh'kar's energy stafflevel 26+10 regenholdDark Forest of Archais
ancient golden crownlevel 31+13.5 regenheadThe Desert City of Linholt
rune-engraved bandlevel 31+10 regenwristCastle Dragnok