Druid Equipment Locations

Below you'll find a table with nearly all of the druid equipment which is useful on the first three islands. There is some equipment from the mainland, but it is still in the level 30 range. All of this is as accurate as possible, but there is always the potential for mistakes. If you find any you can use the contact page here on BSG to let Smoke know, or contact Fumo/Shakira/Holliday in Alter.>

Item NameLevelCast Level BoostMana RegenWear LocationLoad Location
ring of verdant magiclevel 9+10 regenfingersGocholandia
pair of black sleeves embroidered with purple orchidslevel 6 tot 12+10 regenarmsFalse Temple
Sodden wool caplevel 12+10 regenheadThe Forgotten Muskeg
Strand of dried flowerstotal 26+10 regenneckThe Forgotten Muskeg
Birch bark bracerlevel 11 total 25+10 regenwristThe Forgotten Muskeg
Cow hide capelevel 13+11 regenabout bodyThe Forgotten Muskeg
Notted grass beltelevel 13+11.0 regenwaistThe Forgotten Muskeg
Pair of green hoselevel 13+11.0 regenlegsLost Outpost
Pair of magical mittenslevel 13+10 regenhandsGnomian Village Mole Tunnels
zurkhwood stafflevel 16+11.0 regenwieldunderground city of Runn-Khal
Pair of onyx armletslevel 16+10 regenarmsThe underground city of Runn-Khal
Star-patterned hoodlevel 17+10 regenheadThe town of Naphtali
Star-patterned drapelevel 17+10 regenarmsThe town of Naphtali
Star-patterned gloveslevel 17+10 regenhandsThe town of Naphtali
Moss lined sandalslevel 17+12.0 regenfeetMaze of the black minotaur
Bracelet of twisted vineslevel 18+10 regen 20 agewristAncestral Island
Chestnut brown robelevel 18+10.5 regenon bodyThe Caves of Mendelius
Shield of the Nut Snatcherlevel 18+11.0 regenshieldThe Caves of Mendelius
Emerald trident medallionlevel 19+12.0 regenneckVillage of Idlewood
Soft dark leather beltlevel 19+11.5 regenwaistVillage of Idlewood (quest)
Earthen brown ringlevel 19+12.0 regenfingersThe southern Pleiad islands
Long moss green cloaklevel 19+12.0 regenabout bodyClearwater Beach
Crown of hyacinth flowerslevel 20 total 63+11.5 regenheadThe Forest of Brom
Pair of shadowy black silk pantslevel 20+12.0 regenlegsHidden passages under Northshore
warped twiglevel 21+10 regenheldskull caverns
pair of green lotus sleeveslevel 21+11.0 regenarmsTainted forest north of Smuggler's Cove
Bolo tielevel 22+10 regenneckSwamp north of Gad's Landing
White scorpion trench coatlevel 22+10 regenabout bodySwamp north of Gad's Landing
Pair of wyvren skin gloveslevel 22+11.5 regenhandsSkull caverns
Carnelian gemstone ringlevel 23 total 79+11.0 regenfingersA decimated drow city
Sash made of leaveslevel 23 total 79+11.5 regenwaistA decimated drow city
crystalline jewellevel 24+10 regenholdThe caverns of Luckleaf
Druidic bone-plated sleeveslevel 25 total 91+13.5 regenarmsThe Cloud Academy
robe of the earthlevel 26+13.0 regenon and about bodyThe dwarven stronghold of Runn-Faru
Emerald green robelevel 27+10 regenon bodyShadowclaw swamp
Pair of wyvren skin bootslevel 27+12.0 regenfeetShadowclaw swamp
Gargoyle-headed stafflevel 27+23.0 regenwieldShadowclaw swamp
red foxhide gloveslevel 27+13.0 regenhandsThe City of Ralnoth
wreath of hollyLevel 28+13.0 regenhead neckThe City of Ralnoth
Essence of a mist dragonlevel 28+13.0 regenwristDentin's workshop level 3
Pair of greenstone leg plateslevel 28+12.0 regenlegsThe Monastery of Dreams
belt of interwoven brancheslevel 30+13.5 regenwaistL the Magnificent's Magical Topiary Garden
claw-wood rodtotal 102+13.0 regenholdRalnoth (quest)