Cleric Equipment Locations

Below you'll find a table with nearly all of the cleric equipment which is useful on the first three islands. There is some equipment from the mainland, but it is still in the level 30 range. All of this is as accurate as possible, but there is always the potential for mistakes. If you find any you can use the contact page here on BSG to let Smoke know, or contact Fumo/Shakira/Holliday in Alter.

Item NameLevel RequirementCast BoostMana RegenWear LocationLoad Location
copper quatrefoil amuletLevel 7 total 14+10 regenNeckThe Gorro's Nose
odd yellowish ringlevel 11+10 regenfingersSpider forest and bixies
blue mystical bandlevel 12+11.0 regenwristSpider forest and bixies
pair of mystical blue slipperslevel 13+10.5 regenfeetGnomian Village Mole Tunnels
unicorn pendantlevel 14+10 regenneckunderground city of Runn-Khal
shield of the white bishoplevel 15+10.5 regenholdHaunted Crypts
blessed ringlevel 16+10 regenfingersNaphtali
silky white shawllevel 17+10 regenarmsMaze of the black minotaur
long tattered red robelevel 18+10 regenabout bodyAncestral Island
bloody leggingslevel 18+10.5 regenlegsAncestral Island
mystical blue sashlevel 18+10 regenwaistThe Caves of Mendelius
mystical blue gloveslevel 18+10 regenhandsThe Caves of Mendelius
ancient bone collarlevel 19+11.0 regenneckClearwater Beach
blue satin sleeveslevel 20+10 regenarmsThe Archais Archipelago
golden sunburst ringlevel 20+11.0 regenfingersInner areas for archais archipelago
bracelet of the high priestlevel 20+11.5 regenwristgads landing
twisted bone staff inset with a blood red gemlevel 21+10 regenwieldInner areas for archais archipelago
circlet of the faelevel 21 tot 68+12.0 regenheadVernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress
sset of blood red robeslevel 22+12.0 regenon and about bodySkull Cavern
Jade headbandlevel 22+11.0 regenheadSkull Cavern
Wand of gods wrathlevel 22+10 regenholdSkull Cavern
silver ring inset with a blue gemlevel 22+11.5 regenfingersSewers under gads landing
black leather cowboy hatlevel 22+12.0 regenheadSwamp north of Gad's Landing
intricately crafted wooden figurinelevel 24+10 regenholdFort Magnesia (quest)
holy symbol of bobcatlevel 25+12.0 regenneckLoric Memorial Hospital
gloves of the silver flamelevel 26+11.0 regenhandsMount Jahtaras
ceremonial dagger of the Silver Flamelevel 26+22.5 regenwieldMount Jahtaras
pair of black satin leggingslevel 26+12.5 regenlegsdwarven stronghold of Runn-Faru
mystical blue robe'slevel 26+12.0 regenon and about bodydwarven stronghold of Runn-Faru
tatty prayer sandleslevel 26 tot 97+12.5 regenfeetThe Village of Cranston Hills
hands of the ministerlevel 29+13.0 regenhandsralnoth (quest)
golden scythelevel 30 tot 120+14.0 regenholdThe Rose Cathedral