The Power Of Equipment Sets

March 1st, 2021 by Smoke

This is another feature of both Alter and Mush-z I was completely unaware of for quite a while. The ability to save equipment sets and quickly switch between them makes many things in alter much easier. There is an extensive help file covering this in game, so this article will be short. The key is just being aware they exist, and knowing how to use them.

What Is An Equipment Set?

An equipment set is a snapshot of everything you are wearing, wielding, and holding. It is saved into an equipment set, and saved for easy switching in and out of all your equipment at once. This is great if you have different cast or skill sets for subclasses. For example if you are a warrior thief you can have a warrior set and a thief set. You can switch between them with just one command. This makes everything so much easier.

The Alter Equipment Sets

There are two types of equipment sets. The server side Alter Aeon sets which I find to be much more reliable, and the mush-z equipment sets. You can read about the alter equipment sets with the command 'help equipment set'. This gives a pretty detailed explanation of how they work along with all the different equipment set commands.

The way I use these is by making a new set with the command 'eqs create name container'. Then I make an alias to wear that set. For example if I made a new cleric set.
EQS create cleric pocket Then I'd make an alias to wear it with alias set cler; Eqs wear cleric /done This means I can simply type cler to switch to my cleric set. And to update the set you can just remake it with the same name. It will delete the old one and replace it with the new one.

The only limitation to the Alter based equipment sets is the limit of 5 sets at one time. You can have more sets, but you have to buy extra slots with credits. The cost isn't too high, it's 250 credits, but that can add up if you want a few extra ones. If purchasing extra slots just isn't something you are able to do, then the second option may work out for you.

Mush-Z Equipment Sets

I have had issues with the Mush equipment sets, but from what I understand most of the issues have been fixed. Either that or Hamada edited them on his own and fixed them, I honestly don't remember. Either way it is a perfectly okay way to get some extra equipment sets if you are unable to purchase credits for more alter slots.

You can read all about the different mush-z equipment sets with the command 'eqlist' or 'eqlist help'. It is very similar to the alter version, the only difference is how it handles the switching of your equipment. Since it is not server side it uses normal un-equipping mechanics, and normal equipping mechanics. This is perfectly fine in most situations however, and you can even choose the speed and mode of un-equipping and equipping.

One thing the mush-z set offers which the alter one does not is the ability to store equipment sets in your storage locker. I have never done this, but it is an option which could be very useful if you are having weight management issues on your character. This would allow you to have unlimited equipment sets, as long as you are okay going to a waypoint to do your switching.


I wish someone would have pointed out what equipment sets were, and how useful they were early on in my altering. Because of this I'm writing this article to help others avoid the issues I had. They are quite powerful, and they can make your game experience much easier. Whether you want a luck set for crafting, a subclass set, or a move regen set for mining, you'll have many uses for equipment sets as you progress in game.

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