The Druid Class & Subclass Options

Published: March 1st, 2021 by Smoke

Similar to necro, this class is quite easy to start the game with. For a first class I'd put necro and druid as the top two easiest. You get a pretty wide assortment of animal minions as druid, and later a decent tanking option with Live Oaks. Then when you get to level 36 you get the strongest tanking minion in the game, the shambling boneman. Though druid may not be quite as easy as necro to level up quick, it is still very easy with the help of minions to attack with and hide behind in more difficult areas, and at higher levels it is quite rewarding.

The main two stats with druid are Wisdom and intelligence, with wisdom being the primary stat. Constitution and dexterity are also suggested to get some extra HP, and so you can avoid taking too many hits. With a wisdom and intelligence class, this gives you some decent class combinations to choose from for the easiest experience.

Druid Cleric Mage, Warrior Necro Thief

With almost every class, you can make it a second class cleric, and it will be a good decision. This is also the case with Druid. They only share one stat, that being wisdom, but the pure utility of cleric makes it well worth it. When playing Alter for the first time, having early access to things like refresh, healing, and sanctuary can make or break your gaming experience. With cleric as your second class you'll have all this, and you'll also be forced to increase charisma which leads to less hits in battle as well.

In this character setup your third class of mage will have identical stat requirements as your first, and this always makes for an easy experience. You won't have much use for your mage offensive spells, but you will have a much easier time when you get mage to level 19. This will be a high enough level for all the mage armor boosters, elemental shields, and crystal coat. Having access to these ensures you'll be ready for the challenges of the mainland when you hit level 30 in your primary class. And you'll also never need to spend any extra training points on stats for your third class, and that is always a good thing.

The rest of the classes almost always go in this order for a caster. Fourth warrior for hp, and some of the universally useful warrior skills. Thief fourth class for the universally useful thief skills. Then finally necro for some of the stuff it offers which isn't the most important since it requires cast level, which you won't be using.

Overall this is a really powerful setup, and one that would be quite easy for a new player. The key here is choosing something that makes the game enjoyable and not too difficult. Learning the game and the areas is a challenge enough without also needing to fight with the problem of training stats on clashing character classes.

Druid Mage Cleric, Warrior Necro Thief

This class is very similar to the first option. The only difference is the swapping of mage and cleric. This will give your character some extra offensive power, and some more options when your druid spells won't work. The biggest issue with druid is their lack of attacks to use against fire or crystal mobs. Having mage as a second class will take care of most of these problems. Cleric has some offensive spells as well, but they really aren't that good when compared to the other casting classes.

The training of stats will be perfect as well. Everything you put into intelligence or wisdom for druid is also used for mage. More than likely the only time you'll have to think about charisma will be for major heal down the road.

Cleric is third will still allow you to get refresh, healing, and sanctuary fairly soon, but the time at the very beginning without refresh can be annoying. You also don't have much of a use for the incarnate when druid, so putting cleric in the third class slot works out pretty great.

The biggest downfall to this class is the lower level sanctuary you'll be using. It will be insanely useful, just not quite as useful as it would be if cleric was second class. It is a tradeoff for the extra damage you'll be able to dish out as a mage though. Overall druid is a very powerful class, and even more so once it hits level 36.

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