Second Singing Competition Downloadable Songs

This singing competition was so much fun, and we had a hell of a lot of fun hosting it. Thank you so much to all the amazing and horrible singers who entered, you guys make this what it is. Those who placed in first, second, and third, are noted on their entry link.

You can listen to and download each song below, or choose to download a .zip archive with all the songs included within it. When the stream is made public the archive will also be in the .zip file.

you can check out the stream archives page here.

The Songs For Downloading or Streaming

If anyone who entered would like their social media or youtube channels linked up under their song just send a dm to @bsg_blog on twitter, email, or contact Smoke#2503 on discord.

1. Lithium by Evanescence covered by Brook / Lavender, category Good

2. (3rd place good) The A team by Ed Sheeran covered by Maddie Nardone, category Good

3. The Rose by Bette Midler covered by Allison Meloy, category Good

4. (1st place bad) On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men covered by Buddah, category Bad

5. Bad Apple by RichaadEB ft. Cristina Vee covered by X0, category Good

"6. Feeling witney by post malone covered by surfer boy 69 / BlurrySito, category Bad

7. Shallow by Lady Gaga covered by Amara, category Good

8. Sometimes by Britney Spears covered by Dark Monster, category Bad

9. Rise Up by Andra Day covered by twinny, category Good

10. Stars by the Musical Les Miserables covered by Michael Johann, category Good

11. If My Name Was Whiskey by Carly Pearce covered by Malia Suhr, category good

12. (1st place good) Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John covered by Sophie, category Good

13. (3rd place bad kinda) My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion covered by Steven Crouch, category Bad

Interlude 1: A Whole New World by The Cast of Aladdin, Hannibal & Sarah Joyce Ocampo

Interlude 2: Hips Don't Lie By Shakira, Covered by Smoke and Hannibal, Category Bad

14. Goodbye my love by ailee covered by SilverMoon, category Good

15. The Scotsman by Bryan Bowers covered by joseph W, category Good

16. Nice and Slow by Usher covered by TBlaze, category Bad

17. (2nd place bad) Having You Near Me by air supply covered by Doratskie, category Bad

18. tom soyer by Rush covered by Tyson, category Good

19. Further by Richard Hawley covered by Day Garwood, category Good

20. Young Blood by Sophie Ellis-Bexter covered by Rebecca Legowski, category Good

21. (2nd place good)Contigo en la Distancia by Christina Aguilera covered by Glein, category Good

22. Stop! by Erasure covered by Gruntok, category Bad

23. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars covered by Proxy, category Bad

24. Hades In The Blood by Darren Korb ft. Ashley Barrett covered by Lady K, category Good

25. Always You by Charice covered by charmaine category Good

26. Lay Me Down by Sam Smith covered by Andito K, category Bad

27. That's the way it is by Celine Dion covered by Jean, category Good

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