Hades Resources Page

The point of this page is to pull together resources from different places so those who are interested in playing the game can get up and going quicker and easier. I've always found it frustrating when tracking down this guide from here, then another from a different place, and a third by asking someone to upload something to dropbox. For this reason I'll continue to add to this page and update it with resources as they become available to me. Most of this is not stuff hosted here on BSG, it is just a good place to get quick information so you can get back to playing without hunting all over the interwebs for what you need.

BSG Menu Guides

This menu guide is both heading based and same page linked so you can jump through it however you wish. In addition to simplified navigation there are also sound examples of the different UI sounds in game so you know what everything means before you even open the game.
BSG Menu Guides

Hades Accessibility Mods on hllf.net

These are the mods made by lirin and JLove and added to by the owner of hllf.net which have added all sorts of playability to the game. The process for downloading these mods use to be the worst, but now it is a simple as downloading one .zip file. Install instructions are included with the archive, and you'll be up and runningin no time.

Hades Accessibility Mods on hllf.net
BSG Stream of Hades From June 6, 2021

I did a solo stream of this game in the beginning of june. This was my second time playing the game, but I made it fairly far. Normally streams are made private and set aside only for patreons after they've been up for a certain amount of time, but this one has been made permanently public. You can choose to stream or download it on the stream archive player page.
BSG Stream of Hades From June 6, 2021

Hades Intro and Walk-Through Using Accessibility Mods for Blind Players

This is another guide made by Aaron77 and Hllf on how to play hades with the accessible mods. It is well over 3 hours long, so take it in bits and pieces. It contains lots of helpful information though, and will help you understand the game as well as the mods.
Hades Intro and Walk-Through Using Accessibility Mods for Blind Players.

Playing Hades Without Eyeballs by Aaron Ramirez

This is a long but very useful video on how to play hades without sight. It was made by Aaron Ramirez, and not Aaron Hernandez the murder who I kept saying made it on stream...
Either way if you have the time to listen to this it is well worth the information you'll get from it. This was made just before the accessible mods came out, so keep that in mind while listening to it.
Playing Hades Without Eyeballs by Aaron Ramirez

Hades Wiki Home

This is a wiki filled with loads and loads of information all about hades. This is very useful if you'd like to have an easier time with OCR. If you know what it is trying to read you can fill in the rest. You can find information about literally everything in game here.
Hades Wiki Home

How To Play Hades (wiki)

This is a very detailed and very long page on all the different aspects of Hades. There is a butt load of information you can pick up from reading this page. Everything from mechanics to strategies to story.
Hades Wiki, How To Play Hades

Hades Boons Overview (wiki)

This is a great resource to learn about the different god boons you can gather in the game. This links directly to the boons page and gives the overview of what to expect from each god. This does not explain each individual boon and what it does, but you can click on the god to get this information. There is a heading level 2, and under that is the listing of gods. Under each god's graphic is a link, and clicking on that link brings you to all the information about that god.
Hades Wiki Boons Overview

Hades Keepsakes (wiki)

This page is all about the keepsakes you can equip in game along with how to get them. There is an easy to navigate table that lists them all along with how much they change when upgraded.
Hades Wiki Keepsakes

Hades Mirror Of Night (wiki)

The mirror of night is an important way to upgrade your character using the darkness you collect as you play through the game. It can be a bit confusing to navigate, but this wiki can make that process much easier. This covers all the different aspects of the mirror and what each upgrade does.
Hades Wiki Mirror Of Night

Hades Artifacts Information (wiki)

This covers all the different things you can pick up on runs, and what it is used for. gems, darkness, diamonds, whatever it is you'll find an explination here. It also links to all the things the artifacts can be spent on which makes it really easy to get a better understanding of what to use where and how.
Hades Wiki Artifacts Information

Hades House Contractor (wiki)

The house contractor is where you go to spend gems to upgrade different things in the house. This is another screen which can be tricky to OCR, but if you read through the wiki first you'll know what the OCR is trying to read to you.
Hades Wiki House Contractor