The small warehouse

This is a very compact warehouse that is filled up with crates and lots of tight turns. In addition to the challenge of making all your turns perfect, the zombies tend to pile up in big swarms making it more difficult to stick to your pattern without mistakes.

The warehouse only has a few parts to it, but they are all very tightly packed together.

When you join the mission you are facing south in the semi trailer. directly to the south is sorting floor A. this is filled up with stacks of crates. To the west of sorting floor A through a doorway is the storage room. This room has windows on it's western wall, and large steel shelves that run north and south in the room. In the south of storage is a door that leads to parts inspection. this is a little room that has pallets in it's south western corner. there are also windows on the western wall. East of parts inspection is outgoing storage. just north of outgoing is the managers office, you have to travel west to get through the doorway. on the south of outgoing storage is some more steel shelves. north of outgoing storage after the managers office is more crates and pallets. east of outgoing storage is sorting floor B, it continues both north and south after outgoing storage ends. Sorting floor be at it's southern end is a front door and 2 windows. There are pallets and stacks of crates in sorting floor B as well. All along the eastern wall of the warehouse bordering sorting floor B and sorting floor A are package rollers that run east and west. Along sorting floor A on the northern wall there are package rollers that run north and south.

There is allot going on in this warehouse, and it is all packed into a very small space.

Some obsticals and details to be aware of

The package rolers
These are on the eastern and northern walls, and sound like a metal fence.
They run perpindicular to the wall they are up against, except in the corners where they run parallel to the wall.
Sorting floor A
This is directly south of the truck you arive in the warehouse in.
south of Sorting Floor A is sorting floor B. To the north is package rolers. east is also more package rollers. and west is a door into storage.
The south of sorting floor A has allot of stacks of crates and pallets.
Storage room
This is a rectangular room that is longer north and south then it is east and west.
there are windows to the outside on the western wall of the storage room.
There are 4 shelves in the middle of the room. They run north and south. 2 north of the door you enter in, and 2 south of the door you enter in.
When you enter from the doorway from sorting floor A you are in the isle that runs east and west. there are also 3 isles that run north and south. one up against the eastern wall of the room, one down the middle, and one up against the western wall.
There is a southern doorway that leads to parts inspection. It is not in the middle of the southern wall though, it is just to the west of center. you can run down the western side of the middle isle straight south into parts.
Parts inspection
This little room is in the south west corner of the warehouse.
There are 2 windows on it's western wall that lead to outside of the warehouse.
In the south of the room are 4 small-ish pallets
On the northern part of the eastern wall there is a doorway that leads to outgoing storage.
Outgoing storage
This section of the warehouse is fairly open.
There are shelves to the south that you can walk down. the western most one has a window at it's end on the southern wall.
North of the western half of outgoing storage is the managers office
North of the eastern half of outgoing storage is sorting floor b and crates and pallets.
The manager's office
This is where everyone who want's to sit in a mission without risk sits, with a hammer you can hide behind the manager's desk swinging and kill zombies without really any chance of dying.
To enter the manager's office you enter it traveling west.
There is a desk in the office that butts up against the southern wall and runs about half way into the room.
Sorting Floor B
This section of the warehouse covers everything from the southern wall east of outgoing storage to sorting floor A. it is also north of outgoing storage.
on the southern wall there is a front door with windows on either side of the door.
East of sorting Floor B is an entire wall of package rollers.
In the middle of sorting floor B is a bunch of crates and pallets.
There is a clear path between the crates and the package rollers to run north and south.

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