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If you would prefer to use a simple layout page you can use the alternitive directions listing

A Table World Map of STW You Can Navigate In

This is a world view of all the maps in the game. it is laid out in a normal web table. all the different maps are situated in their normal game locations, and you can navigate within the map using basic screen reader table commands.

Go to the map, opens in a new tab

Audio Player

The audio player being used is Able Player. If you have used it before you know what to expect. If you haven't used it before it is very straight forward. It is button based with options for speed, seeking, volume, and everything else you would expect.

Arid Grassland

battle marked and destroyed forest

Bear Forest, around the mountain

Bear Forest, through the mountain

Beautiful Forest, around the mountain

Beautiful Forest, through the mountain


confusing and maze like cave system


Fishing Village Directions, Through Ocean With Sandbar

Fishing Village Directions, Through Mining Area

Iradiated City Directions, Through Ocean With Sandbar

Iradiated City Directions, Through Mining Area

Large Lake


Pine Forest

Rocky Spring

Thick & Weedy Forest

twin peeks

Very Wet Rainforest


Windy Wolf Forest Through Arid Grassland

Windy Wolf Forest Through Campground

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