text directions to the confusing maze like caves
  1. starting on the mainland, you want to face exactly north at 0 degrees.
  2. Note: if you start out west of the river on the mainland you will end up in the campground, which is where you want to go. if you start out east of the river you will end up in the rocky spring.
  3. travel north until you reach the desert
  4. Note: the desert will make your thirst go up really fast, so make sure you are prepared to move through the map fast.
  5. travel north through the desert at exactly 0 degrees
  6. the next map you enter will either be the campground, or the rocky spring.
  7. you want the campground, so if you are in the rocky spring travel west at 270 degrees until you enter into the campground.
  8. once you are in the campground you want to keep going north until you reach the wide and shallow brook.
  9. once you are in the brook turn and travel east at 90 degrees.
  10. when you reach the end of the brook take a couple stepps backwards, to the west since you are facing the east, and press page down to dive under water.
  11. there is a point under the brook here to the far east where you can press shift enter and get sucked down into the under ground caves.
  12. Note: once you go into the caves there is no way out west, you have to travel all the way through the caves and reach the map on the other side to exit them.