the lush and leafy forest

This map has some interesting geography which includes a raised southern section, a clear jewl blue brook, a pond, and some brush berriors, along with something else...

the southern section of the map

this includes everything south of the river. roughly in the middle of this section is a clear jewl blue brook. this is spring and drinkable. it flows north from a crack in an unclimable cliff to the river. near to the river there are stepps you can walk or climb down.

the river

the river flows in a straight line from west to east. it comes from the thin grassy forest, straight through the lush and leafy forest, and into the rocky rugged landscape.

The northern section of the map

This part has some brush berriors you have to find the way through. there is also a small crystal clear pond in the north east of the map. this pond is not directly drinkable though, as it is not a spring tile.

borders of the lush and leafy forest

landmarks of the lush and leafy forest

The river
it flows from the thin grassy forest straigh across the map into the rocky rugged landscape in the northern half of the map.
a clear jewl blue brook
This is in the southern half of the map, it is trackable as spring, but only if you are already on the raised section of the southern section of the map.
a crystal clear pond
this is in the north west, and is trackable as clay or water, it is also divable
something else
figure it out yourself

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