Listing of the Different BSG Teams who Bring you Content

Each game has a different team that creates content on the site. Here you can read a little about the members of the different teams and get to know them a little bit more.

the survive the wild team


Contrary to common belief the name Smoke-J didn't come from his love for smoking. Instead it came from a popular western book series by William W. John stone. however, this said, Smoke-J does pride himself on being able to chain smoke two packs of cigarettes without stopping to breath air not laced with nicotine. He is rarely seen sober, accept for early in the mornings. His favorite drink of choice is blackberry brandy on the rocks.

He doesn't prefer long walks on the beach unless it is in rout to a fishing hole. More than anything he cannot stand stupid people, but his tolerance for them goes up with his blood alcohol content. If you wish to request a signed empty bottle of brandy or pack of cigarettes you can email him after sending $50.00 via pay pal, he is happy to fulfil all his fan's requests for autographed merchandize.

Jimmy Dub

JimmyDub can be found in Survive The Wild most days sitting on his ass sleeping. This Phenomenon has managed to perplex the greatest minds of STW. He suffers from a severe case of virtual narcolepsy, along with short term memory loss directly related to turning his PK on, and a propensity to fall from high places and die on a daily basis. He also shares similar traits with a parrot, this can be witnessed as he walks around randomly saying his own name.

Jimmy is known to drink expired beer while playing survive the wild, then laughing like a maniac while recording himself walking around picking up nuts and berries. If you see Jimmy in the game don't bother saying hello as he will be sleeping and won't be able to reply.


Though some may say it is too extensive a description, Pyro may be the only Survive The Wild rock star. He has been documented and recorded on multiple occasions singing beautiful duets with JimmyDub on an assortment of falick topics. A self acclaimed beer connoisseur, he is rarely seen online without his favorite micro brew close to hand. His biggest accomplishments in game are being the first to witness and kill one of the legendary Bears With Grenades, and being a survivor of the Windy Wolf Forest.

through hard work and rock steady dedication he has built up a reputation of one of the worst base jumpers in STW. From a height of 100 tiles he some how manages to reach a horizontal distance of at least 23 tiles, how he manages this outstanding accomplishment is anyone's guess.

There are rumors of his first STW single being released to the general public, but when this will come we do not know.