The Mainland

We can cut the mainland up into 4 quadrants

The North West Quadrant
Tall grass & trees
the North East Quadrant
Weeds, leaves, and trees
The South West Quadrant
Clay & some trees
The South East Quadrant
Grass, few trees, and the pond

The North West Quadrant of the Mainland

There isn't much to offer in this quadrant of the map. To the west is the Swamp, and to the north is the desert. There are trees all through this part, and grass that has a different sound than the common short grass. The southern part of this Quadrant is the East West part of the mainland Stream, see more about that in the landmarks listing for the mainland.

The North East Quadrant Of The Mainland

There is a little bit more going on in this part of the map. To the north is the Desert, and to the East is the Mountain. There are trees scattered all over this part as well. The southern border of this Quadrant is the Weed Pach, This runs west from the Bend in the stream all the way East to the mountain. Then north of the weeds is leaves. There is also a Small Flint patch located in the north eastern part of this Quadrant.

The South Western Quadrant Of The Mainland

This section of the map is nearly 100% Clay. To the south is Sand on the beach, and a thin dirt strip near the beach. To the west is the Swamp. There are some trees scattered through this part of the map as well. This quadrant is boxed in by the stream on two sides. The north and East borders

The South East Quadrant Of The Mainland

This part is nearly all short grass. it's borders are the stream to the west, weeds to the north, the mountain to the east, and the beach to the south. roughly 90 Tiles south of the weeds and 90 tiles west of the river is the pond. This sits near to the middle of the quadrant and has sand, mud, and water you can track. This part also has trees, but mainly only around the pond and in the southern part.

Borders of the Mainland

  • North is the Desert
  • East is the Mountain
  • South is the shallow ocean/deep ocean
  • west is the swamp
  • Landmarks Of The Mainland

    The Stream
    The stream runs from the beach north until it reaches the weeds. Then it makes a 90 degree turn west and travels all the way to the swamp.
    The weeds
    though you can track weeds all the way from the swamp to the mountain. The weed patch starts where the stream turns and runs west. From there the weeds run east all the way to the mountain.
    The Pond
    The pond is located in the South Eastern Quadrant. It has a sand and mud border, and lots of trees around it.
    Stone, gravel, and rocks
    Right along the deep sand which leads to the desert there are patches of Stone, gravel, and a rocky dried up stream bed. The rocky stream bed is nearly directly north of the bend in the stream. If you travel north you will be able to track it with your "K" menu. The same will be true for stone and gravel.

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