Nubie Spit Recipie
  • Before we get into the recipie, when this recipie refers to combining two things, this refers to putting two items together to make a new one. This is acomplished by putting the items in your hands, then pressing T. this is the combine key, and will make them into a new item.
  • Start by making 4 Carved Wood. You do this by combining Knife with Wood. You'll have to do this 4 times and use 4 pieces of Wood total.
  • After you have 4 Carved Wood, you need to combine Knife on each of them individually to make 4 Shaft
  • Now combine Shaft with Shaft to make a Long Shaft. Do this twice using all 4 Shafts. this will make the 2 Long Shafts You need for the final craft.
  • Now simply combine Long Shaft with Long Shaft, this will make a *Spit.