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Disclaimer: We don't make any of these games, we just play them

The Games we are currently covering

Survive the wild, an audio game

What is in this section
overview of the game
Our past live streams of STW
Audio and text Crafting guides for STW
audio & text instructions on getting from map to map
Audio and Text Guides on crossing the mountain
Audio and text instructions on how to acomplish general in game tasks
Descriptions of the different STW map geography
a STW Alphabatized Item Index listing

Core Exiles, a Text based browser game

What will be in this section
An overview of Core-Exiles
Playing core-exiles with a screen reader
Explination of game terms
Audio & text game walkthroughs, getting started with NPCs etc
All the things you can do after the starter NPCs

BK3, coming soon

What will be in this section
An overview of the game.
A very easy to follow and comprehensive Walkthrough of the game
Some item crafting information
Will know more soon, the recordings are in progress./dd>

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