The Factory Profile

This world is full of electricity and pipes. also robots. because robots.


Number of mini games:  13
Paths:  1
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  4


2 split paths exist in this world but they are more like bonus mini games so I will include them in the bonus section not paths.

Only 1 real path exists in this world. Bonus paths can be unlocked at dangerous frisbees and across the sewers but these are bonuses. Following the main path will get you to the 1 and only ending.

bonuses mini games:

4 bonus games can be found in this world in 2 sets of 2.
Getting 20 points on Dangerous frisbees unlocks a path to the east which will take you to the polluted beach and robot quality control. After that this section rejoins the main path.
Getting 20 points on across the sewers will unlock a path to the south. here you will play its raining bonuses and than electric labyrinth before this off shoot rejoins the main path. 


This world has just 1 ending and it unlocks the circus.

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Games of The Factory

Across the Sewers:

Played as a side scroller run to the right without getting washed away in sewage.

Strange Pools:

Make your way north without dying in a bubbeling pool.

Electrical Path:

make your way north without getting zapped by electricity.

Toxic Clouds:

Try to avoid all the clouds and keep your flower you are holding alive.

Electric Labyrinth:

A maze filled with electric charges and currents. Make your way around it collecting as many bonus coins as possible. If you die it is over.

Close the Shutoffs:

Run right and hit F on the shutoffs to grab one. then smash your arrows in a clockwise pattern to shut them off.

Dangerous Frisbees:

Move left and right centering only non electric frisbees to catch them. catch an electric one and you die and the game is over.

Underground Facility:

Move right jumpping over the robots and avoiding getting electricuted.


Make your way north by avoiding the waves coming towards you by hiding in the dry spots to the left and right.

the Robot's Swimming Pool:

Get to the right while avoiding the deadly waves on the surface and the robots swimming under water.

It's Raining Bonuses!:

This is played from above. Pipes spit out bonuses you just need to run around and grab them.

The Polluted Beach:

This game is played from above. Find the polluted spots and use your sprayer to make them go away.

Robot Quality Control:

Smash only the bad robots as they come at you from left to right.

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