How to Get ahold of the BS Team

If you would like to contact us you can do so by filling out the below form. If necessary you'll recieve a reply to the email you provide.

You can put in your game name under "name", or you can let us know in the message body

or you can click here to open skype and message BSG

being completely honest, if you email me i won't read it, you are way better off adding me on skype. but if you still feel the need to send an email that will never be read you are more than welcome to do so.





Donate to keep the lights on

If you enjoy BSG and what we bring, then could you Please consider making a donation to help us keep the lights on. Currently i have been paying out of pocket to keep the site running, but it won't last forever if there isn't any flow inwards. The last thing i want to do is put up adds on the site, so instead there is a PayPal button. even if you can only put in a dollar it will help, i mean it.

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